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  1. Congrats. Looks awesome!
  2. Welcome @Durangutan . Good luck with your research. You’ll love the KK.
  3. Agreed @Poochie! I’ve bought several and never got one that nice. The cooked photo looks delicious @AMGBOW303Awesome job.
  4. I was cooking 2 bone-in turkey breasts @jeffshoaf. This is the first cook like this using something other than the kiln dried wood chunks (post oak, cherry, apple, and hickory). This cook was significantly different than the many previous cooks of the same meat. Much more flavorful and a nice pronounced smoke flavor. Definitely more like the results I got with my retired off-set smoker. I maintained 350 for approximately 2 hours give or take. Good luck with your cook!
  5. Just to add more to the conversation, I used some oak that I cut and allowed to season myself. I got an ample amount of smoke on my cook. And I used the same charcoal I’ve been using. So I’m thinking no more kiln dried post oak or any wood for me. I am going to stop using it and use only seasoned cut wood. See what differences there are. I was very pleased with the smoke flavor on this cook. I used a couple of smallish pieces that were about 6” long. I buried them at the bottom of the charcoal basket and positioned them running front to back. I placed one piece a 1/4 of the way in from the left side of the basket and another piece 3/4 of the way in from the left side of the basket. So there was basically half the charcoal between the 2 pieces and a quarter on each side. And I started my charcoal in the middle. It gave the charcoal ample room to heat soak my KK before it got into the wood. The flavor was substantial but not in your face.
  6. Thanks for that thought @remi. Makes a lot of sense. Funny…I am a Franklin fan and missed that detail. I’ll try seasoned cut wood on the next smoke.
  7. I have a theory that kiln dried woods produce less smoke flavor. Be interested in your thoughts.
  8. Ah brings back suck a great memory. Enjoy the experience and the cooks!
  9. Double down on removing and preserving the Komodo Kamado boards. Enjoy the experience!
  10. Congrats and enjoy the whole process @johnnymnemonic. Can’t wait to see pics!
  11. Sounds like you worked through it and there is some experience in your comment @jeffshoaf. And I think it is no coincidence that @tony b recommended pellets over chunks or chips as well. So I’m not questioning either result or your experiences but instead contemplating why. I have no experience with pellet smokers, but have a couple of friends and a son in law that have them. The number one comment I’ve heard is that the finished product on a pellet grill just doesn’t taste like they expected it to. Not quoting him, but I follow Smoking Dad BBQ and I seem to recall James saying something similar as well. He was doing a side-by-side comparison to a Kamado style cooker. So I’m curious why the pellets produce such superior results in the cold smoker but not so much in the pellet smokers? Maybe it’s because they don’t generate the same amount of heat that a pellet grill does? The added heat may burn to much of the good stuff off? Just curious.
  12. Great delivery pics @Mcjudsten! I had almost forgotten how stuffed with stuff they are when they arrive. Great looking pair. Pizza sounds like a pretty good choice for the burn in. Enjoy.
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