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  1. Stile88

    WFO Baking in the Rain

    Looks great ck isnt all new toys a learning curve lol but thats half the fun indeed
  2. So sorry to hear life got in the way and you have to sell this beauty best of luck to you what a great deal for someone to get all that comes with this kk
  3. Stile88

    Please help the newbie.

    Congrats and welcome to the KK family you are going to love cooking on it As far as baking steel is converned i went to my local welding shop and had them cut me up one it was far cheaper and bigger then What baking steel web site wanted plus it is custom
  4. Stile88

    Congratulations Pequod

    Congrats that looks amazing my mouth is watering too
  5. Stile88

    Legs and wings.....

    yum yum looks delicious
  6. Stile88

    Bronze 21!

    Welcome to the KK family your are going to love cooking on your new KK Congrats the color choice is stunning
  7. Stile88

    WFO Installation Thread

    Wow Ck what a thing of beauty that turned out fantastic great job cant wait to see what you churn out of that beast after that long burn in lol
  8. Stile88

    Oh oh

    Congrats cant wait to see the unveiling ...
  9. Great job as usual church i haven't noticed anything strange so good deal on the upgrade looks to be flawless so far
  10. Stile88

    WFO Installation Thread

    definitely a lot of work involved but it will be worth it once you see end results great progress indeed cant wait to see how this unfolds awesome job ck
  11. Stile88

    Big Bad 32 arrived at shipping terminal!

    Congrats on your new KK looks stunning you are absolutely going to love cooking on it...that bge is going to get super jealous lol
  12. Stile88

    I’m here now and I’m never leaving!

    Welcome to the kk family excellent color choice
  13. Stile88

    Nigerian Party Jollof Rice

    looks fantastic your new pots look white now lol i bet this was so delicious
  14. Stile88

    Burger night

    looks great and looks so delicious
  15. wow what a beauty CK that is one hell of a brick oven cant wait to see the pies coming out of that thing ... now you could of just got the 42 lol the weight is close enough. Congrats my friend