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  1. DavidS

    Need some computer help...

    Re: swamped at work
  2. DavidS

    Need some computer help...

    My days with Vista are about over, AT LAST. I just ordered an iMac 21.5. should have it in a before month end.
  3. DavidS

    Need some computer help...

    I am looking at mac. Have had it with minisoft and all the problems. It seems like every update the windows system turns into a POS. After the first of the year I think I will have Mac.
  4. Finally got the new spring installed. It is great much less pressure. Thank you Dennis.
  5. DavidS

    Storing accessories - teak cabinet?

    Rubbermaid storage I use a small Rubbermaid storage unit. I hold charcoal,extra grills, misc and birdseed. Also use the Weber to hold the lower grill and as a table when cooking.
  6. DavidS

    Draft door adjustment?

    I sealed the gas door quite awhile ago with the high temp silicone and have not had any problems with it leaking air.
  7. DavidS

    New Design

    Very nice. You do a great job on them. We are very happy with the set of salt & pepper that we got from you.
  8. I do mine at 225 to 235, fat side down, trimmed of the hard and thick fat. I use the fork test and normally take off at about 193. Cut the thick top off and put back on for 3 to 4 hours for burnt ends. Good luck with ur 1st. Most of the ones I get are 12 to 14 lbs.
  9. DavidS

    I see an argument brewing......

    My reply posted The KOmodo Kamado was NEVER a contractor for the Kamado company. I owed 2 Kamados. My first one was made of cement and ground lava rock. It cracked and fell apart. After much BS from the Kamado company I finally received a replacement made of cement. I sold it and purchased a KOmado Kamado which is made much better and a HUGE IMPROVEMENT.
  10. DavidS

    What's going on the grill this weekend??

    Please... don't belittle my cooker. It's a SEVEN, not a mere five... Sorry about that. It was was a BAD try at a joke.
  11. DavidS

    What's going on the grill this weekend??

    The larger K, if purchased at the same time as your #5 would probably not be around now.
  12. Thank you Dennis. My knob has burned out again. This fix should fix the problem.
  13. Very nice job. You will enjoy your KK.
  14. DavidS

    CNBC's TODAY SHOW -June 8th - Komodo Kamado

    What no pictures. Must not have happened.
  15. DavidS

    Pork butts on roti?

    Welcome back. We have missed your posts.