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  1. Wow - that’s more tea than I’d drink in 10 years. And I’m British!
  2. My vacuum gauge obviously needs calibrating (see photo). Just to clarify my earlier post - when sealing liquid stock I go down to about 0.8 bar pressure (or 0.2 bar of vacuum) just to ensure a good “squeeze “ on the sealing strip without boiling the liquid.
  3. Hello all. This is Mark (aka “The husband”). I am in charge of vacuum sealer capital equipment and consumable procurement as well as stock making. I realize having read @Syzygies posts, of course is absolutely correct about the thermodynamics, that when sealing my stand-up bags of stock (about 700ml each), I am using the chamber machine in “impulse sealer” mode - I eliminate as much air as I can manually then let it pull just enough vacuum (about 0.8 bar) to squeeze the lid down and create a good double seal. I do this after letting the stock cool to outdoor temp in the winter or room temp if that’s cooler in the summer - I have never had a batch spoil. The full vacuum treatment is only really necessary for freezing solids to prevent freezer burn or for sous vide cooking to prevent explosions. The 420mm oil pump machine we have (bought used on e-Bay) is a multi tool for vac packing, I have even used it for crushing down wool sweaters to freeze and kill clothes moths.
  4. I am. It came with a set of 6 boride 6” stones and a set of 3 double-sided 8” diamond matrix stones. Good enough to learn with. I have also ordered a lapping plate to keep them true.
  5. Yes, thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely get a flattening stone to maintain the whetstones - it’s a bit weird that the “comes with everything” K03 package doesn’t include that. The convex adapter (I assume) will cut a curved edge profile on a knife - probably more for hunting type knives which we don’t use too much in the urban part of Southern England where we live. 🤣. I think some Japanese knives have a widening angle towards the edge too but I realise now (thanks to the new toolkit) that I have a LOT to learn about knives. The instructions with the system are woeful but I have found some useful YouTube channels - KnifeKrazy has been the most helpful but I’d welcome any other suggestions...
  6. @tekobo’s husband here. I’m getting to grips with the K03. I think I’ve done about 10 knives now, from a 10” flexible fish filleting knife (12 degrees sharpening angle) to a heavy, thick meat hatchet (27 degrees). The system makes it much easier to achieve a consistent, predictable, razor-sharp edge along the whole cutting edge. This will bring some expensive and much loved knives back to life for us, as well as making them safer to use. I have tried both the diamond matrix and smaller boride stones, both work well. The main difference I noticed was that the diamond stones worked faster on the coarser re-profiling cuts. Both were easy to wet by keeping the not-in-use ones in a tray of water and dipping a finger into the tray to re-wet every few minutes. I can see what @Syzygiesmeans about choosing how you want to miss, but when the stones get worn enough to make a difference, I reckon the angle adjustment (aided by the included digital protractor) is simple enough and fine enough to compensate very easily. Also, once I have the knives “dialled in” and have a note of their bevel angles, I won’t need to use the coarse stones for routine maintenance. There is also an adaptor to allow grinding of a convex edge which I have not yet investigated. So far very happy, and the paper-thin test cuts on a soft tomato, plus a couple of perfect fillets taken from a Brill this evening are making me smile. 😀
  7. Hi all, this is Tekobo's husband. We moved some coats at the weekend and revealed this forgotten masterpiece which may appeal to those who enjoyed the fridge magnets
  8. @tekobo and I were in Italy last month and saw this 3-group SDE (software defined espresso) machine in a café. The owner said it is the “Ferrari of Espresso Machines”. It made a nice cup.
  9. The Lucca machine looks nice, and good value for a robust E61 machine with PID control. I'm super-happy with my Rocket R58 which I notice Clive Coffee also sells at a very similar price point.
  10. Of course, I remember now - you’re measuring the yield of espresso in real time not the ground coffee from the grinder. I guess you weigh that too? I have to say your Aussie friend seems to take obsession to a whole new level - the Obiwan of Obsession!
  11. @Pequod. This implies that you have a 3-D model of your coffee corner and grinder!?
  12. Niche Zero looks really interesting - looking forward to user review. It’s funny how you are (self-confessed) out of control in your quest to be totally in control of producing the perfect tiny dose of coffee....
  13. Jonj. That’s really encouraging, I can’t wait for my upgrades to arrive!
  14. I have also ordered new baskets - IMS ridgeless precision - and I was contemplating a replacement screen so I’ll make that move plus the gasket now. I like the concept of standing back and resetting everything. I’ll do that when the upgrades are here and install everything together.
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