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  1. I wouldn’t mind trying that - looks mighty tasty from here, too bad I’m not closer to drop in and do some quality control checks for you...
  2. Here is the finished result of the reason for the smoked turkey:
  3. No carved pics but the turkey was moist and nicely done thoughout. Smoke flavor was nice without being overwhelming - everyone enjoyed it.
  4. The turkey should be moist and tender, I’ve not yet carved into it but will in a couple of hours. I brined it for 6 hrs which have added some moisture content and given how efficient our Komodos are, I wouldn’t think that I suffered moisture loss beyond what the brine added. Once I get into the turkey and have had a chance to eat some of it with my guests I will report back on those results…
  5. Yes, it got real cold here in Southern California, for us – 41° F overnight. Sorry I couldn’t resist teasing my friends on the forum in the colder climates – I do love the idea of seasons, but don’t know how well I would live in them. When we get into what I called “real winter” in my area of southern California, it will get down to just below freezing on many nights.
  6. Not a problem, bagged this one in the wilds of my Albertsons supermarket - it was crazy in there.
  7. Ok, here we are 8 hours and 15 minutes later, and the 17 pound turkey is at 165°F for all areas probed, so off it comes. Didn’t open Pele up at all except to take a final temperature check this morning with my thermapen. Pictures below... Carving will wait until people begin to arrive much later today, probably 4 PM Pacific time. That of course assumes that I can deal with the scent of smoked turkey in my house all afternoon and not give in to temptation... FYI: I used two medium sized chunks each of pedan and cherry.
  8. It has been a while since I’ve had some fun with Pele and tonight I fired her up to smoke a turkey for my family’s annual Christmas tree trimming party. Prior to acquiring Pele I had bought fantastic smoked turkeys from Greenberg Smoked Turkey in Tyler, TX. As much as I enjoyed those birds there’s no reason for me to not give it a spin on my own cooker so tonight, I put this on for enjoyment tomorrow... Planning on the traditional low and slow @225° I brined in a simple salt water solution for @six hours, dried the bird and seasoned with a mixture of ground black pepper, a bit of cayenne pepper, picante papriki, onion and garlic powder, with some good old Schillings poultry seasoning tossed in as well. Put it on midnight and I’ll check at 8 in the morning. I’ve allowed for a possible12 hour cook, + or - an hour or two. Since I plan to serve this up carved for sandwiches or general noshing, finish time really is not critical. Of course I will post the obligatory finish pictures...
  9. I’ve got to say, there are some very nice set ups you folks at out there! And I have to agree the Komodo Kamado sign is the icing on the cake, I wish I had the foresight to have saved mine…
  10. My family and friends voted to keep it really simple for our upcoming 4th of July celebration and just stick to good old classic grilling hotdogs & hamburgers, corn on the cob &watermelon, but I just couldn't let this weekend go by without doing something on my Komodo...Who said I run a democracy at my house anyway? Started off with a couple of pork shoulders picked up from Costco and after about 13 hours on Pele, we have the following results:
  11. OMG - that all looks so fantastic, especially love the crispy look of your egg while still having the runny yolk! Lip smackin goodness! Happy Brithday to all or our Canadian Brothers and Sisters!
  12. As others have said – absolutely well-deserved continuing recognition! Tongue firmly planted in cheek - Dennis, don't rest on your laurels as I just received an email today claiming that the most-advanced ceramic grill is the "Monolith Grill - BBQ Guru Edition." But as I sit back and reflect on what I read in the email and then watched on YouTube, I suppose it would be akin to putting voice control recognition on a Yugo? Though, I'm sure the grill on its own performs well for its price point. Even though I've not been active on the forum over the last few to several months, I want to say that I continue to thoroughly enjoy Pele, my beyond beautiful 23" Ultimate in Terra blue…
  13. KevinD

    Bovine Bash

    I'll be right on over Jeff - next time you send me an invite in advance - looks absolutely amazing!
  14. KevinD

    Bovine Bash

    Did two myself last night, but alas, just cooking with CostCo prime brisket. One was for a friend who told me I can't ever smoke anything again unless, I had one of "whatever" for him too! So he came over and took his home, while I had a few slices of mine for lunch and prepped the rest for a gathering next week at one of the county beaches near to Santa Barbara CA (Jalama County Beach). Below are the shots of the prepped brisket followed by the vacuum seal bags for later consumption...
  15. Very tasty and rich...the higher fat content is evident in the texture and flavor; and I was speaking of the flat! OMg, the point and some of it done up as burnt ends, I've never had better. I echo Tony's thought, I don't buy SRF unless on sale, and then it is bought and saved for special events. Worth it if you have the budget to spend it...
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