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  1. Flyboy

    Waiting is officially over.....

    Congrats...send those pics..
  2. Flyboy

    Dave Zier (primeats) on ABC7 in Chicago

    Great spot Dave...
  3. Flyboy

    Awesome rib cook

    Or maybe a 20yr Port and a Monticristo #2....
  4. Flyboy

    I need help - please - BBQ GURU

    Ok..however, there is no item with SKU 800-1001-014 on the GURU website that I can find...
  5. Flyboy

    I need help - please - BBQ GURU

    Can't quite figure out the "inducer tube" issue for the Guru...There seems to be two that are talked about here, the "bulkhead" and the "with threads". Here is the data from the Guru CyberQ II order site. Which item from this list should be chosen if I am just going to use the Guru (no stoker) on my KK ? I understand the fan issues. Doors What type of BBQ do you have? Select a second adpator for another pit. Standard Offset Mount $17.00 Standard Weber / Weber Smokey Mountain $17.00 Big Green Egg-Small Adaptor Door $22.00 Big Green Egg Med/Lg Adaptor Door $22.00 Big Green Egg XL Adaptor Door $27.00 K #5, 7 ,9 Adaptor Door $35.00 Primo Adaptor Door $22.00 Backwoods Smoker Adaptor Door $37.00 Grill Dome Adaptor Door $20.00 Primo Oval Adaptor Door $22.00 Meadow Creek Adaptor Door $20.00 Bulkhead Style Inducer $35.00 Viking/Stumps Adaptor/ Ball Valve Adaptor $22.00
  6. Flyboy

    Bronze Behemoth, Game On!

    Re: Rosemary Chicken I don't know that "subcutaneous space" has even been used on this forum before One wonders if that would that be the anterior or posterior subcutaneous space ? LOL
  7. Flyboy

    Food cooked on KK question

    Yep...Moist...My steaks come out so moist that I've had to mop up juice spots off the carpet after cutting that first bite...LOL
  8. Flyboy

    3 Great KK YouTube Videos

    Great Videos :hello1:
  9. Flyboy

    E-Z Que Rotisserie

    8" Baskets by June Talked with them today and they now estimating the 8" baskets in stock by June...
  10. Flyboy

    What ya think about this tile color?

    WOW...didn't realize they came in anything other than Cobalt Blue Nice color however...
  11. Flyboy

    Roti AND side tables

    Thanks Dennis...I'm confident it will work out...After my first cook I'm even more impressed with the KK...
  12. Flyboy

    Roti AND side tables

    I've played with this for some time and the issue I have is that 2 of the 3 bolts coming out of the side of the KK seem to be too short to allow getting the acorn nut on all of them. One is longer than the other two which are so short that when I put the side table bracket on, the lower bolt doesn't go thru the bracket at all, ie no way to get the acorn nut on it at all...Seems like making the side table bracket and the rotisserie bracket one piece and then making the bracket curved to match the curve of the KK vice straight might help a ton...
  13. Flyboy

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome Sparky...You've come to the right conclusion...There really is only one option...Nothing compares to the KK testified to in the many posts on this forum. I struggled with a POSK 7 for several years and finally dived in last week...Did my first cook (pork shoulder) on my new KK and everything that's been said is true in spades. I stoked her up with a couple layers of Dennis's extruded coconut, lit two in the middle on the top and 18 hrs later had the most mouth watering pork shoulder known to man...Only had to make a couple mid course corrections to the top and lower draft doors openings ( I'm running manual right now but intent to go with either the guru or stoker temp control) but maintained my cooking temp within a 10 degree band with no sweat...You only go around once and my only regret is that I didn't dive sooner into the KK world...Here's my baby....ain't she pretty!
  14. Flyboy

    The New Star Trek

    Awesome...very well done...
  15. Flyboy

    Just Ordered the EZQ 6"

    Thanks for the pointers..I believe I got the 50# motor that runs on AC only...I couldn't see myself taking the KK camping...not yet anyway (LOL)