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  1. She just married a guy who has never owned a grill. She gave him one for Christmas and he still hasn't put it together. I think I have my work cut out for me.
  2. DachsieSlave

    I want to see one!

    Re: I want to see one! Hey Carl, I live in Smithland Ky about 2 hrs from Nashville, I would be glad to show off my Bronze Beauty. PM me and we can work out the details if you would like to come up. Roy
  3. DachsieSlave

    The proper way to use a treadmill.

    T Rex - Actually I have on occasion checked for a pulse (She is 13 and tends to sleep alot anymore). Curly - Why would I want to wake her up? She is a great excuse. "Honey, I can't get on the treadmill right now. I can't disturb Vandy"
  4. We can learn so much from our pets!
  5. DachsieSlave

    Awesome Standing Rib Roast

    Gee thanks Larry! I wasn't planning on going outside today. It's only going to get up to 24 deg. (thats cold here in KY). But now, after seeing that , I need to go out and cook.
  6. DachsieSlave

    Dolly celebrates her 16th birthday

    Condolences from the Garman household, it is always hard to lose a loyal and faithful friend.
  7. DachsieSlave

    Not to toot my own horn, but....................

    Congrats on the win, and thanks for the info.
  8. DachsieSlave

    Ash Tool

    I use one that I had from my GD. Works great. Not sure that you actually need it though, I am sure others will chime in with what they use. Roy
  9. DachsieSlave

    Early Cooking Mistakes

    I have had good results getting a nice smoke flavor for short cooks using pellets in either a cast iron smoke pot or an aluminum foil pouch. Here is one source for them. http://www.bbqrsdelight.com/ They have a starter package that contains samples of all their different woods and a smoke pot. Roy
  10. DachsieSlave

    Spice sources

    A couple of my favorite rub sources: http://www.willinghams.com/ http://www.dizzypigbbq.com/
  11. DachsieSlave


    Same here, no problems at all. roy
  12. DachsieSlave

    OH baby!!!! My new Autumn Nebula KK

    Welcome to the club, but these folks here aren't much for believing around here. They pretty much demand pictures. Roy
  13. DachsieSlave

    Newbie from Seattle

    Welcome and I applaud your choice of color. I love my Bronze Beauty. Roy
  14. DachsieSlave

    My Wok Burner is now Happy

    Nice, but for some reason it brought to mind "The Adams Family"
  15. DachsieSlave

    My instructables tutorial....

    Nice job! I could have used that back when I was learning this craft. Much better than the similar link at the bottom of the page. " Done in about 4 hrs. Use foil and finish with a high temp glaze"????