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Boneless leg lamb w/garlic

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Followed a recipe from Cooks Illustrated. Took a 4 lb butterflied boneless leg of lamb and spent about 30 minutes trimming off all the fat I could. Ended up with 3 big pieces and several smaller bits. Brined in water, salt, sugar, and tons of crushed garlic for about 2 hours. Dried the pieces off and cut crosshatch slits about 1/4 inch deep in the big pieces. Rubbed roasted garlic paste and parsley into these slits. Then attempted to roll it all back up and tied it together into a somewhat ugly mess. Salted and peppered the outside. Cooked on main grate indirect at around 375 until inside was around 125 degrees, about 75 minutes. Then I took out the heat deflector, raised the heat up to around 425, and tried to sear it slightly on the searing grate for about 5 min per side. Let it rest about 15 minutes under foil and then sliced.

I ran out of heat/charcoal during the searing phase and couldn't get the temperature up much. I overcooked it during the searing phase - went from medium rare to well done. Probably should have started the searing much earlier like around 110 degrees or skipped it altogether.

It tasted pretty good despite being overcooked. Very strong garlic flavor. Too much for the wife but nice for me.






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No such thing as too much garlic!!!


Lamb looks pretty good for "overcooked." I still see a touch of pink in the middle. But, I agree that lamb is better when it's medium rare. You're are on track - 125F was too high to do a reverse sear and expect less than medium doneness. Next time, stop the roasting at 105-110F and sear only 2-3 minutes on each side.


Last tidbit of advice, always start a cook with a full basket of charcoal, regardless of how long you expect to cook. That will ensure that you never come up short. The KK will shutdown to virtually airtight, extinguish the fire, and keep the rest of the charcoal ready for the next cook.

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Dude, you are killing me. Make me feel guilty for not cooking so much....but I love it. You are doing great. Write everything down you do in a journal. My first year I did this and I still go back to it for reference. Write everything you did...marinating, rubs, smoke flavors, grill level, cook temp, and desired goal at start! Then write down how it ended up. Too smokey, need more rub, more or less time, etc. I have some cooks written down two or three times with minor changes..now I go back to the last cook and recreate. You will forget what you did last time...journal helps immensely .

Keep enjoying !!

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Related to journal. I wrote a lot in it but below are key points about how I cook stuff. This is what works so far...but it can be so different. I put this on a file and I can quickly look up a cook to be on track...

Komodo Kamado Cooks and Summary

Spatchcock Chicken:

375 degree, Main Level/or Highest grill , No Smoke, Direct

1 hour and 15 minutes Total cook time. Start ribs down, turn to breast down after 30 minutes

Cook to 165 IT. John Henry rub was good

Rotisserie Chicken:

350 degrees, Direct heat, approx. 1 ½ hours cook time

Plowboy rub, or Texas Tickler, both are good. Pappy’s too

Cornish Hens: use small basket, 1 hour cook (large basket too big)

Pulled Pork:

Generally, 250 degrees, use Heat Deflector, Full basket of fresh coals everytime, use additional smoke chunks, such as Cherry, Apple, maybe alder.

For longer cooks, if desired, put Temp at 200 degrees, not 250. This should extend cook time if doing over night and want a longer cook time, to finish closer to eat times…

Chris Lilly Rub has been very good. Apple Juice injections too

Breaded Baked Chicken Thigh:

Consider 350 degrees

375 degrees, Upper Level, approximately 40- 45 minutes total cook time. Direct Heat

165 IT done. No smoke, Oven Bake Extra Crispy crumbs. Don’t turn, cook on 1 side only

Chicken Sish Ka Bobs:

375 Fire Temp, Direct, Main Grill, cook til done…about 30 – 35 minutes. Lid Closed, not open during the cook

Steak Cook: Lowest sear grill

550 to 600 degrees, High Temps, Lower sear grill, cook to doneness

1 ¾ “ thick steak: about 14 minutes total (did this at bass lake on BGE) Omaha Steak Timer

Spare Ribs:

250 Degrees, 5 hours total, Indirect stone, main and upper grill

Tri Tip: Use Mesquite or at least half basket mix with mesquite

1) High temp 600 sear at beginning, then cool down to 350 degrees, til 135/140 IT

2) Low Temp, 275 degrees or so, to about 129/130 degrees, then put on High Temp sear grill and char it until blackened a bit and IT of 140 degree (apple wood, small chunk to medium size)

3) 375 degrees whole time til done, direct heat, mesquite chunks, 145 IT

4) 300 degrees, Apple wood smoke to 130, move to Sear Grill and sear til done, put in foil and wait/rest it

Beef Ribs:

330 degrees, Indirect Stone with water in drip pan on the stone

1 ½ to 2 hours total cook time. Apple Wood chunk, Mesquite charcoal

Some say no water in pan. Could lower temp, and cook a lot longer…like 250 degrees

Turkey cook:

12 pound Turkey, Ice Bag to Breast 45 minutes before cooking, Rub butter, salt and pepper to skin

330-350 Temp in Dome, Indirect Stone on coal basket, Main grill

2 chunks cherry wood at beginning , 165 IT at breast, 175 at thighs desired

Smoked Salmon:

Fire Temp at 170-190 degrees only, Indirect stone, Main grill and Highest grill if need.

Coconut charcoal with Alder smoke wood chunk, maybe some cherry.

Cook to IT of 145 degrees, maybe more if desired. About 4 hours total cook time. Use skinless meat if possible

Filet Mignon Roast:

Direct Heat, 370, Main Grill, Mesquite Charcoal or chunks, done at 142 IT

Total cook was 51 minutes, IT 143, Medium Rare and awesome

Cooked 25 minutes on 1 side, then turn for the remainder

See binder for marinade: Soy, Apple juice, workchestershire, Lawry, garlic,onions, pepper…

Prime Rib Rotisserie:

300 Degrees, Rotisserie large basket, Cook to desired IT (135 to 140), Be sure it is thawed out.

Consider cooking on grill, not rotisserie… like Tri-Tip? 350 degrees, Direct, until done? Turn throughout the cook

Lamb Chops:

½ to 3/4 “ chops, direct heat, oil, lemon juice, garlic salt

Cook with open/closed lid like old style bbq (less than 400 dgrees), 10 to 12 minutes, done and tasty

Pretzel Dogs:

Use pizza dough, rap around dogs. 400 to 450 degree fir Temp, Main grill, Use pizza stone


Main Grill, Pizza Stone, 550 degrees. Cook for about 10 minutes or so. Corn Meal for non stick barrier.

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