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  1. @Basher, That's going to give you some lovely colour. Beautiful.
  2. Fabulous garden @Basher, so lush. +1 for getting some design input - they come up with ideas that you'd never think of - once it's done it seems so obvious.
  3. Great looking oven- nice looking pizza too
  4. Hi, If I remember correctly , with my 32 I removed the "walls" to the feet front and back and then it just rolls off the ply base. Nice pics and congratulations.
  5. Yep ... that's going to happen , but ... absence makes the heart grow fonder..... Crikey - but probably not as long ago as the mid 80s ?
  6. RokDok

    Wagyu Beef?

    @Troble - I've never seen meat with that degree of marbling - it is going to be fantastic - is this for a special occasion ??
  7. @GrillnBrew second what's been said above. My first choice was Bronze Metallic but when we ordered it wasn't available so went for the matt black tile. Absolutely no regrets.
  8. Thanks @Troble looks very tasty - recipe copied too ready to use - might have to improvise one or two ingredients though but the essence will be there.
  9. Hello Remi and welcome. What an amazing brewing set-up you have - I can't think of a better way to have used lockdown time than to have built such a beautiful system and researched and made the decision to buy a KK. 32" Black Matt Tile is the way to go (😉). Regarding the equipment - I've got the heavy duty roti motor that Dennis supplies - he sent me a 240 v version and it's a simple matter to change the plug over. It is pretty solid and the roti slips straight in with no fuss. Make sure you get the name of the boat - it adds a little spice and eases the pain of the wait
  10. Well GB, I've only had my 32 for 3 or 4 weeks now, so it's been steaks & duck breasts thus far. Going to do the rotisserie and use the Meater for the first time at the weekend. Haven't even looked at the smoker yet, but we have apple and cherry trees in the garden - they'll need a bit of surgery soon so I'll have wood to smoke. So, haven't smoked any grain, and I can't truly remember if I've ever had Rauchbier, but I have kilned / roasted oats with apple wood in my WFO to make Oatmeal Stout. I did wonder (fleetingly) whether it would be possible to kiln home malted barley in the
  11. Ah @GrillnBrew.Thank you. That's very interesting. I've had to look up most things you mention ! I now know what canning pots and turkey fryers are - I never imagined you could deep fry a turkey. My development is a bit arrested as I haven't progressed beyond my home made set up ! The Sabco system looks an amazing piece of kit, reproducible brews and mobile to boot. I can understand though the move to the Blichmann Easybrew for smaller batches. I can still lift the pots with wet grain / water - just about- but then again I tend to brew with friends so it spreads the lo
  12. It's not an expense - it's an investment. Looking forward too to hearing about the "brew" part of your name.
  13. @buzilo, I think you've got the answer on the other part of the thread. I've only had my 32 a couple of weeks, but my first doubts of whether it would be impractical to just cook for two on a regular basis and that it would take a long time to heat up have been completely dismissed. I'm just cooking with a quarter grate at the moment - I would be doing a low slow pork belly today but it's chucking down with rain and I haven't finished the burn in yet and probably need to regrout some tiny tears. Last night it was just above freezing I used a quarter grate and lump wood charcoal.
  14. @buzilo, I expect @tekobo will be along shortly. She's had a couple of 23"s and now has a 32 " so she'll be able to give you a precise answer. I'm likely cooking on my 32" tonight so I will give you some times.
  15. Welcome Forrest, My kids are about your age - they love food and they love cooking but they haven't done a lot grill-wise - I suppose that's my fault - but thanks - I'm going to send them this link and wait for the fight when they get back home ! PS @tekobo and @cruzmisl are right on target, I'd be guided by them.
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