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  1. That’s a beautiful shot. What do you use for a camera?
  2. Terrific looking bark on those ribs, Aussie.
  3. Looks amazing, Steve.
  4. I too had to suffer through this horrible situation tonight . I feel like I will be haunted by this until I can get home and hug my KK again (tomorrow). But at least the Aloha chicken turned out great. Can’t wait to try the recipe on the KK. (no clue why the forum rotated the photo)
  5. I wondered the same, but live in Arizona, so I don’t have the moisture problem for most of the year. I’ve sheltered it from the worst of the afternoon sun where I have it positioned and plan to leave it uncovered most of the time unless I leave for an extended vacation/business trip. I plan to clean it, and use the auto coating that @Wingman505 recommended recently in another thread.
  6. Looks amazing. Nice choice!
  7. Realistically, I plan to add a 32 to my 23 at some point when I can convince the Mrs...something tells me I may need to sacrifice the 23 in order to get the 32. Until that day, I’ll just have to make due with the awesomeness that is the Ultimate 23. I still have my gasser for when I need to do a lot of burgers/steaks.
  8. That picanha looks amazing, Aussie.
  9. I watched Franklin’s master class as well, picked up some great tips that I can’t wait to try. He also goes over ribs and a pork butt that helped me as well. There are also some decent YouTube videos he put online years ago.
  10. If I were independently wealthy, my setup would look something like this.
  11. I’ve got to stop looking at this thread while I’m away from home.
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