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  1. Some of you might remember I lost everything in a wildfire five years ago. Making a long ( I mean really looooong) story short, we moved in a couple daze (not a typo...it's been a daze) ago. I designed but, did not build the kitchen cabinets. Two sinks with a dish drawer next to each one. 48" dual fuel range with 52" hood. The house has 10' ceilings with 8' doors. I am going to coffer the ceiling but not right away. The last pic is one of the dish drawers open.
  2. If you didn't smell solvent any more you did it right.
  3. I've heard those Huntsman can take down a small elk!
  4. Food. You're welcome. I cook most everything on the main grate. Exception being steaks. They go on the lower (sear) grate. The sear grate on the main grate elevates food into the reflective dome of the KK for pizzas and such. If you're worried about the lower grate being too low use longer tools to reach the food.
  5. Can't help you there. But, living in Northern California I can help with the cannabis!
  6. Hi @Stewart. Welcome. You're going to love your KK from the get. Keeps us posted on the details...color, tile or pebble, accessories, etc..
  7. Nice clean work @Troble
  8. Believe me there's plenty more where that came from!! I have to ask. Is that ketchup next to your plate?
  9. I think their map of 'Straya is hilarious.
  10. Practice makes perfect so they say.
  11. @tekobo you'll have no problem with the 16 KK. I get home from work and start a chimney of lump and within a half hour I have a 300° grill. Just enough time to season or prep the meal. And if for some unknown reason it takes 35 - 40 minutes just grab a nice adult beverage and watch the temp probe climb.
  12. Pic from work the day after the lightning storm that started the fires near me.
  13. Good for you @tekobo I can't wait to see pics of your setup!
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