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  1. Hey @tony b let me know when you're in Napa and I'll try to make it down there. Are you going to the French Laundry?
  2. A little late here. I never take pics and post so I know it didn't happen, but I just did a prime rib the other night. I like to reverse sear them. 200° to 250° to an IT of 120° to 125°, remove from KK, tent/rest. Crank KK up to 400° to 450° and put the roast beck on to sear and crisp the outside. Pink from edge to edge every time.
  3. Here in Nor Cal public schools are opening Monday, March 1st.
  4. What's the first cook going to be?
  5. Paul

    Waygu Beef?

    There's a place in the Napa Valley where I buy meat every now and then. They roll out the whole carcass on an overhead rail and ask you, "What cut ya looking for?" Great place and great product. You are spot on with the provenance!
  6. Paul

    Waygu Beef?

    Couldn't agree more.
  7. Just wait! Some of the folks on this site have this weird superpower where they can make you spend money.
  8. I'll come clean. I use Wusthof knives and have for years. I know next to nothing about metallurgy but, I have no problem keeping an edge on these to the point where friends and family are scared of them...which is completely backwards.
  9. Looks like your son is a great backup and can step in at a moments notice! I used to play water polo...until my horse drowned.
  10. Welcome @sagarwal. You're going to love your KK.
  11. I'm thinking tiles MIGHT have provided a darker and smokier outcome.
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