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Woods for Smoking

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Howdy KKers!


I love the whole concept of discussing what woods we use for smoking our cooks.  To that end, below are a couple of links that detail various woods, their flavor profiles, appropriate use for various cooks, etc.  


Dee Jay's Smoke Pit


Virtual Weber Bullet


Amazing Ribs has a pretty good discussion of the Zen of Smoke.


I hope this helps one and all!


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I've got a couple of burn scars (inadvertent branding) from some culinary adventures. (And yes, alcohol was sometimes involved!)


Like I said, there's always a good story behind a scar. Was doing a 4th of July cookout at a friends place for about 50 - 60 people. I was manning the Weber kettle doing roasted corn. Lifted up the lid and the wind caught it and pushed it back into my left arm. Had a nice 2nd degree burn on my forearm! Fortunately there was a paramedic in the crowd. Time heals, not much scar showing anymore. Reminded me of that opening scene on Kung Fu, where he grabs that blazing hot urn to "tattoo" his forearms with the dragon symbol.

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Ain't it the truth with scars. Thanks be to God for arthroscopy. Those scars fade in a hurry otherwise I'd look like Frankenstein's Monster!

And no body art for this fat rat. Is just don't get it. I've seen too many 40 year old tats on 60 year old bodies. Not pretty!

Fruita is a wonderful purveyor of really good wood. I've been using them as my go to for quite some time. Highly recommend them.

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