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  1. Worried about fire danger.

    I use lump (Royal Oak / Rockwood) to get the fire going with Dennis' extruded charcoal as the main fuel source.
  2. Lump charcoal

    I use Rockwood and Royal Oak for lump; also keep 2 large chests full of Dennis' extruded on hand (70 or so boxes)
  3. Sneak Peak ~ KK 3/8" A36 Baking Steel

    Last I checked, this was not going into production. I went to this supplier for mine. http://www.bakingsteel.com/
  4. I think I've got the black lung Pops

    I have never wrapped the shoulders i have cooked. I just cook them straight through to 190f internal temp. The stall always occurs and takes several hours to get through. I usually hit it at ~170f internal temp. Run the grill at 220f using the BBQ Guru DigiQ to manage both the pit and meat temps. My typical cook is two 8-10 pound shoulders and takes up to 14/16 hours to complete. Even with one shoulder, same timing. I always put the meat on the cooker directly from the refrigerator so as to get as much smoke as possible.
  5. Which stoker blower?

    I've been using the BBQ guru DigiQ for approx 10 yrs now; it just does the job I need it to. I have had no reason to review the other products, but as 5698k stated, the competing products seem to be on the same level as each other.
  6. Which side tables

    my 2 cents: go with the stainless and get the cover that is made to go over the cooker with the side tables in their vertical position (COVER FOR 32" BIG BAD WIDE FOR TABLES). You will find them in the web store - several colors.
  7. KK #3!

    Very nice. congrats
  8. 32BB on the way to MA

    Welcome Ed Start drafting your craigslist ads for your other smokers/cookers. Post pics when you get it.
  9. Sockeye Salmon

    looks terrific; love doing all kinds of fish on planks. super simple.
  10. New KK owner in Seoul

    Nothing fancy here, just slip an unopened plastic 33 gallon lawn bag under the front legs below the draft door opening (like a drop cloth). Remove draft door form the outside, the screen from the inside and brush the ash out onto the bag. Dump said bag into trash, fold plastic bag for next time.
  11. Smoked turkey recipes?

    There are also many ideas in the recipes cooking techniques/poultry section of the forum.
  12. Smoked turkey recipes?

    We always prep the bird as if it were going into the oven. cooker @ 350 f and drop a few chunks of apple or cherry in if we feel like it that year; sometime we put no smoke in, just let the fire kiss it with its smoke. all the meat comes out perfect, moist and with a nice touch of smoke.
  13. Hello from the 757 area of VA

    As the Nike slogan goes ... just do it we have enjoyed using ours several times a week since starting in 2007. You will enjoy, for years.
  14. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    It appears the diagrams have their measurements in Inches (") not CM.

    I have used BGE, Cowboy, and Royal Oak. I find the RO is the better of the three. I lay a bed of KK extruded in the bottom of the basket then put RO on top to get it going for everything except steak; the steak cooks, i use 100% RO. In either case, i wait until the smoke clears to put the food on.