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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Jon
  2. I find it annoying when he tapes over the logo, especially after announcing it as a Komodo earlier. Jon
  3. I've thought about this method off and on for quite a while. I almost ordered one a few times, but the various problems with the units some of the commenters have experienced always stopped me from completing the order at the normal price. The discounted price of entry of this new generation unit is compelling so I ordered one to give it a try. Jon
  4. In reading some bumped threads today, it seems the local CNC guy(s) has/have thwarted the desires of many KK aficionados over the past couple of years.
  5. Does the unit have a built-in adjustment method for level or do you have to shim it?
  6. Great job in the restoration! I've been following the progress and you have done remarkable work on this KK, especially given its terrible state when you began.
  7. Always yeast, never cake. Unless there are no yeast, then always cake.
  8. No wrap, but with a deflector.
  9. Thanks for the update. I was wondering about this project. Jon
  10. Even better than the goat video, this shows the true size of the 42!
  11. Very nice solution.
  12. Stephen, thanks for bringing this topic up. I am interested in the burner, but couldn't find much about it on the forum. I am awaiting the results of your investigation and comments from Dennis. Syzygies, how do you end up with a "part bottle of wine"? Ours always seem to empty completely... Jon
  13. I did it the other way. I got a 23" in October and then an older (non high top) 16" during the Black Friday sale. It has worked out quite well as I put the 16 on our screened porch and I've been using it much more than the 23 since the weather turned cold, rainy, snowy and icy (perhaps not to MacKenzie's standards, but still...). For Christmas Eve dinner I had them both going, smoking a prime rib roast on the 23 and some Atlantic salmon for the salad course on the 16. Like many here, I think having two is great and offers terrific flexibility. Jon
  14. I received my 23" KK in October 2016, shipped directly from the container ship's arrival. I did not receive either the motor mount or the hex shaft either. It wasn't a big deal as I haven't ordered the roti yet as I was waiting for the spit version, but I just checked my parts and packing slip and neither were included. I guess I assumed it was because I didn't order the roti with the grill. Jon
  15. I agree with Jeff about the Sunbrella cover. I just received mine yesterday for my 23 and it is, like everything KK, superior in every way. Jon