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  1. Agree Forrest that beef ribs out do brisket, also imho. So rich and full of beef flavor. Great cook!
  2. Dono

    My first brisket

    Sounds like a very successful cook. Congrats
  3. Dono

    My first brisket

    He clicks with me too tony. And not to change topic, but his pulled pork video is great. He does the same finger poke on the rendered fat cap as well. And my rest was 4 hours. Several things on his approach work well. I tried his pork butt cook for a family gathering and it was a HUGE success Served the pork with his coleslaw and mustard sauce recipes.....both were excellent. I’m eager to try the brisket video.
  4. Welcome aboard and congrats Lila. I’m really new and have only done a few cooks on my 32BB since I received it 3 weeks ago. I admit I was just a little apprehensive at first about the whole purchase. But I can say without hesitation, I am thrilled I took the plunge. The advice you get on this forum from so many gracious owners is so helpful. Pretty sure you will be blown away. Looking forward to pics.
  5. Dono

    My first brisket

    I second what Troble said. Time is a brisket’s friend. Although I’ve not tried my coffee wood yet, I’m a huge fan of post oak mixed with a little bit of pecan for brisket. Salt and pepper is on point. Best of luck.
  6. Dono

    This Little Pig...

    I suspect it’s going to be great Troble. An amazing menu!! Sounds like a busy day....would love to see some pictures. And, I agree with Basher, a lot of really good eats to be picked off the head. Best of luck.
  7. Forrest and Basher, many thanks!! I knew someone would have an answer out there. Really appreciate you both taking the time to set me straight!!
  8. I would appreciate some help? I’m really not sure if I have this set up correctly. Is the rectangular bracket the grill floss hangs from mounted correctly? They were a pretty snug fit. I THINK the L brackets circled in yellow are how the side tables hang in the collapsed position. But the brackets circled in red stick out to far and keep the shelf brackets (yellow) from hanging in the tubes (blue). Those rectangular brackets also rest directly on the tiles which doesn't seem right. Hope I explained it clearly. Anything you can offer would be appreciated!
  9. Received this email yesterday. Not sure how long the sale lasts. The price is good on any color. A decent price if you’re in the market for a great instant read thermometer.
  10. Tony, I’m so impressed by your cooks. It looks delicious!! Thighs are my favorite and crispy skin is such a huge bonus.
  11. That looks really good! Smoking with almond wood is not something I’ve heard of before....interesting.
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