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  1. Try doing an individual pizza and cracking an egg on it near the end of the cook. Surprisingly tasty! (sorry, guys. I'm out of KK Forum practice!)
  2. I've not been here for a while, but it sure looks purty!!
  3. Re: Coming to the States, on Holiday with Family He's a California boy!
  4. Re: Bacon Cook - VIDEO Yes, please! BLT on home made bread, with garden tomato! Mmmm!
  5. Re: Roasted Corn Huh. I guess that makes sense. I'll have to give it a try this summer and report back.
  6. Re: Roasted Corn That's a long roast for corn, isn't it? Or maybe it isn't. Doesn't it get dry? I've not had success roasting corn, and perhaps not knowing how long to roast it is part of the reason! How do you hold the hot ears to cut the kernels off? I do like roasty corn.
  7. On Memorial Day, thank you. Again. Hey, all! It's Memorial Day again. We have a new generation or two of heroes to thank! For those of you who remember my Mother's story about being liberated from a concentration camp (aka Weishein Civilian Assembly Center) in China in WW2, you may be interested in an article on NPR this week. I'm not sure if it will be Morning Edition, or All Things Considered. The last of the 7 American soldiers who parachuted into Japanese occupied China to liberate her camp passed away at the end of April. Tad Nagaki, a Nissei, volunteered to go. You can imagine, Japanese Americans were suspect at the time. Tad was over 90 years old when he died. He'd outlived his wife and his sons, and had spent his life farming in Nebraska. If anyone would like to read stories about the camp and M's heroes, here's a link, with articles and photos. ... xFrame.htm xo, Heroes!
  8. Re: I cooked all weekend!
  9. Re: Covering your KK Can't beat Johnnyboy's Jammies for a cooker cover. He makes the BEST!!
  10. Re: Cucumber Water Sad. I do like Pimms....
  11. Re: The "Thermapen" of kitchen digital scales? Cook's Illustrated (in fall 2008) highly recommended the OXO digital scale, which cost about $50. The Polder Easy Read, Salter Aquatronic and Soehnle 65505 were all recommended. The Soehnle 65505 was the best buy of the group.
  12. Re: Spritz Bottle I found one at a feed store/farm animal supply place. It's called a Horse bottle. Several large sizes available. I use mine to spritz the oven or cooker for crusty breads.
  13. Re: Full size KK cabinet with Cobalt Blue tile insert I'm sure you're not thinking about lighting or tossing burning coals up on this table top.. Probably asking about putting a hot pan or similar on top, right out of the cooker. Or maybe concerned about how stunning the table is, and all the hot looks of envy it's gonna get!
  14. Re: Guide the break I'm a big believer in lubricants and solvents before forcing anything, to give it the best chance to move as designed. One can always clean the nasty liquids off later. Yes, but not even the laws of physics can anticipate the actions of The Wife Who...
  15. Re: New Chicago area pallet share Shouldn't that be "oxen"? And you, the butcher... I hope he's got a big truck to carry them!