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  1. Congrats your kks look stunning first cook looks so delish you had fun all day for sure
  2. Sneak Peak ~ KK 3/8" A36 Baking Steel

    that is awesome that shop did a great job
  3. Sneak Peak ~ KK 3/8" A36 Baking Steel

    i went to my local welding shop and got a set of 2 for the price of the baking steel price ...
  4. Hammered KK

    After all the work you did on that kk i would hope you dont give up on it and sell it that for sure down road you will be kicking your self for doing so.. in other words dont sell it
  5. SRF rib cap cook and awesome customer service

    Wow that is a gorgeous steak cook the marbling is out of this world you hit it out of the park with this one the whole dinner looks fantastic yum yum that is excellent customer service indeed
  6. 23" Komodo Kamado FOR SALE

    is ashame you are selling it what a beauty .. good luck on your sale
  7. Riiiiiiiibs.....:

    only way to know for sure is to give it a whirl lol i dont think that it will do that though i dont see one side cooking faster then the other maybe the owners with the rib rack will chime in
  8. Riiiiiiiibs.....:

    excellent cook ribs look fantastic
  9. outback spirit inspired pulled pork

    Looks delicious Aussie
  10. KK Rocks!

    I agree 100 percent with the above posts Mac's cooks are so wonderful and they are oh so delicious you could almost eat them through your screen lol
  11. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    just to clarify that 3800 price was that brand new price in 2012 for this model ????
  12. Spinning a rib roast.

    Nice job that looks so delish yum yum
  13. Not following you on this can't you just get a free mobile skin or pay for one that someone else coded already for this forum...is what I do for my forums of course there are tweaks with any skin you put on
  14. First Cook.....

    great start indeed looks delicious
  15. excellent cooks everything looks delicious you have to be happy with those results