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Is weight a problem?

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4 hours ago, DBQ said:

Plywood wasn't too thick probably 1/4 inch

WOW!  that is thin.  I have managed to come up with a plan of mixed methods that allows me to move the entire pallet into my garage and then take everything out of it to roll it down a short flight of shallow 32 degree) stairs that I am cladding with 1-1/8" plywood.  Overkill for sure but I can use the plywood later for bench material.  To get it to the stairway I am using this, or a reasonable copy.  I have operated them before and they take the pain out of everything except your wallet.




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Looking at the staircase. pic it looks like a 45 degree angle. 2.4m . Drop. After thinking about how I would do this I reckon. If your using ply wood and willing to drill it your stairs I would step it out if you had four strong blokes you could physically do it but because of the angle you would want the strongest at the bottom and someone holding a rope at the top to keep it sraight

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I measured the slope and it is 32 degrees.  The stairs have a 5-1/2 inch rise and a 9-3/4 inch run, I built them anticipating I would be old someday and the short rise might be helpful..As if by magic I got old!!  And the short rise now has 2 benefits, one for me and my wife (we are in our 70's) and the other is that when I put the plywood cover on the stairs(with screws) it will make a fairly shallow ramp :-)

I am going to screw the plywood to the tread noses and I have a ComeAlong and a ChainFall to lower it down that slope, so those combined with wide, relatively soft, nylon cargo lifting straps for wrapping around the KK at the base PLUS figure out some way to capture the bellyband of the KK so the top heavy beast will stay on its wheels.

It only will be rolling on the ramp for 8 ft 10 inches of slope.  I have a 300 pound pro foootball guy and another large healthy neighbor who are willing to lend muscle.

The only thing that could be better would be to have a small cargo net for heavy lifting but all the ones I have seen are big enough to lift a car and those would just get in the way.

I will take plenty of photos and maybe even a video.

Aussie Ora, what do you mean by "Step it out" in reference to the plywood?

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I'm looking forward to hearing how this goes!
We pushed the whole crate with the 32 KK and 200lbs of coco char up the 15 foot driveway on a pallet truck with just 3 of us. That drive way was pretty steep and cobbled too.

I've pushed the 32 KK around the back of the house while we built the deck and then back again with just 2 of us and that was more due to the tight squeeze (you gotta be careful not to hit the house!) Rather than because it needs 2 people on a flat surface.

We have her up on the deck now, half the gap between joists on that section and no problems. I put down a sheet of thick rubber matting to protect the deck from wheel marks and stray embers.

With the lid off it should be pretty manageable with 4 strong guys I should think.

Good luck!

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After moving the BB32 into place, which was easier than I thought since I used my brain more than 4-6 brawny guys.  It required one other person to help aim it.

Sitting on its casters it moves easily.

The only "Weight" thing that not been mentioned, as far as I know, if the weight of the grills and the pizza stone for the BB32. THEY ARE HEAVY!!!  A diminutive person would find lifting them a daunting task if not impossible.  They might need a second person to help lift them into place.  For the smaller KK's I don't think this weight would be an issue.  I cannot imagine the grill and stone weight of the BB42!!

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