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  1. Brilliant idea Tyrus ! The oak isn't screwed into the Portland stone base so should be straight forward enough to pop a piece of blanket under it and pull it into the middle of the lawn. Mrs RD will be so overjoyed to get the square yard of bed back that she'll probably insist that I get several KKs. Is there a collective noun for KKs ? Maybe a Euphoria of KKs ?? You're right - I have run into trouble on occasion with the pub being so convenient and have had to sleep with the dog at times. Thing is - he wasn't allowed on the sofa , so it was the floor for me and him.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, It's a sofa fabric discussion rather than cover fabric discussion at the moment, although I do think it would be cute to get something to match. Mackenzie - I have just cancelled the order for the other ceramic oven. Tekobo - gateway drug - I like that.... fixing up to have a look at some gear at a sofa maker on Wednesday. I also got my acoustic drum kit together and photographed it and it is going for sale on Gumtree and Reverb in the next day or so, so there will be a bit of cash freed up . I did cook on the Weber last night and had a couple o
  3. Hello everyone, Haven't got, or even ordered a KK yet - I have a similar hurdle to jump as others seem to have had to - or as Dennis has put it to me the "song and dance routine". I wanted to build a wood-fired oven about 7 years ago but Mrs RokDok was not keen on me using about a square yard of her flower bed, so tried to make a mobile one and once I'd screwed 16 heavy duty castors to an oak sleeper base and built it up to working height I realised that I'd already accounted for 650 kg of my 1.5 tonne weight limit before even starting the dome. It took two years of negotiation,
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