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  1. GoFrogs91

    Hello all, finally ran down the dream...

    Sweet choices in grills. Awesome first cook! Benton
  2. GoFrogs91

    What did you name your Komodo

    Man that is a pretty Terra blue. Congrats Benton
  3. GoFrogs91

    Mother's Day

    Lookin good Tony! Benton
  4. GoFrogs91

    Smoked Shepherds Pie Sliders

    Awesome idea. Looks great Benton
  5. GoFrogs91

    Grates questions

    I fall into the foil the bottom grate camp as well. I put foil on the grate and put a disposable aluminum roasting pan on top of the foil as a drip pan. With the main grate and upper grate, I still have two levels to put meat on. Super easy clean up. Heat deflectors are included with all KK grills, but I rarely use them. Benton
  6. GoFrogs91

    McKinney, TX

    Nailed it Benton
  7. GoFrogs91

    Smoke on the water...

    Great post bosco. Well said Benton
  8. GoFrogs91

    Chrispy Cheese Taco Breakfast

    Yum. That looks great Benton
  9. GoFrogs91

    Another lasagna on the KK thread...

    Wow! That looks awesome. Benton
  10. GoFrogs91

    Diablo Chicken

    Yum bosco Benton
  11. GoFrogs91

    Bit Disabled for a bit..

    Youch. Get better soon Dennis Benton
  12. GoFrogs91

    23 Ultimate cover by umbrella

    Congratulations Tom. Really happy for you and love the color Benton
  13. GoFrogs91

    Italian Steak & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

    Glorious Charles!<br /> <br /> <br /> Benton
  14. GoFrogs91

    Valentine's Wellington

    Awesome cook reef. Love the heart on the welli <br /> <br /> <br /> Benton