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  1. No burn-in?!! I bought a used 23 KK and still did the burn-in. It was just the right thing to do. Welcome to the forum @Lars.
  2. My memory of folks that keep their gassers as standbys or safety nets wind up using them as a storage compartment for their KK accessories. That's not a dig on gassers rather, a compliment to KK performance. It will be interesting to see how often you use the gas grill. Anyways, welcome to the forum @Troble. You're going to love cooking on your KK!! @tekobo is correct. The food off a cobalt blue KK is a cut above!
  3. Paul

    Tri Tip

    Sorry to hear of your loss Aussie. My condolences to you.
  4. @tony b I hope that romaine wasn't from Salinas California. BTW Good looking meal! http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/us-warns-dont-eat-romaine-lettuce-from-salinas-california/ar-BBXcayC?ocid=ientp
  5. I completely agree with the 16" KK being a great grill/smoker @Jon B.. I use my way more than I use my 23" KK.
  6. A meal like that will get you through the cold weather @tony b!
  7. Interesting! Apple, plum, apricot, & peach. Don't see those fruits playing together very often.
  8. The top of the shipping crate doubles as a ramp.
  9. Nice looking cooks! Family, neighbors, and friends pleased with your purchase?
  10. Nice looking BB. Welcome, you're going to love your KK.
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