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  1. Looks good aussie i bet it was delicious
  2. Congrats on your new kk and welcome to the kk family looking forward to the un boxing pics
  3. that looks mighty tasty ck awesome job for sure
  4. sure just because you have all the kk's you neglect the poor 19 lol so can we call this creator abuse
  5. yum yum that looks delish mac especially the potatoes
  6. looks nasty indeed yes owner abuse for sure
  7. The pizza stone is the way to go i have the dual damper and when i do low and slows it comes in handy or when i want more air flow i may adjust with it as well the ash deflector is sure a plus and much needed imo
  8. well that is awesome what a beast love the color and i love how dennis configured all the grates
  9. wow looking good so far inside looks real good i would talk to Dennis on the top he can make you a new one by the time you get this fully restored you would have a new top
  10. awesome video
  11. Congrats cant wait to see the unboxing pics i bet you will need a crane for that lol
  12. That is a good question and i bet Dennis has the right ans for that
  13. that looks delicious Aussie look at all that moisture indeed melt in the mouth
  14. i would have to echo the above i had a variety of grills and then i got the kk well there really isnt anything else to cook on besides that once you own one you will understand i would get another kk down line
  15. now that is hell of a deal indeed