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  1. Tucker

    Jarrah side table

    Very good looking table, great job.
  2. Tucker

    New 19 Hi-Cap Table Top in NC

    Boom! - nice setup - what an upgrade
  3. Tucker

    BBQ Controllers

    At first I did not use one, I did several low-n-slow pork butts with good results, but I did get up a few times overnight to check the temps, which sometimes I had to adjust the vents. I then bought a DigiQ with 10cfm fan. i set it, forget it and every cook is worry free and perfect. My BBQ Guru digiQ has not given me any issues since 2008 with probably 200+ cooks.
  4. Tucker

    Brisket Cook X4

    Looks awesome. I noticed your probe wires running out over the front lip. Why not have them run through the side hole built for running the probe wires?
  5. Tucker

    Jumped on board with Ali'32

    All of mine are without the locking nuts, they pre-date that feature, hence the silicone.
  6. Tucker

    Jumped on board with Ali'32

    I have had this issue, but since I have no use for that rear door, I used high temp silicone to seal it shut.
  7. Tucker

    Ribs today

    It is a 3 stage process. The foil step takes up a lot of room. Dry, bone down Wrap each in foil with apple/grape juice, meat down. Out of foil, more dry rub & sauce, bone down
  8. Tucker

    Ribs today

    20# of ribs, 50/50 St Louis & baby back. Doing them with big Bob Gibson wet approach.
  9. Tucker

    Brisket help - please!

    I used to do brisket low-n-slow until someone on this forum introduced the fast-n-hot method. I only do brisket fast-n-hot now. Very reliable timing, temp, etc. Put brisket on cooker, indirect @ 350f, let it go until internal temp hits 160f. Put it into a foil pan, add 1/2 cup beef broth, cover and let it go another 2.5 hours. If you want a bit of bark, at 2 hours into the foil phase, take it out and let it sit on grate to bark up. This method is pretty much always at 4.5 hours of cook time and renders excellent results.
  10. Tucker

    Bourbon Steaks

    Once you give it a try , we all will know, right?
  11. Tucker

    Anyone know?

    Here is a link you can explore to understand more about the Richard Johnson era. http://www.kamadofraudforum.org/ You are more than welcome here, regardless of cooker, we all love good 'Q.
  12. Tucker

    Anyone know?

    That is a Richard Johnson POSK Portland cement and chicken wire. It'l; still crank out good food, just may not last too much longer.
  13. Tucker

    Neat Rotisserie

    That person sure knows how to make something so simple, complicated.
  14. Tucker

    Greetings from KK and her new KK

    Very tight color - love it congrats, welcome, enjoy.
  15. Tucker

    Smoked Ducky, You're So Fine

    Glad my wife does not look on this forum. she loves duck - and this would pre-empt our visit to a newly opened chop house next weekend. but, man does that look good - nice job - diggin on the 'tenderizer' I will be back for this one