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  1. Wow that is awesome Looks amazing
  2. now that is fine looking pie yum yum
  3. and with room to spare cant wait for the finished product
  4. Why stop at 19 save enough to get a tt22 or 23
  5. You got both right cant u just measure it
  6. That oven looks brand new lol bread looks delish Mac
  7. Just stunning
  8. looks delicious bruce yum yum
  9. that is a beast of a grill that looks so delicious
  10. that is excellent Dennis
  11. Very nice lamb cook indeed
  12. Most of you found guru a long time before me i do not hold the same allegiance that you guys do .i think john's videos are ok but opinions based on his likes a lot of peeps hang on his every word which is troublesome to me as a site owner you dont want to push members in one way or another but he is making claims that he dont see the difference with putting holes on bottom and the sides without trying it on the bottom first . he is stating that there will not be enough pressure to push the smoke through the bottoms holes which those of you that have a smoking pot with holes in the bottom dont have any issues with this and you say the smoke is divine. he is stating facts which he has not tried yet and that is my problem with john not that he tried something different each to your own is what i say and what ever works best for you stick with it . i posted once and he did not want to ans which is fine i will not return to that thread is a waste of time imo
  13. well i have no idea what has prompted him to drill on the side and not the bottom he kind of creates his own facts shall we call the johns alternative fact on a smoker pot lol
  14. Congrats on you new kk you are going to absolutely love it yes the cover is a must have indeed made all the right choices on the accessories love the color
  15. looks very good aussie yum yum