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  1. I use a DigiQ when I do a shoulder. all other cooks, including hot-n-fast brisket it is not needed.
  2. welcome back! good to hear from you
  3. That is Little Johnny's sister
  4. Re: Permatex Golfpro - I used a 4ounce tube and had a bit left when I put in the new gasket. Aussie - Permatex is the brand name. It is a high temperature gasket material; there are different models, each with a different temperature rating, just have to look at the label. The placement of the gasket is such that you don't need the highest temp rating, I think I used 600-700 degree f.
  5. Your progress looks great - interesting approach on the top cap - Regarding the side tables, just sand them then use a good quality teak oil. You can get Watco Teak oil from Home Deport You don't need to stain them with a color, they are beautiful natural. I am in the Fruit Cove area west of 13 from Julington Creek Plantation.
  6. BTW, glad to see you are in Jax - once you get 'er setup we can share a cook and a drink
  7. To get it over the curb, make a 3/4" plywood ramp with 2"x4" foot
  8. Yeah - using the side bolts where the side tables go is a great idea; maybe like the photo? DO NOT lay it down. Keep it upright
  9. "Can I use the rear spring and front handle a tie down points? " I would recommend that you not use the handle and rear spring as tie down points for transportation. Creating a repeatable transport mode for the porch trailer is a challenge. Maybe chock the wheels and secure it in a corner where you can pad the two sides against the trailer and use a strap across the front. That is truly a shame what was done to that cooker.
  10. congrats on 25, may 25 more follow
  11. Yup - handy item -
  12. I have never used a cleaner on my grates. I use the grill floss / grill brush majority of the time. When they get especially gunky I run the cooker up to 600f and let it burn the load of charcoal out. That burns everything to a white ash, which is then brushed off with wire brush.
  13. I used high temp gasket goo to seal that door, but if it fails, I will want one of these. or maybe i'll use a metal hose clamp to grip the rod extending from the guide tubes. we'll , see, but I think this feature should be added to any KK that has that xtra door.
  14. 19.5" (original model) KK 23" KK They handle all of the volume required. Have not had to use any other. let go of the old gas grill in 2007.
  15. Where do you source the coffee charcoal from ?