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  1. Brother-in-law owns it now
  2. Houston, the Eagle has landed! Using the 5'x8' UHaul trailer and a 8 degree ramp worked perfectly. My brother-in-law and I made the 4 hour trek south to pick up Saturday. wrapped the grill in plastic with two tarps folded up under the plastic for a cushion. Put the grill up against the front wall of the trailer and strapped it in. (BTW, the block for under the grill is 4" tall, not 6") - had to cut the 3/4" ply wood i used to make it by hand --> lovely in 98f / 85% humidity no shade - Pit-stop at Cracker Barrel to re-fuel and then home to the Grill Shack. I cleaned it up today, have it burning right now to clear it out - it had a good bit of muck on the insides the pics did not reveal. Now it is beer-o-clock cheers!!
  3. Updated: Grill Shack population grows by 50% 23" Dark Nebula joins the family !
  4. Look forward to seeing the new arrival @ home
  5. the 5x8 trailer is approx 18" deck height w/ a 8' ramp it is approx 10-11 degree angle. very do-able w/ 2 guys. If I think the angle is too great, i'll extend the ramp. thanks for the ideas cheers
  6. Perfect - thanks Dennis
  7. Going to use a 5x8 uhaul trailer let you know how it goes.
  8. We own two presently. 19.5" (old model) and a 23". The 32 & 42 did not exist when we were buying, otherwise we would have chosen one of the two. These grill can do everything, low-slow, sear, grill, bake, etc. We have not used anything but these grills since 2007 for all our outdoor cooking. My opinion is that you should buy either the 32 or 42; you will not regret it. cheers
  9. Excellent write up!
  10. I'll post pics once it arrives at our pavilion
  11. I am going to give this a try on the next cook. thanks for the tip.
  12. Dennis - see email from me
  13. No offense meant by my comments. I completely understand the passion each of us have for different things.