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  1. yea that sure is a nice setup i think you need a table in between like bosco lol love that pebble finish
  2. Dennis in your opinion is the shield a need to have like others have said i never had a issue either
  3. You have been busy everything looks amazing shelly
  4. Wow that looks fantastic i love tri tip
  5. You sure are having fun mac with those forks..awesome meal yum yum
  6. Wow that is a hell of a cook looks dynamite.
  7. Congrats on your new kk and welcome to the kk family you can say goodbye to all those issues you are going to love cooking on the kk looking forward to your delivery pics
  8. Yes a second kk is in order Nice first cook
  9. Beautiful kk just stunning welcome to the kk family
  10. lol yea i didnt get out there to shovel till yesterday either i got a tad more snow then you though from the looks of your deck i will have to remember that temp when i eventually get the steel bet those dogs were delicious
  11. Excellent dennis the only thing i dont like about this is they are not together for those if us that want want to upgrade will need rods and heat shield combined I get they are seperate but took me a bit to find on the site is what i mean
  12. Thanks Churchi and thanks for all you do for us
  13. I love that steel you have sue i have been meaning to get myself one. what temp do u cook pizza on it and what temp is the steel when you do nice to see you posting again i bet you didnt go out and cook during our little storm lol
  14. Well CC i was wondering where u went it sure has been awhile glad you are back.. Sorry to hear about your friends Looking forward to your cooks again my friend
  15. welcome to the kk club ...When did you get your kk goldengun