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  1. Welcome! You're going to love your new KK. You need to do the "burn-in". Heat up to 500°F and hold for an hour, increase temp to 550°F and hold for a couple of hours, increase to 600°F and hold till there's no chemical smell. Make sure you have something ready to cook so you don't waste all that heat. As far as cleaning, Zep 505 and a soft rag works good on the outside. Lots of info on this stuff in the forum.
  2. Interesting! That's the way I make eggs when I'm camping. Exception is I use the bacon drippings instead of EVOO.
  3. @lemisfits Do you have the top vent 4 to 6 turns open? I believe I've read the coco char is hard to light. Have you tried starting some Rockwood then adding coco char on top? I use a chimney. For hot cooks I'll start by digging a hole (so to speak) in the middle of my charcoal and start the chimney in the hole. Once the charcoal in the chimney is going I'll dump it in the hole and add fresh charcoal on top. I have no problem achieving 700°+F. For the vents I open the bottom fully and 4 or so turns on the top vent.
  4. Sorry for your loss Bruce. Our prayers are with you.
  5. Paul

    U5 Shrimp

    Happy Birthday...Another successful trip around the sun! Great looking meal!!
  6. So there's more than just sausage being smoked in them thar hills!
  7. Welcome @Scottishhammer I also have 16" and 23" and it is a great combo. I agree with basket splitter, rotisserie, cover, and stone. I don't have the cold smoker...yet. Whatever you decide on you can't go wrong.
  8. Completely agree!
  9. Could darn near double as a hammock!
  10. Welcome! You're going to love your KK!!
  11. 100% grass is a little too green for me but, I must say that looks great.
  12. Paul

    Fire died

    I'll take a couple also.
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