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  1. Getting caught up on some more recent KK cooks. Have been out of commission for a while on post worthy cooks as it was tough getting high quality meats/ingredients at the peak of stay at home mandate. Bone-in Pork Shoulder Rotisserie Chicken Bacon Wrapped Strip Steak Small Brisket and just for fun, some recent chicken breast on the fire pit....
  2. qundoy my cold smoker with curved shaft shipped with an adapter sleeve for use in the guru port. See photo below. In the photo, the sleeve is on backwards. The weight of the cold smoker and angle of insertion into the guru port are enough to keep it in place during use. The metal gets hot during use and will expand creating a tighter fit. Adventureman I’ve used chunks and chips with limited success. Like others, I’ve had the best results using pellets. I’m currently using Traeger pellets as they are easy to find in my area for a reasonable price.
  3. Since you have a newer KK with cold smoker attachment plate, I would opt for the straight shaft. The curved shaft is better suited for use in the guru port on older models.
  4. I used the heat deflector once or twice. It took a considerable amount of time and fuel to get the KK up to smoking temp. It got the job done but not as convenient as foil and/or a drip pan that produces the same results. I think foil provides greater control and options to match my cooking style. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Wanted something quick, light and flavorful today. Nothing quite like grilled chicken breast on the KK. Throw in a wedge salad and it makes for a super simple meal.
  6. Took a couple of reads and looking at the pictures but think I get it now. Unlike traditional Kamados where the firebox is stationary and you adjust by moving the food, this one has one cooking level and different fire grate positions. With one cooking level, putting the fire grate at the lowest level creates the most distance from the food. Doesn’t seem it would have as much control or be as versatile as a KK where you can use multiple positions during the same cook. Reverse sear would certainly be an interesting endeavor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I soak in PBW after every use then scrub the inside with these make shift brushes (cheap $5 investment). You can use any bottle brush and trim it to fit the feed tube with kitchen scissors. A traditional toilet brush fits the smoke canister perfectly. I cut the handle off and attach it to a drill for fast power cleaning. If you go this route, I suggest putting the canister in a 5 gallon bucket when using the drill to keep any flying debris contained.
  8. For Father’s Day, we decided to skip the steak this year and take some baby back ribs for a spin. They were glistening and covered in a glaze of their own drippings long before I applied any sauce. They had a distinct hint of bacon flavor and were by far the juiciest ribs I’ve ever made (and I’ve made tons in the KK). Definitely making these again. Plated on the obligatory heavy duty bbq paper plate, country style whipped potatoes, and side salad.
  9. Absolutely amazing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. The center shading kind of looks like the outline of a Komodo dragon.
  11. DJM

    Spatchcocked Turkey

    Took me a few tries before I discovered it but if you weren’t aware the grommet has a slit in the side. Rather than trying to run the probe through it, you might try popping out the grommet, running your probes in first then putting the grommet back in last. If the wires end up partially in the slit it won’t impact performance. BTW awesome cook. I burnt a turkey to a crisp last weekend on the rotisserie. Operator error. My son had back to back basketball games and I was in a hurry to get out the door. I forgot to adjust the top vent back down from initial lighting. Instead of settl
  12. Not gonna lie. Just drooled on myself a little. That marbling is incredible and the finished product looks fantastic. Nicely done!
  13. Got some new toys for Christmas (spit shaft and Octoforks) so thought I’d take them for a spin... Bone in pork chops and potatoes. Took the potatoes off to finish under higher heat. Definitely doing this again!
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