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  1. A work of art! But then, anything less wouldn't have been expected!
  2. Yes, thanks for working through this - must've been a real headache that you didn't need!
  3. Wow - top notch all the way! What a spectacular celebration and such long range planning - I hope that every bit of what you had for your celebration lived up to your expectation - A resounding birthday cheer from me to you!
  4. One more comment on the difference between the two deep dish pie's… The first had the traditional buttery/flaky crust and called for basically no kneading, just enough mixing to hold the dough together and after the appropriate rise, press it out from the center to the edge, then thinly halfway up the side to keep everything within the crust. Pequod version as the recipe tells, results in a very bready dough/crust which is a consequence of all of the kneading time (3-5 minutes) with a dough hook in a mixer. After rise has finished, press out dough to the edge but not up the sides as the mozzarella and tomato sauce will caramelize to form the chewy outer/upper crust – Yum! As mentioned before my next bake will use the original flaky and buttery crust but I will not press the dough up the side of the pan, leaving the cheese and tomato to form the upper crust. I'm hoping that will give me the best of the two pies – at least in my humble opinion – LOL!
  5. So baaaaad!
  6. I certainly don't have many low and slow cook so under my belt at this point but your experience mirrors mine so far. I think it is Important that you not only let the KK get up temperature but heat soak at least an hour at the desired temp to help compensate for when you put the cold/cool meat on the grill and lose the hot air while the dome is up. I'm fairly certain that would help your temperature recovery time but that's just my best guess so others will have to weigh in with their expertise... There is no doubt I would've dove face first into that plate of ribs!
  7. Since the site seems to leave me in the old skin when I sign out and back in I changed the version to the "new version" and spent over an hour waiting for the site to come change and allow me to sign out. .. When the site finally responded I have to be honest, I said to myself, "screw this mess", and I changed the skin back to the prior version without doing any of what you asked. Sorry...
  8. This all looks very tasty but I'm thinking it was probably a bit rich and so a little bit goes a long way. There is nothing like a wonderfully ripe avocado! One of my in-laws has an old avocado tree and when those avocados start dropping I am in heaven! If my avocado is really good (as mentioned above), I think my favorite way to have it is just scooped out of the skin and sliced thinly, slices fanned out, sprinkled with just a little bit of salt, maybe some freshly ground black pepper and a drizzle of lemon juice...
  9. 450°F for 40 minutes… exactly as the version recipe called for. Whenever I first follow a recipe I tend to follow it exactly unless something is really needing adjustment for my own personal flavor preferences.
  10. Ok, having finished my first slice of this version of deep dish I have decided that I would probably like a blend of the two different styles… I much prefer the original deep dish dough recipe flavor and taste over this Pequod version which is good, I just prefer the original style crust more. Being a fan of crunchy chewy cheese, I like the caramelized cheese and would make an original deep dish style dough but instead of pulling the dough thinly up the side, I would use the 'Quod process – meaning place the mozzarella cheese up the side of the pan and go from there…
  11. Finish cook and slice pictures...of course, YUM.
  12. So here we are one week after my first deep dish cook and I am attempting DD#2 but instead of traditional deep dish, I'm going to make the Pequod version, from This was done in a 12" x 2" deep pan. The 'Quod version dough recipe is a bit different from the traditional dough recipe adding ground black pepper and a bit of sugar. Two other significant differences from a traditional deep dish is that you do not pull any dough up the side of the pan and instead of putting down all of the ingredients and topping with sauce, this is more of a traditional assembly with sauce going down on top of the cheese, before the other ingredients are added. The mozzarella cheese and sauce placed up the against the side of the dish will caramelize to form a crust. You will see from the pictures that I actually put some sausage on top of the mozzarella and l put down the sauce, before adding the rest of my ingredients. Finish cook and slice pictures will follow...
  13. You will probably need the solid hex shaft instead of that piece that will come apart based on how the whole thing is assembled may not work with the rotation of the motor - that rotation basically causes that piece you have to come apart...
  14. It appears that once I select the skin theme to use, it stays the same even when I sign out and sign back in with Safari.