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  1. Geo

    Mrs skreef's Accident

    So very sorry to read about your injury, Susan. I've gotta get on this forum more regularly! You're in my prayers for a complete recovery.
  2. Geo

    Best storage for pulled pork

    Thanks, Joe. I'll do that
  3. Geo

    Best storage for pulled pork

    Thanks MacKenzie. I'll do that.
  4. Geo

    Ribs and twice baked potato

    Looks wonderful, Shuley. I've never tried the no-foil process for ribs, but after seeing yours, I'm going to give it a try. Those potatoes look awesome... Gotta try that too!
  5. Geo

    Best storage for pulled pork

    Thanks Tony, Charles, & Steve... All great ideas. I've decided to vacuum seal, refrigerate, and reheat in the bag in water at a low boil. Cooked the pork shoulder last night, and pulled & vacuum sealed it this morning. In the next day or two, I'll take it to the lady who coordinates the fundraiser, let her heat it up, and see what she thinks. Will let you know how it works. Can't resist a couple pictures...
  6. Geo

    Best storage for pulled pork

    Thanks so much, HalfSmoke and MacK. That sounds like a great way to do it.
  7. Geo

    Best storage for pulled pork

    Thanks for the suggestions, MacKenzie. I have vacuum pack equipment, but no SousVide. I'll check if the organizer might have a SV. If not, would it be best to reheat in an oven, covered with the juice?
  8. I'm scheduled to cook 2 pork shoulders for a fundraiser in a couple weeks. In the past, I have always timed the cook so I could take it off the KK, let it sit for a while, pull it, and deliver it. That way it's as fresh as possible. This year, however, I have a conflict on the date of the fundraiser, so I'm wondering if it would work to cook it the day before, and have them reheat it just prior to the fundraiser. I presume that I should cook & pull it as usual, but I'm wondering how to best store and reheat the pulled pork. Any suggestions? Thanks for any suggestions
  9. Geo

    "Thank You" pictures

    My brother lives in Cedar Rapids. Not planning to go there on this trip, but if we do, I'll send you a PM to see if we can maybe meet. My deceased wife's sister lives in Ft. Dodge. We plan to stay with her, and attend a family reunion somewhere toward Council Bluffs.
  10. Geo

    "Thank You" pictures

    Sorry about being absent from the forum lately. Miss Jean has me doing lots in preparation for the change to Mrs Geo on July 23d. Also had family reunion on Jean's side of family, and planning a trip to Iowa for my family reunion in early July. On that trip, Miss Jean will get to meet the sisters of my deceased wife. Should be a great trip. But I digress... This IS a forum about KK cooking! Made some Baby Back Ribs to take when we visited family recently. When they got them, the ribs were 2-days old. They must have still been edible... They sent me this picture as a "Thank You". The KK is making me a popular guy!!!
  11. Geo

    KK moisture

    Just a quick update... We had the family reunion last weekend, and the ribs were gone in one setting... 6 racks! Miss Jean raised some hungry boys! Also note that we've set a date for the change to "Mrs. Geo". July 16th. In the park across the street. I suppose that it would be nice if I fixed something for our guests on the KK. Anyone have ideas of what I could make ahead of time, and warm-up for after the ceremony?
  12. Geo

    Rhubarb Pie on Pebbles

    Thanks so much for the recipe, MacK. Dan will be beside himself when he gets the pie. He might even share a slice with me. Will post pictures, but probably won't look as lovely as yours. You're the greatest!!!
  13. Geo

    Rhubarb Pie on Pebbles

    OMG, MacK! Rhubarb pie is my son's absolute favorite. He can't eat strawberries, but I make/purchase a rhubarb pie every year for his birthday. Just made one last month! Didn't try it on the KK, but now that I've seen your incredible pictures, I've gotta try it. Would you mind sharing the recipe for the ingredients you used? I've gotta send your pictures to him. He'll be salivating at work!!!
  14. Geo

    Grill Grates and My KK's

    Lovin' ANY kind of fish on the KK.
  15. Geo

    Mushroom Pulled Beef Cheese Burger

    Oh YES! Another incredible cook, MacK. That pulled beef is so moist, it must be illegal