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  1. Massively tired at the moment and a bit stressed but that picture........ i now have a big smile thank you
  2. Your wait begins. Exciting times. Some very nice peeps on here to help you choose your accessory's, i would definatley go for the cover some will say it's better to get it all in one go to save on shipping costs later. I got most bits when i ordered the grill easier to get it past the wife than keep adding later
  4. What a picture..... not in the flesh yet but this is pretty close
  5. Liberia yes you could very easily disappear out in the bush there, but to be fair that could be said for a lot of African countrys No i have not seen a KK in the flesh yet ...But i did see a picture of the Matt Black Pebble looks really good. I don't normally beg but... Jamaican goat curry with hot peppers yes please. I still miss fresh Lobster cooked in palm oil when we used to go to coast and all the fresh coconuts and palm nuts mmmm.
  6. I lived in Liberia only for a short time logging my Father also lived in Africa in Nigeria for 16 years i lived as a young baby there too then my mother and myself returned to the UK.
  7. I bet there was none left over. Pizza always goes down a storm in our house the journey my wife and i had getting the dough right the oven hot arrrg we argued a lot lol Definitely better than my first attemps
  8. Thank you Mackenzie We are looking forward to getting to know how to cook on one of these,no doubt i will be asking questions when it arrives.
  9. Life can indeed be too short as you can probably tell i can be a bit impulsive
  10. "You are definitely in for a huge (literally) surprised when that BB 42 arrives." Well TBH my gasser was 8' long but i imagine this grill will surpass that old gasser in every way. "Just curious - what made you order the gas burner insert? That's very uncommon" I made the decision to purchase in a relatively short span i am guessing now maybe that was a error,i was thinking a quicker way to light the charcoal/heat the beast up but now i am thinking cleaner for bread making ? not forgetting better to get it now than later with the shipping costs ect
  11. Looks like when they ship to Southampton there will be plenty of kk's on that container the docks will wonder whats going on.
  12. BTW Just got the email with the owners manual never had a cooker like this before. But my WFO is refractury concrete so i might have a small head start with its use altho my WFO now has some cracks inside. Here's hoping i can get some some food like you guys off this grill. Some of the pictures ..............
  13. Thank you Tekobo Goat i haven't eaten since i lived in Africa It must eat a lot of stuff on the way over by boat. We laughed when we saw the "stuffed" e-mail. Southampton. Fingers crossed before Christmas.
  14. Like most people here i have lurked for a while not as long as some as i was without a grill having sold my gasser and thinking i could live with a pellet smoker and WFO. (schoolboy error). My friend has been telling me about his JO and how great it is for many years i looked at that and the BGE then i saw the KK site and started looking, So from no grill to a order in 3 weeks. I know no willpower, but it sure looks nice (Kids picked the colour i wanted Blue) So the UK members continue to grow ! My list of good is as follows:- 42" Matt black pebble (pebble is the best and
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