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  1. My family and friends voted to keep it really simple for our upcoming 4th of July celebration and just stick to good old classic grilling hotdogs & hamburgers, corn on the cob &watermelon, but I just couldn't let this weekend go by without doing something on my Komodo...Who said I run a democracy at my house anyway? Started off with a couple of pork shoulders picked up from Costco and after about 13 hours on Pele, we have the following results:
  2. It is Canada's 150th Birthday!

    OMG - that all looks so fantastic, especially love the crispy look of your egg while still having the runny yolk! Lip smackin goodness! Happy Brithday to all or our Canadian Brothers and Sisters!
  3. KK in FORBES editorial (again;-)

    As others have said – absolutely well-deserved continuing recognition! Tongue firmly planted in cheek - Dennis, don't rest on your laurels as I just received an email today claiming that the most-advanced ceramic grill is the "Monolith Grill - BBQ Guru Edition." But as I sit back and reflect on what I read in the email and then watched on YouTube, I suppose it would be akin to putting voice control recognition on a Yugo? Though, I'm sure the grill on its own performs well for its price point. Even though I've not been active on the forum over the last few to several months, I want to say that I continue to thoroughly enjoy Pele, my beyond beautiful 23" Ultimate in Terra blue…
  4. Bovine Bash

    I'll be right on over Jeff - next time you send me an invite in advance - looks absolutely amazing!
  5. Bovine Bash

    Did two myself last night, but alas, just cooking with CostCo prime brisket. One was for a friend who told me I can't ever smoke anything again unless, I had one of "whatever" for him too! So he came over and took his home, while I had a few slices of mine for lunch and prepped the rest for a gathering next week at one of the county beaches near to Santa Barbara CA (Jalama County Beach). Below are the shots of the prepped brisket followed by the vacuum seal bags for later consumption...
  6. Snake River Farm Brisket

    Very tasty and rich...the higher fat content is evident in the texture and flavor; and I was speaking of the flat! OMg, the point and some of it done up as burnt ends, I've never had better. I echo Tony's thought, I don't buy SNR unless on sale, and then it is bought and saved for special events. Worth it if you have the budget to spend it...
  7. Snake River Farm Brisket

    Finish cook pictures:
  8. Snake River Farm Brisket

    Wow, from @170°F to 205°F in about one hour 45 minutes! It finished a couple hours sooner than I expected! Took it off and it felt limber so I put it in an igloo cooler wrapped in towels (towels protected by foil) and there it will sit for the next four hours. At that point I will take it out, unwrap it and take the point to make burnt ends. This one definitely behave differently from my first two and per my comment to Robert, I still have a lot more experience to gain with brisket...
  9. Snake River Farm Brisket

    Thanks for the feedback Robert, I'm still a newbie when it comes to briskets. Perhaps when I've hit 20 of them , I'll consider myself "well-schooled" in the art!
  10. Snake River Farm Brisket

    What is wrong with me??? Never even thought about rendering the fat trimmings ! I will have to make sure to give that a try – Yum!
  11. Snake River Farm Brisket

    Ok, here are the next pictures: This cook started at 225°F temperature and after @11+hours, now it is coming off @ 170°F for the wrap in pink butcher's paper. I had started the brisket on the top level grate but decided after a few hours to move it down to the main level grate. The balance of cooking time I estimate to be @4 hours, with with the target temperature @205°F. Just a comment on the cooking temperature that I mentioned… It seems that most of the "brisket experts" that I've seen or watched on YouTube, like to cook their brisket at 250°F but the couple that I've done so far at 225°F have turned out wonderfully well. Perhaps the next one I will cook at 250°F which from the general guidelines I've heard/read, might give me a closer to 12 hour cook time on the Komodo. For those that are following this, let me say that the time on the Komodo at 225°F has been approximately 16 hours, followed by at least two hours resting in the cooler thoroughly wrapped to rest. For us that have the good fortune to be able to cook on a Komodo, it is so easy to keep a stable temperature that the length of time really does not matter. If you're cooking on something not quite as stable, that extra four hours of time might be just too much work... The next picture is more for laughs but it is the platter that I put the brisket on when I brought it in to wrap, and then return to Pele for the finish cook. I could not resist running a finger through the rendered fat juices and spices that were left behind; equivalent to getting the last bit of frosting or cookie dough off of the side of the mixing bowl – oh my gosh is it good! I'm sure the end result will be so much better...
  12. 42" Teak Lid Removal Handles

    At first I thought Dennis was joking, but then I thought about it, and it would be darned difficult to take that lid off if/when you had to. Now I REALLY would be impressed if Dennis had a mix into which you added water and then voila! Your help is there to assist in taking that lid off! LOL, very elegant looking handles Dennis!
  13. Snake River Farm Brisket

    A couple of months ago I took advantage of a Snake River Farms (SRF) sale which I believe was a "buy one get one" on their Wagyu black grade brisket (one level down from their top-notch gold level). I decided to host a family Super Bowl party and started the thaw this last Monday. This started as a 16.6 lb brisket and I ended up trimming 4.6 lb of surface fat and the huge wedge of fat between the point and flat. The amount of fat I trimmed was more than I expected to have to trim off of this brisket but, since Wagyu is renowned for heavy marbling, perhaps the amount of fat I trimmed off isn't unreasonable? Purely out of curiosity I would ask if anyone else has bought and trimmed SRF black label brisket, is my experience consistent with your own experience? Thanks in advance for your feedback! Now for the first pictures... I promise more, including the finish pictures...
  14. The cabinet is here at last

    A work of art! But then, anything less wouldn't have been expected!
  15. Yes, thanks for working through this - must've been a real headache that you didn't need!