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  1. Looks awesome! Hope it was as good as it looks. I’ve not heard of Blues Hog before. Coco char is a really great charcoal. For my taste, it works better with the addition of wood chunks to get a smoke flavor. You might experiment with it and others. Some brands I’ve used and had success with are Komado Joe, Jealous Devil, and Fogo super premium (yellow bag)…..not necessarily in that order. The only lump I recommend anyone avoid is Cowboy. It’s the worst in my experience. You may be doing this but I suggest lighting a grapefruit sized portion of lump just a little bit north of middle. Again, I’m sure others will chime in with some other helpful recommendations. Best of luck.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Nice grill. And your cook pics look great! What lump you are using? I own a 32 BB so I can not speak to the limited cook time at such a low temp. But it does seem out of the norm to me. Concerning your question about adding more charcoal…I wouldn't see a problem topping it off with a little more lump like you described. Dennis told me once that there is nothing you can do to damage the firebox with wood or charcoal. Not a lot of help, but I’m pretty sure @tony b as well as others have the 23. So maybe they can chime in with some info. Welcome again. I know you’re going to love your KK.
  3. Merry Christmas and a happy and blessed new year!
  4. Great story and so happy for your business successes, Dennis! It’s an absolutely wonderful product you’ve developed and refined. Wishing you and your family business many, many more years of prosperity.
  5. David, Are you still satisfied with the Anova oven? I’m replacing yet another failed Breville unit.
  6. Unfortunately not me. You are very close to Luling. If you’ve never been you should check out Luling City Market. BBQ is pretty dang good. And their bottled sauce is a family fav. Closed Sunday. Enjoy!
  7. I’ve had success using 3-4 layers of “heavy duty” foil and 2 pretty small holes. I’ve got a smoking pot as well but I prefer to use the foil. It’s more flexible than a pot and it’s a little easier to get it wedged in over the charcoal. Just my preference.
  8. A very high-five to Dexter for his interest in carrying on the KK tradition of excellence!
  9. We have a place nearby in Denton, Ceramic Grill Store, that specializes in KJ and BGE and makes a lot of different and unique, quality non-OEM KJ accessories. So after visiting them, I was about to pull the trigger on a KJ Big Boy III after many years with my smallish offset. And then I came across the KK website and forum and it changed my mind. I did a lot of research and after a few months decided to go with KK BB 32….tiles of course. I based it mainly on the overly engineered quality of the KK products. It was a HUGE decision to spend that kind of money on a grill. But, I can honestly say I’ve had no buyers remorse and have never been concerned about customer service not being there. And I echo what Mac said, the KK customer service is head and shoulders above the others and the food always turns out amazing. It’s a big upfront expense, but you will have it for years to come and if you keep it covered and do some very minor annual maintenance, you will not have a problem with it. And I personally have not felt the need to have this conversation with KK, as it seems to be a passion with them. No more than I would feel the need to have it with KJ or BGE. Good luck with your decision.
  10. Dennis, prayers for doctors wisdom and a speedy recovery.
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