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  1. MacKenzie - thanks for posting! My Konro is on order and I am hoping to get it sometime next month. Can you or @ckreef tell me more about the grates?
  2. Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing it out of the box. That is one of my favorites.
  3. Fun video - thanks. Made me want to take a trip to Brownsville, TN to see it first hand!
  4. Yep, I just use "hot" lump in a basket on the PK. Using wood in it would be too much trouble and time for someone as lazy as me! Meanwhile, wishing Pequod the best in sorting his future with his KK's.
  5. I have a PK360 and it is a fun grill. My dad had an ol' school PK and it is still alive after 45+ years of use and in the hands of a cousin . I use mine mostly for high heat quick cooks - grilling steaks, chops and the like. I am thinking of adding a KK now to round out my collection including the PK and several other grills. Wish I were closer to you and I might take one of yours off your hands.
  6. My son has a new ThermoWorks Signals/Billows setup on a Primo XL. I made an adapter to fit the Billows fan to the Primo and he used the setup this weekend. I loaned my son a tachometer and asked him to do some blower speed tests. He reported back that the Signals controller appears to operating the fan "on/off" and he confirmed constant speed when on. The speed info he gathered confirmed the fan was getting 12 volts. In the way of additional background, I have a Billows fan that I bought for possibly using in another application (stick burner). The ThermoWorks claim that it is 46 CFM caught my attention and I bought one. I tested the fan to get data on power and rpm at various voltages. So yes, I have a fan speed curve plus power data. A few observations/assumptions about the Billows fan: The fan appears to be operated/switched by the Signals controller at 12 vdc. It is "on and off" as needed. Answering a question in this thread earlier: Yes, the Signals controller sees the fan and indicates that on its display. The fan is fed power via USB-C cord. This makes it a bit difficult to adapt the fan to another controller using barrel connectors (e.g. FireBoard, Guru). This also makes it difficult to adapt another fan to the Signals controller. I do not believe the fan is anywhere close to the 46 cfm claimed by ThermoWorks. It is more likely in the range of 15 to 18 cfm. This is based on power consumption data I took. That said, the fan is still quite capable and is more than adequate for most applications. Based on what I have learned here on this forum, the fan's output is certainly larger than is required for a Komodo Kamado. If I were using it on any decent kamado, I would want to throttle the output by a slide valve or other means. (I am going to put a reducer in the exit of my son's fan for his Primo application). As already identified here in this thread, mounting a Billows fan on a KK needs an adapter. BTW, adaptation of the FireBoard fan to the KK is the same problem. In anticipation of possibly getting a KK myself, I can't help but tinker with this idea and gin up something.
  7. Thanks for the insights. Yes, I have spoken to Dennis but this one wasn't on my list when I called! We did talk about transit times but not on build/ship times. Thought I would ask here and call again when I get a bit more direction on what I want. Were yours in stock when you bought them?
  8. I am in the studies and think I would like the 32" BB. I am leaning toward one of the blues. Wondering how many of you owners ordered one to be built vs. buying "in stock" to get what you wanted? If you ordered one to be built, how long did it take to get it?
  9. Yep, premium charcoal with a premium grill on it for branding impact! BTW Charles, you catalyzed me having those two bags of Quebracho arrive on my porch! Thanks for all the charcoal testing you are doing!
  10. I bought a couple of sacks of Fogo Argentinean Quebracho Lump via their website. The Fedex folks delivered the two boxes to the front porch as expected. I grabbed the dolly and took them to the shop to put them away. I opened the first box and look what was staring me in the face! You ever see one of these grills?
  11. A new rule requires additional personnel to be hired to enforce it. It is an economic stimulus action to create jobs.
  12. Ok, 3 chickens on a stick! Now I know why I am leaning toward getting a 32!
  13. Tyrus, I am betting you are right that it cannot replace the real deal liquid. As a parallel, I am reminded of instant coffee. But as a dry rub, maybe this powder has some merit?? Hoping someone out there has tried it as such and can give us some feedback.
  14. That is interesting - I too was not aware that it existed. Here's a Spice Lab photo borrowed from Amazon. The reviews tout it as a great candidate for a rub component and/or other uses. I now have some on order!
  15. Very much looking forward to your side by side of the outcome! Thanks for the shot of the smoker at work.
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