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  1. Sounds very good. I would hate to see anyone using a plastic adapter or worse yet, destroying the port to attach a $59 fan!
  2. I wouldn't think so. The common filaments used for printing are not great candidates for anything that could get hot. Of course they are molten and deposited in the printing process so it's not hard to imagine that they do not like heat. I had a printed part fold over and collapse in the heat of an automobile in the summer. My son has a Signals/Billows system and I made an adapter for his to fit his Primo. Of course that is different than the Guru type cylindrical mount. Your best bet is to have a proper adapter made. A machined tube to fit the KK port welded to small plate
  3. Lars, I lived and worked abroad for three years and had to do my best trying to learn another language and a local dialect simultaneously. My mother tongue is English and I am always appreciative of those whose mother tongue is not writing the language. Do not be concerned, I got your meaning without any corrections necessary! Thanks for your posts and keep them coming!
  4. Agree with you all on thickness of the chop or steak. My post was not clear enough. I should have said "thick" chops and steaks. At my house on thinner cuts like flank, they get a direct grill on a PK360 or Konro. I don't have (yet) a Santa Maria style grill.
  5. I do a lot of reverse searing on chops and steaks. My bunch and I really like the results I achieve. I recently saw a post (on another forum) by an individual I trust who said, "Forward searing a steak is way better than a reverse sear." Knowing how much this gent cooks, I took note of what he said. So what do you all think?
  6. Thanks for the photos Lars! Congratulations on the great looking KK and getting it in place. Happy Holidays
  7. I am a fan of PK grills and personally have a PK 360. I am quite pleased with the grill and use it fairly often. For the RV, I have also considered an Original PK that folds up. It is not heavy and easy to haul. I am not keen on a hitch mounted grill. I would store this one and pull it out when needed. PK sells a stand for their Original that allows you to put the grill on a flat surface like a hitch mounted table. In fact, PK often offers an incentive of including the small stand as part of the grill package. If you or someone close is a real DIYer, you could fabricate
  8. This is fact. My son confirmed his Signals/Billows system runs away when you open the lid! I am blown away and quite disappointed by that. That is a show stopper in my opinion. Why ThermoWorks would release such a system for sale is beyond me. My old and crusty BBQ Guru has open lid detection in it!
  9. Wow, beautiful pie and outcome is motivating. Thanks for sharing.
  10. OK, I will be hunting the connector. I have a Billows fan I bought for testing and may use it on my other systems. Otherwise I will give it to my son since he has an application that may require two fans. Not to derail thread, but have you looked into the FireBoard system? It appears to work quite well and it uses a barrel connector for the fan power feed. They seem to be happy for you to use whatever fan you'd like. The fan they sell is a repackaged Auber Instruments fan and the blower itself is a Delta Electronics. Yes, I have tested it as well and their claim of 20 cfm appears
  11. Could not agree with you more on the capacity of the Billows fan. I tested it for current draw recently and with that data to compared to other similar fans, it is likely the Billows will pump in the 15 to 18 CFM range. Their claim of 46 CFM is comical at best. BTW, the Billows uses a male/male USB cord. There is a female USB socket on the fan itself. My son has a Signals/Billows system and the fan is 12V on/off in its operation. It is interesting that ThermoWorks didn't use a barrel connector for the fan like most. Is ThermoWorks struggling to find ways to differentiate
  12. Agree with you! The KK has a port and it is there for a reason! I have been tinkering with a solution for an adapter for both Billows and a Fireboard/Auber Instruments fans. As you know, the Guru fan is the simplest plug and play solution but it would be nice to be able to adapt the other fans/systems if you want. I am wondering if ThermoWorks will ever really develop an adapter for the KK. The volume of demand likely does not stimulate their interest.
  13. You are definitely a Lump Whisperer for sure. Thanks for the insights on Marabu here and in other threads as well. To your credit, I have two bags in my stash. Just waiting on my Konro to show up now!
  14. Charles, thanks for your view here. It really is about energy content isn't it? I have watched your tests with interest and look forward to the others you are planning. I am with you, I am only buying high energy content charcoal now. It is readily available via online and the Ace. I burned some Fogo Quebracho this week and took note on how dense it is and began to ponder how to measure density. So I spent a little effort in researching a practical way to measure density of various lump but have not come up with an easy way to do so. Naturally, there could be a broad spectru
  15. Wow, huge amount of work but a nice store of sausages. The photos are great!
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