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tony b

Denver Steaks

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My local supermarket just started getting these. I was not familiar with this cut and none of my cookbooks, including my Lobel's Meat Bible, had anything about them. Good old internet to the rescue. New cut from the chuck primal courtesy of the Beef Check-off Program.


So I'm going for it after checking them out in the butcher's counter. It's a nicely marbled cut. Internet says to marinate them and grill over medium-high heat (400F) medium rare (130F). Have 2 marinating in red wine, red wine vinegar, EVOO, soy sauce, fresh garlic, Vidalia onion, fresh thyme and rosemary, dried bay leaf, salt and course ground black pepper. Will toss on the grill tonight - lower grill, 350F dome, with red oak.


Will post follow-up pics and tasting notes.

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First, my bad, forgot the pics! Got busy entertaining my guest and dropped the ball.


But, to the steaks, nice cut of beef. Good marbling and grilled up nice. Similar to sirloin, but a tad more "beefy." One tidbit, cut on the bias across the grain. It is slightly more tender that way. I had a touch too much red wine vinegar in the marinade, but overall nice flavors. Will back off the vinegar and add more soy sauce next time (or maybe some gochujang). It was marinated overnight. Cooked as planned at 350F dome, 400F at lower grill, with red oak - 10 minutes total (flipped every 2 - 3 minutes). Came out a nice medium rare in the middle. If I read correctly, this is a single muscle cut from the interior of the chuck, so about 3/4" thick is a big as it gets. Just wish is was a tad thicker. Overall, I'll buy it again.

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^ another neat trick regarding vinegar, just in case you haven't tried it, is to heat the vinegar in a pan...simmer and reduce it; more for salads and less for marinating.  Whether for marinades or salad dressing it offers a nice switch up.  Tones the sharp acidity and condenses the flavor allowing the fruit to be more prominent (relative to the reduction).

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