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  1. Wow nice setup indeed glad your new addition made it safe and sound
  2. It might be better if you email dennis he also has whats app as well
  3. I would go with the 32 if you can manage it but any size kk you will be more then happy with. I have the 23 and it fits all my needs but i find with big events i run out of real estate but i certainly made it work and was very doable.. my next is going to be the 32 down line ... Best to call Dennis and he will steer you in the right direction
  4. wow that looks fantastic Mac i bet it was so delish
  5. Congrats Dennis excellent article and so true i am so happy for you like CC stated we already knew this lol
  6. excellent Tucker
  7. wow what a great cook mac i bet it was so delicious ... you can keep that spider your way lol
  8. Congrats i love that color you wont be disappointed you are absolutely going to love cooking on it... cant wait to see your first cook
  9. yes indeed a nice deal for someone
  10. Its always better to go bigger if you can swing it .i have the 23 and a family of 4 it handles everything you can throw at it you can certainly cook for 12 or more i am currently saving up for the 32 i think that is a great combo from what i heard
  11. awesome bbq you nailed it glad everything fit nicely
  12. Now your talking i bet it was very juicy
  13. Looks like this has been in storage for quite awhile also this is the old grout that was used as opposed to the new one that is used know but @DennisLinkletter will be able to shed more info on that 1200 is a good price but i would go lower you will have to replace spring and pin get better latch and perhaps a basket or fire box depending on condition i am thnking you might not have a basket Does seem surprising that the lid was open in that pic but no pin or spring unless it was old pic any rate you need to go see it
  14. yes indeed totally normal you will never recover from it lol
  15. Great News looking forward to the pics