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  1. Actually, I think they both look great!
  2. I have a 16" TT in cobalt blue...tiles! I remember reading on this forum a long time ago that all KKs were tiles. Between shipping damage, accidental drops and such the corners were knocked off or rounded over. Dennis, being ever-so thrifty thought "I bet I can glue all these damaged tiles on and some folks will think they're something special!" And now you know the history behind the damaged tile UMM...pebble KKs.
  3. Careful...They know how to pry open your wallet!
  4. The bar within walking distance from my house stocks Pliny. Good stuff! Always takes a little longer walking home!!
  5. My daughter had the same reaction when she found out I was meeting @tony b in Santa Rosa. She asked if I ever watch TV?! People wind up missing all the time after a face to face with someone they met on the internet she told me.
  6. Way off topic here but, reminded me of an old joke. What did the captain of the Exxon Valdez say to his first mate? Damn it! I said a rum and coke on the rocks! NOT run the boat on the rocks!!
  7. That's why I make sure the guest room has a crappy mattress!
  8. Can you fit lunch into your schedule? Or eat at one and get something to go (takeout) from the other for the ride/flight home.
  9. Paul

    This Little Pig...

    Higher education?! well it is 4/20!!
  10. Needed lunch meat for work so pork loin it is. Nothing fancy...just S&P, garlic and thyme. On a side note...I had the pleasure of meeting Tony B. the other day. We had a couple beers together at Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa CA. I can tell you Tony is as nice in person as on the forum. Good conversation along with good beer.
  11. Hopefully they'll wrap up an emu next!
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