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  1. @Troble, @tekobo, @tony b, @MacKenzie, Next week Paella! There is only two of us and we are going to be eating pork all week! 😜
  2. OK. For my first big cook on my KK I chose Steven Raichlen's Puerto Rico Pork Should from his book "Secrets of the World’s Best Grilling”. I did not have annatto seeds so I used the turmeric suggestion that is in the book. This recipe did not disappoint. Below are the before, during and after photos. The oregano in this recipe is the magic.
  3. @tony b and @Tyrus green grass like anything comes with a price - it rains here for 9 months out of the year. Last week it was in ice form, and this week liquid form. We live in a beautiful area.
  4. We are recovering from an ice storm, no electricity and no WiFi so not sure if photo is going to upload. Her name is Dr Maillard. Look up Maillard reaction.
  5. @BOC mine arrived yours should be close! It exceeds all my expectations! It is gorgeous and amazing!
  6. @BOC as a fellow mate waiting for their grill I thought I would share a little more about my grill's journey. After the entire shipping voyage my grill finally got shipped hooray and excitement. Then if you haven't been watching Pacific Northwest weather (I don't blame you if you don't) Mother Nature has had her way. First there was a heavy snow storm over the mountains it has to travel so my grill rested some more in the sunny climes of California extending its journey. I make my appointment for delivery and Mother Nature strikes again! Freezing rain where I live! So many trees are down and t
  7. @BOC I see your KK is sitting in the harbor with my KK. It is terrible to watch the ship sit there moored going in circles and the draught stay at -13 m. My patience is being tested. Yesterday I bought way too many BBQ books and a brisket knife. I swear the longer I have to wait the more money I am going to spend. I am going to go broke at this rate!! What is your first cook going to be?
  8. Wilsonj, I am excited for you! I too am awaiting arrival of my baby it is approaching the Long Beach port. I haven’t owned a gas grill in a long time and I wouldn’t go crazy in advance buying things until you see the need - that is the minimalist in me talking. However, the Steven Raichlen leather BBQ gloves are a fantastic way to protect yourself and I have owned mine for years worth their weight in gold. Also I would ditch the MAPP torch , leaves a petroleum taste buy a Looftlighter which lights with really hot air! The rest will play itself out with how you cook and all your adjustmen
  9. Oh please do tell me the results and what happens! What I have read is the dough needs to be firmly pressed against the walls of the oven. I agree the grill needs to be hot but no temperatures cited. Documentation also said it takes 7-8 minutes. Looking forward to your full report!
  10. Gotta say nice knives! I can’t wait to get this grill. I love to learn new cooking techniques with a variety of foods, flavors, and meats. Can’t wait to learn from all you!
  11. Teobo I like your sense of adventure. I really thought someone here would have experimented with this technique. I guess when I get my grill I will do the honors!
  12. BOC I am so glad I am not alone! I even went so far as finding the perfect name for my grill My husband said I couldn’t name it until the “baby” arrived 😂 I named it anyway. The name is Dr Maillard. If you aren’t familiar with the Maillard reaction it is essentially the reaction that creates flavor! I have to resist buying knives, tools and more meat. Namely Italian pigs raised on acorns. 😁Can the specialty meat get here before the grill? What other meat should I be considering?
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