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  1. If possible still put plywood down all the way to the rear. When i got it to my "backyard" it popped 3 paving slabs with those wheels 1 word "point loading" oh wait that's 2 Excited for you.
  2. @RokDok see you got some of the pro q coco good job it burns well i had a pallet delivered with 12 bags of normal. The KK takes ages to go through it, i have used 1 bag of charcoal and 3 boxs of coco this includes the burn in (7.5 hours). Also like you i have been spending out on "extras" ever since Sovs
  3. @AAAsh you have just echoed what was myself a few weeks ago. Great choice of color and pebble (same as me) i cannot believe this grill, you are indeed in for a treat if you have the same experience as me. Every family member says everything i have cooked so far is better full stop and i agree not just meat but potatoes / bread / veg / pizza a full range of goods. I could write for ages telling you this and that but you are about to understand all this for yourself shortly. My enthusiasm for cooking outside has gone back to 30 years ago i am loving it, I bet I have barly scrapped the surface of what this grill can do as yet, and on top of that the peeps on here are a fantastic group to help you out. Exciting times All the best Sovs
  4. Great news @tekobo i have not posted much lately i have been very busy in a deep love affair with my KK XXXXXX But really good news for you, i have questions after you get them settled in (is it a pack / herd or something else of kk's) I am over the moon with my KK Sovs
  5. Apologies English sense of humour 😁 I seem to have a compulsion to do it all again with more beer.
  6. I cant seem to remember but i did mine for around 7.5hours ..........not sure i did it right ........need to give it another try at Christmas
  7. sovsroc

    Cooking pizza

    I have been wondering but no more i have not even unwrapped mine yet
  8. @Braai-Q If you have a good one to share i would like to try it.
  9. melt 1/2 stick butter in a small pan Add 4oz whiskey Stir in a crumbled beef oxo cube and coarsely ground black pepper Add double cream I hope you like it
  10. Thanks you all for your reply's / suggestions Our daughter has request a fillet steak with whiskey peppercorn sauce. If you have not had the whiskey sauce try it it is very good. Happy Grilling
  11. well to be fair i think you are right i normally cook a brisket every 2 to 3 weeks it would be a interesting comparison (i think i already know the answer tho) but to get a good full packer here in the UK is hard any links @RokDok @Sir Bill @Braai-Q @tekobo
  12. Burn in complete i think just over 4 hours at 500 -530 i did not see any tiles raise and only when i moved the lid to close it down did i hear a venting but could not see where from solvent smell not there... now what to cook for the first one ? so impressed with the temp control.
  13. 1 hour 15 into the burn in i started slowly its currently heading towards 350 time for some breakfast. After i check Onyxia a few more times.
  14. Well while i am awaiting some daylight here are some more pics...... I don't want to say what everyone else has said but.... this is indeed a Bentley compared to any other car manufacture (insert lawsuit here) pic 4 shows a problem i had not looked out for, a added pallet N.B.Ask the delivery driver to off load the KK before he leaves i don't think it clearly shows how high this was now off the ground my son in pic's 10 + 11 is around 20stone and he was slipping on the ply as we offloaded her. Whew the cabinet should be a breeze 💨
  15. Yes @MacKenzie thats exactly what i needed to know i will check when its light here to see if it has moved during transit but i don't think it has,I certainty will not be removing it. We took everything else out to lighten it for the ramp of death. Pictures to follow on the other thread.
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