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Just another night. Smoked corned beef, cabbage and potatoes

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So one of my brother in law's birthdays is on st. Patrick's day so I always wait to cook mine on a different date, but am sure to pick one up while they are cheap! 

I soaked it for 4 water changes, then Blotted and hit with a rub of coriander seed, yellow mustard seed, purple crack, cloves and black pepper.  I was going for pastrami-ish.  Got that on and smoked for a total of about 4 hours. 


I saw someone over on the guru doing a whole cabbage that was cored, seasoned and lots of butter.  I wanted to do that, and I added more butter in the cracks as the cabbage cooked and softened. 


Then I threw on some diced potatoes which were really just my excuse to play with the sumac I bought.  Fricken delicious by they way. 


And my belated st paddy's meal! 20190330_181926.thumb.jpg.3d3f2ec8599d9c01ba414a3e212d415c.jpg


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Search the forum for the post on a Summer Slaw that started out as grilled cabbage, with an interesting pear vinaigrette that was poured on during the cook. 

Update: I found the link, it was ckreef's post and recipe.


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