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  1. My ears are burning! 😄 Nice job on your refinish, Mike! It looks really good. You mentioned that you used a palm sander. If you are referring to a small hand-held orbital sander, I actually think that sanding by hand with a sanding block is easier for this task, as long as you sand along the grain lines. The sanding block conforms somewhat to the grooves made by the wood grain lines, so it can get in there. An electric sander, where the sandpaper moves in a circular motion, will have a harder time with that. Having said that, you can't argue with your results. And here's a
  2. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Sorry I haven't been around — I've been cooking on Smaug, but work has been crazy busy, so not much time for posting. And by "not much time", I mean zero time. Luckily, this is a holiday weekend. This year for Thanksgiving, I decided I wanted to try a turducken. For those of you who don't know, a turducken is a boneless chicken, stuffed inside a boneless duck, which is then stuffed inside a boneless turkey (except for the drumsticks and wings). There's stuffing between the layers, typically a cornbread-based stuffing. To me, a turducken is a quint
  3. Glad to see that you are on the mend. Hope you're completely back on your feet very soon.
  4. No doubt. My boys are already asking when I'm going to make brisket again.
  5. I did use a heat deflector, and the drip pan. So this is what my grill looked like at that point of the cook, from top to bottom: Brisket Main grate Three racks of baby back ribs Bottom grate Drip pan Heat deflector Charcoal basket/fire The grate actually sat on top of the drip pan, but that was fine. The reason I used the bottom rack this time was that I wanted the brisket to just taste of beef, salt, pepper, and smoke, whereas I didn't mind if brisket drippings landed on the ribs, and the brisket was too big to fit on the top rack. Overall,
  6. It's been a while since I've posted a cook. Here's grilled shrimps and scallops with pasta and pesto and grilled asparagus. No action shots, but here's the final product. So that covers the surf part. Here's the turf and turf. I was volunteered by my wife to make brisket for a friend's BBQ yesterday. Then I heard that they were going to cook ribs. I volunteered to smoke the ribs, because (1) it's really no extra trouble for Smaug to cook two things instead of one for a low and slow cook, and (B) I'm being selfish: I know I can make better ribs than my friends. The brisket was pr
  7. Last week our local grocery store had a sale on "prime" rib roast. I used quotes because it really wasn't prime rib. The label said "choice". This isn't the greatest angle, but if you look at the center portion of the cut side, you'll see that there's really no marbling going on. Still, this was $0.77/lb. That's less than $5.00 for the whole roast. I made a rub from salt, black pepper, cayenne, rosemary, thyme, and minced garlic. I mixed up the rub ingredients well, smashing the minced garlic as much as possible, and applied it to the outside. I reverse seare
  8. True, but my bet is that the Boston butts I've made in the past are also injected. Or, if they are not injected, the grocery store isn't advertising that fact very well at all. I have a good line on prime quality beef here in NJ. Quality pork for BBQ is harder to come by in these parts. There are some local farmers selling heirloom pork, but they tend to concentrate on chops, ribs, tenderloin and ham, not so much shoulders for low and slow.
  9. I had to look back on posts I had missed out on when I was on my hiatus to see what this was about. Hope your finger is healing up well.
  10. What's the skin like when it comes off? Crispy? Overall, I do like keeping the temp down in the 200-225ºF range for low and slow cooks of all types. When the weather is warmer, I find it a lot easier. My very first cook was a pork butt at 225ºF, and I had no problem having Smaug sit at that temp for the entirety of the cook. That's one of the great things about KK grills - they are much more "set and forget" than the other kamados out on the market.
  11. He has this progressive rub recipe that's worked really well for me. It's all here in this video: I've made some adjustments to his approach. I don't worry about adding sugar if I'm doing pork, as I don't have the issues with burning that he's concerned with, and I'll go higher on the sugar if I feel like it. Having said that. he also cooks everything at 275ºF, where I like to go longer with lower temps. That's probably why he has issues with burning. I also don't add extra black pepper if I'm making ribs. I think there's plenty of black pepper in this rub method.
  12. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been on this forum. I've been using Smaug, but work has been crazy busy — so much so that I haven't had a chance to shoot photos or post. But things calmed down a little this past weekend, and I managed to take some photos of what I made. Some friends of ours were hosting a karaoke party, and my wife volunteered me to make some pulled pork. During the week, work was still nuts, so she went out to get the meat. I said, "Look for Boston Butts, or pork shoulders". She came back with two pork shoulder picnic roasts. When I unwrapped the
  13. Better late than never: Terrific job on your storage unit! It really looks great. That's pretty much true for everything. The more you practice something, the better you get at it. I remember the first time I made a dovetailed box with hand tools. Even over just those four joints, I got better with each one. When I was done, you could turn the box around and see the joints getting better as you turned it.
  14. Seems to be working well for me. Stalled out Javascripts could certainly explain the behavior I was seeing. Without knowing the code at all, my bet is that when my browser window is wider, the widgets on the right side loaded up Javascripts that were behaving badly. If my screen was narrower, those items didn’t load, so no problems.
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