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  1. I received my 23" KK in October 2016, shipped directly from the container ship's arrival. I did not receive either the motor mount or the hex shaft either. It wasn't a big deal as I haven't ordered the roti yet as I was waiting for the spit version, but I just checked my parts and packing slip and neither were included. I guess I assumed it was because I didn't order the roti with the grill. Jon
  2. I agree with Jeff about the Sunbrella cover. I just received mine yesterday for my 23 and it is, like everything KK, superior in every way. Jon
  3. Thanks Charles. I'll start resizing when I get time. Jon
  4. I've been meaning to ask, and this is probably the group to answer, but is there a file size limit for photos posted on the site? I have all the "required" photos for my Komodo introductions, but they are all normal 2+ meg size. Do I need to resize them all before posting? If so, what size? Thanks. Jon
  5. Thanks for the tip. Is there a low temperature below which it really needs to come out (below freezing, below zero)? Jon
  6. See the topic "The Bear Cometh" for an excellent refresher on basic mechanical principles. A superior job.
  7. So, this may not be of precise help, but I just measured my side tables / wing for a 23". They are, of course, comma-shaped with a radius which hugs the body of the grill. For a 23, the widest part (from the body radius perpendicular to the edge) is 14.5". The depth, front to back (the length of the "comma", but measured as a straight line), is 21". For comparison, on the 32, the Side View Outside dimension (above chart, right view) is 35". On the 23, the same dimension is 31", which fits the 21" deep side table. Some proportional math should get you in the ballpark for your square of plywood. Hope this helps. Jon
  8. I believe they aren't listed if made in the current year. The older ones have the year (2015, 2014, etc) indicated. At least this is how it seems to me. Jon
  9. The manual PDF is on my home computer so I can't access it right now to check the page number. At work until late tonight. There is a section in the front which has a front and side dimension drawing for each KK, but it doesn't show the side tables. I have a 23 so I don't know the side table size for a 32 as they may be a different size. As many have said here, if in doubt, call, text or email Dennis. Sorry I can't be of more help. Jon
  10. According to the owner's manual, front to back dimension of the BB 32 feet is 29.9". You didn't ask, but the front to back dimension, with the dome open, is listed as 37.1", front feet to top vent. Jon