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  1. I have the cyber q cloud and the smoker attachment. They both work great. This cyber q is my second one - the software is heaps better than the older version and to monitor your cook from outside your property is much easier (no more port forwarding). The smoker attachment works fine with cyber q in place. I was worried initially that the fish pumping smoke in may screw with the fan for the cyber q but it works seemlessly together. my only complaint with the cyber q is it is ancient technology that needs an update. You mention a battery above - that’s my main bugbear. It will run off a 12v battery fine; just use a motor cycle battery (or even a car one) or something like that for some reasonable Amp hours. It has annoyed me enough I have decided to make own controller with an esp32 that will run off batteries and as a bonus hook into Apple home kit for the ultimate in lazy cooking; hey Siri, how’s my meat? I hate the need for an extension cord to run the smoker - if should be rechargeable, and shouldn’t be a big ask as the KK is so well insulate the fan hardly runs. A tip for it; when you are warming up, leave the valve on the cyber q open all the way and as you approach temperature close it off to about n25%; you will get to temp quicker and then have more accuracy at temp (and not overshoot)
  2. Sounds like you guys like this stuff: so you recommend? If so I’ll try to order some to my Sydney office and pick it up when I am back next.
  3. My Daughter got to choose dinner - I was satisfied with her choice! I may have mentioned this before, meat is outrageously expensive and simply insane when you go to the best butcher for the ribs! Bloody good but I won’t be doing that again for a while. Ribs cooked before glazing home made sauce ready to go from last batch dinner is served and although Jazzy wants some ~ no ribs for her! She wasn’t impressed
  4. That looks awesome!
  5. I have been travelling for about a month, and last night the girls went to see Ed Sheeran at the last minute which meant I was home alone. What better way to enjoy the peace by grilling some chicken I had in the fridge alongside some asparagus/sweat potato/tomato/kale salad (with some ginger/garlic/soy/sesame/honey salad dressing I concocted). simple but delicious ~ fridge foraged dinners are always surprising
  6. I have maternity belt - it is stretched to its max now! I may just stop wearing belts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Just stop already - that is too good and keeps on giving! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Nailed it - well played on first cook! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Bloody hell that looks good - I need to stop reading this forum; too much goodness to try out is not helping my belt size! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Correct - it’s not the annoying I am worried about but the security who may ban the thing (you are not supposed to have a bbq let alone a smoker!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Here is the rest of the day, It was as epic as planned and more importantly I didn’t get security up asking about a smoker and I checked with some neighbours and they couldn’t smell it. Stealth condo smoking is here to stay! 98CBBE5C-0046-41B2-8CA1-5B77C60771D1.MOV
  12. Today has been a long day; I will update again when the Guinness and Jamison’s has worn off. Till then trust me, Irish wives will make your life shorter but the food is great and so is the banter. Sláinte
  13. Update to come shortly - I am well into to my “Last” pint for the “last” time. Epic day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Morning update: I feel like I have a one year old in the house! The brisket finished up at 3, then the butts at about 4;30. I am knackered. I have had to swap refreshments again to coffee until morning tea. Snags are now on, since the big cuts finished sooner than I planned I swapped wood over to cherry. Life was easier when I always bought meat from the same butcher that came from the same farm; it’s bloody Guess work now on timing! The meat is all wrapped up and in bed though: it will be well rested and still warm for lunch (brisket is in a prewarmed cast iron tray, butts I will just reheat worst case but they should be ok: it’s supposed to get to 34 so it isn’t exactly freezing here!) briskets butts All wrapped up in nearly every towel I own meat gloves were handy last night: that brisket was gorgeous taking out off the grill snags:leftt is chorizo and right is pork (it is Paddy’s day after all)
  15. Nice! I have a can of make America juicy again for morning tea. They do a great porter as well (not the one I had last night); it sells out here almost instantly. I’ll keep an eye out for Twigs & Berries: sounds awesome
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