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  1. Agree fab bike - be careful although it's probably safer than a horse !
  2. Thank you, Would be great to meet up for an adult beverage. We are already getting excited about it - and certainly the thought of a trip is a great spirit lifter.
  3. Hi @Troble, Salesman was slightly tongue in cheek - there has been plenty of drooling over the pictures that you posted ! Mrs RD and I were having a cup of tea yesterday morning and thought it would be a good idea to go to Mexico. Flights into Mexico were quite expensive but BA do a non-stop flight return Heathrow to San Diego for £340 - felt too good to miss. We are out on 14th November and returning on 12th December. We haven't any definite itinerary , but thought we might go across to El Paso, dropping down into Mexico there and heading for Chihuahua. Get the train to Los Mochis and then the boat across to La Paz. Work our way up the Baja peninsular and then check out some of the establishments you recommended. There are also some beers that need sampling in SD (according to @tony b), before heading home. We travel very light - very small pack each, use local buses mainly, budget accommodation with the occasional treat - the treats will probably come towards the end of the trip. Back to Duolingo. Best RD
  4. You are a great salesman @Troble. We have just booked our flights.
  5. And very tasty it is too !!
  6. @tony b, @MacKenzie It's been a while, I remember packing with salt in a cool box & draining off the fluid daily. The has given me motivation to re-try and do the soak outs. Didn't have the KK then and didn't try to smoke . but now keen to try this Thanks
  7. Great way to celebrate the end of lockdown @remi
  8. Thats looks brilliant, whenever I've tried it's been salty and only suitable for adding to stews etc. Well done
  9. Really exciting and bringing back happy memories. Look forward to seeing the uncrating - rolling it off the base raises he pulse a bit.
  10. I reckon I could just look at these amazing pictures, have a few beers and feel that I'd eaten really well. Might try it on Friday night instead of cooking.
  11. Fabulous cooks ! Love the rotisserie pineapple - that would make a great dessert too.
  12. Beautiful cook. Look moist and sticky yum
  13. Looks delicious Tony , I can almost taste it. Nice robust wine to go with it. Yum
  14. Inspirational @Troble, must put my comfort blanket in the cupboard
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