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  1. Add mine to the list. Would be thrilled if it gets here by Memorial Day!
  2. Yup, my shipping notice from Dennis came very early this morning. Hey Forrest: I’m real curious if the trucking company will have a pallet jack or something to move the KK to its resting place.
  3. Too bad. If you change your mind about terra blue let me know.
  4. GrillnBrew: Fun to track it, even if it doesn’t get here any faster. We’re getting the terra blue; what color is yours? If it’s autumn gold, wanna swap??
  5. Hey C6Bill and GrillnBrew: Did you get any shipping information? Are you tracking the vessel? Thanks.
  6. Hey Tyrus: I was a little confused about how you knew I bought a grill cover. Then I realized what’s going on. I should have been more precise in my first post. I have a grill gazebo where I’ll place the KK. However, you are also correct. In fact I did buy a Sunbrella grill cover from Dennis. BTW, I guess we are almost neighbors. Wonder if there are any KKs in Rhode Island. Syzygies: I was emailing and using whatsapp with Dennis. As far as I know my wife did not call him. But she has a funny look on her face right now, lol.
  7. I'm very excited to join this elite community! @C6Bill - Are there many other KK owners in this part of the country? Maybe we can set up a southern New England KK owners group. @MacKenzie - Yes I do. Also, hard-working and full of surprises. She was outside with me for a couple of hours on Sunday helping to clean the Fire Magic. When I started buying Japanese knives a couple of years ago she embraced the change and now uses nothing but. I'm a lucky guy. 😁
  8. Hello everybody. I’m doing things a little backwards. Instead of registering here first, asking some questions, and then buying a KK, I pulled the trigger yesterday on a 32. We started lusting after the KK a few weeks ago after seeing that behemoth at the Malibu vacation home the Kardashians were renting (I know, please don’t judge). I thought a 23 would work, but my wife convinced me to go for a 32. I contacted Dennis yesterday with a few questions about future availability, just before starting to celebrate my birthday. Long story short, he told me about a cancelled order for a 32
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