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  1. Looking for Grate Advice

    ditto Bruce and Syzygies
  2. Boston butt - how much on a 23 ultimate

    I have done 4 (8 pounds each); I have seen folks on this site do 6 and Chris Lilly did 8. all using the main and upper grates. Put them on at 5-6pm eve prior to party. They'll come off at about 11-1 next day, then you can wrap in foil, towels and put in cooler to hold til you need to pull them. Pull them as you need to serve, they will stay nice and hot for you.
  3. Twilight and roos

    Sad, I hate it when we take a toll on nature.
  4. LOL - random rotation; fill 'em all w/ charcoal, then use each one 'til the fuel is gone and move to the next. Unless of course I have a large group, then they all get pressed into service.
  5. We used scissor trusses for our pavilion and left the ends open to facilitate airflow/smoke dispersal.
  6. Salt Block Cooking - A Gimmick? Maybe

    Finished product looks great. I tried a salt block in 2013. We liked the results, but as you pointed out, it seems to be a one trick item. Also, I found it a little cumbersome to clean, store, etc. I have not used the block since and now that we have the baking steel, we use it for these type of dishes.

    Very nice - you will enjoy every minute of ownership
  8. Tiles vs Pebbles

    FWIW, my pebble grill never vented like the square tile ones. I think that although the logic of more grout = more vent seems sound, I think that more variables come into play; such as mix, weather when applied, during storage, etc.
  9. Tiles vs Pebbles

    I have grills with both. No difference, just personal preference as Aussie stated.
  10. New cabinet on the way

    What can be doe now is to provide negative reviews of the shipping company. Google reviews, the shipping company web site, etc. If you do facebook, and they have a facebook page, hit them there as well. Tell us who the shipping company is. If it is a national one, then we can all request Dennis to not use it anywhere in the US. If it is regional, at then they can loose out on local business. Also hit the Better Business Bureau site and provide the negative feedback there. Hit them where it counts, in the wallet.
  11. Happy straya day

    Flaming Galah
  12. Oh oh

    I pre-dated the 32" era. I started with one 23", then added a 19.5" so I had the flexibility that tekobo refers to. Over time, i added another 23" for capacity when, as you say so appropriately, the 'hoard' comes over. With the 23 & 19.5 units I was able to churn out enough pork and brisket for 60+ people; now with the added 23 i can also do all the appetizers as well as sides. I use the 19.5 the most for us during the week and the others on weekends with friends/family. It is a tough decision, but if I had to make it today I'd go with one 32 and one 21. Good luck with the decision and remember which ever way you go, you are getting top notch quality and won't be disappointed.
  13. Jon B - thanks for the offer, but I'll keep on making it from scratch. Family memories and all that. cheers
  14. Looks very yummy. I did not know the speedie sauce can be bought. We learned to make ours in upstate NY for venison.
  15. Have you looked at the data that is available on the home page? https://komodokamado.com/pages/compare-grill-s-features-and-specifications https://komodokamado.com/pages/six-komodo-kamado-grills