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  1. Yea or Nay ~ Modify Charcoal Basket?

    I like the idea - less mess if changing baskets.
  2. Hello, I am moving to GA and our shipper after telling us they could transport now says they cant transport any charcoal products. If you live in Chicagoland area and are interested in acquiring mine - please let me know. [email protected] I have approximately 50 boxes off the top of my head. Thanks, Mark
  3. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at KK

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Mark
  4. KK Covers coming?

    Re: KK Covers coming? Me too - looking forward to seeing color options and pricing. Mark
  5. My Blue Heaven

    Re: My Blue Heaven Hi Gloria, Very nice - I have the exact same coming and will arrive in November. I can't wait to get mine and appreciate you posting a pic. Mark
  6. Patiently Waiting In Warner Robins GA

    Re: Patiently Waiting In Warner Robins GA Congrats on your KK. Mark
  7. Hello I am looking for any insight from KK owners that use KK Coco char and also hickory, oak etc wood chunks for smoking items like Pork Butt. I have heard to use a full basket of coco and just want to see what you have found that works when adding smoking woods. Do you put on top, intermix etc? I have found the coco is awesome but a little hard to get lit. My KK will be here in Nov but I do have some Coco and have been playing around with on my Weber charcoal grill. Any tips as I want to use my KK primarily for smoking and will use coco for smoking and lump when I am grilling. Thanks Mark
  8. Great application for a Big Green Egg!

    Re: Great application for a Big Green Egg! Allows utilization of something that wouldn't get utilized otherwise. Ingenious!
  9. I talked to Dennis yesterday and my grill will ship this month and he sent me some production pics. I love the blue and can't wait to get this work of art as I know will even be more amazing in person. It is fun to show friends at work and hear the superlatives they say - awesome, amazing, piece of grilling art etc. I am giving out Dennis's web site address left and right and have sold some charcoal for him. I must be like a TV preacher on crack lol n68746
  10. Vacation - Bali it is!

    Re: Vacation - Bali it is! We had a fantastic time in Bali! We went to Vincent's and the food was excellent but they were out of tiger prawns so that was a bummer but still neat place. I highly recommend Bali as it is a neat and eye opening experience. Meeting Dennis and seeing the factory was the best part! I don't care what anyone says - it is not irrational to fly half way around the world to see a grill. If it is we were on vacation Mark
  11. Better late than never!

    Re: Better late than never! My wife and I had the privilege of meeting Dennis and touring his factory. He is a great, genuine person and we enjoyed our time with him immensely. Very much looking forward to getting our 32" KK, teak table & coco char and extremely happy with the whole process. Dennis is the real deal. Mark
  12. Hello I have a 32 inch KK, a cabinet and as of now 40 boxes of coco char coming and should be to me in July/Aug. If anyone is interested in adding to my palette to take advantage of shipping rates - let me know and it can piggy back on mine and save you some $$$$ due to volume shipping. Mark
  13. 23 & 32 KK side by side pics

    Re: 23 & 32 KK side by side pics I am lucky have a paver stone patio with a cement base below so weight will be no problem to support.
  14. 23 & 32 KK side by side pics

    Re: 23 & 32 KK side by side pics I decided to go with a Cobalt Blue 32 - way bigger than I need but you only regret too little room and I will grow into it. Soooooooooo excited
  15. 23 & 32 KK side by side pics

    Hello, My wife and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dennis and touring his factory on May 1st. We had a great time and I wanted to share some pics with Dennis's permission. So excited to be getting either a 23 or 32 just have to decide which one Thanks Mark n68725 n68726