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  1. NP Bill. Welcome to the forum.
  2. Hey C6. Congrats on your buy!! I’m a newbie as well and expecting my 32 BB in a few days or so. I’m certainly not an expert and pretty sure there are others who could shout out. I ordered all my accessories at the same time I ordered my BB. If your ready to order the stuff, shipping it all together will definitely save $$. I also recommend that you order as much coco char and coffee char charcoal and coffee wood as you can buy. Again saving $$$. I know when I ordered mine, Dennis was really limited on both the charcoals, but maybe something has changed since then. Well, there you go.
  3. Hey, mstang! Welcome to the forum and CONGRATS! Yeah, I’m pretty stoked too!! Expecting mine in a few days. The boat made it and was moored in CA about a week and a half ago. There is a ton of info and knowledge in this forum. And a lot of people willing to help. It’s awesome! Did you get any accessories with yours?
  4. Syzygies, thanks for the thorough education on this extruded charcoal!! I really appreciate it. I was pretty limited on the amount of coco char I could buy with my order. So I will definitely give this a try. Tony, thank you as well for your recommendation!! I’ll check it out tonight. I really appreciate the wealth of wisdom and experience here. It’s also super awesome that y’all, and so many others are so eager to share it.
  5. Yeah, thank you both!! I’ve heard good things about Fogo. I’ll check them out. Syzygies, how would describe the flavor profile?
  6. It is a great deal. She did say they would more than likely be getting more in and suggested checking the Costco website (Item #1325502) frequently. Although no timeline for restocking was able to be provided. Good luck!
  7. I just called Costco online customer service tony b. She said they had such a huge response they have already sold out of their allocation and had to pull the ad. Unfortunate!!
  8. UPDATE: COSTCO ALREADY SOLD OUT AND PULLED THE AD If anyone likes using Komado Joe lump, and you have a Costco membership, it’s on sale through April 11. 4-20# bags for $79.99 and free delivery. https://www.costco.com/CatalogSearch?dept=All&keyword=Komado+joe+charcoal
  9. Haven’t landed on anything specific yet, but do appreciate that info!!
  10. Thanks tony b, I'll definitely check it out.
  11. Glossy Autumn Gold Flake. Not a lot of accessories. Got the basket splitter, a couple of side shelves, the grate grabbers, and some coffee wood. Coco char is in short supply. As is coffee char in the larger boxes. So I may need to see if I can find some KK owners in my area to share a shipment with later on. ThermoWorks is starting to take the lead.
  12. Thanks and welcome to you as well. I appreciate the insight on the ThermoWorks. I have an older thermapen and love it.
  13. Hello from Texas....Aledo. I just wanted to throw out a quick hello. I recently ordered a 32” BB and some accessories. I am waiting patiently, not really, for the big arrival in a couple of weeks. Tracking says it is anchored just outside port waiting her turn to be unloaded. I’ve been prowling around for a few weeks and am very impressed with everyone’s knowledge and the willingness to share it. I initially ordered the 23” Ultimate and after a lot of deliberation, came back and changed it to the BB. I’m not sure about y’all, but I always seem to have buyers remorse when I don't take the
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