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  1. yum yum looks super delish
  2. nice looking pie indeed yes next time get closer to dome
  3. Wow mac that looks so delicious great cook
  4. i was just going to say that looks pretty damn clean get cooking lol great looking meal indeed
  5. looks fantastic
  6. Looks stunning love that color you must be very happy now lets get cooking lol
  7. I always do monthly backups of my forums in event something like this happens it looks like you had a corupted table glad you got everything sorted out and i know the feeling not a good way to spend the day with server folks
  8. yes what CC said and i dont wrap either
  9. here is what a user posted last year not sure if this will work or not or what you have done in tapatalk but in your tapatalk settings this is what this peep did
  10. looks very delicious nice cook
  11. Yea me neither i must try this myself thanks for sharing wonderful cook
  12. Excellent Easter cook everything looks fantastic
  13. Now that is how you have a Happy Easter that looks delicious
  14. @DennisLinkletter since this thread was resurrected and original post was 2015 are you eventually going to make this available for sale or are there better things on horizon