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  1. Thanks @tekobo, but I'm afraid my hopes to cook these legs your method have been dashed. Mrs RD is going to put them in a roasting tray with some rootish vegetables. To that end we've just come back from the allotment with parsnip and leeks. I did wonder whether they might need a little more fat though and was going to put them in with some clarified butter. Our raised vegetable/salad bed outside the kitchen is made with oak sleepers which have rotted after only ten years, and I am going to need to remove the soil, the adjacent fencing, the sleepers and embedded lighting,
  2. That looks a great method @tekobo. We are having duck thigh and leg joints tomorrow. I was going to fire up the Weber- but might decide to stay in the warm and dry and see how it goes with the joints - might need a little longer I guess... RD
  3. Now, I thought that picture looked a bit familiar Tony ......
  4. I initially read the final word of your post as mangoable ! That is impressive Tony. I'm glad you got your firkin with the mango in though ! I've drunk some mango beer - and very nice it was too. Historically all kinds of herbs and spices were used to add flavour to beer before hops were widely cultivated. Scotland has a beer called Fraoch still made with heather tips instead of hops- it is really lovely on draught. As I type this I am really hankering after a pint of hand pulled well kept live beer served at 12 C, standing around a log fires chatting with some friends in
  5. Well Tony - we can be more extravagant with the quality and diversity of our ingredients!
  6. Ah @Tyrus, it's just my home-brew - I don't sell it and somehow it disappears - I give quite a bit away. I don't put a curse on the people who don't bring the bottles back - people are pretty good at returning them to me. As to these bottles : I gave a talk / beer tasting in the village hall a couple of years comparing Belgian 'Saison' beers with French ' Biere de Garde' - both "Farmhouse " beers. People brought their own food and had eight different beers to taste. When I found out that the wholesaler ( in France ) didn't have the beers that I wanted in sufficient quantity I ni
  7. Thanks to folk on the forum I've combined a little retail therapy with preparation - you'll know who gave me these ideas. I've got a couple of sheets of 18mm ply, and I have tongs etc. I've cleared a couple of 5' x 2' shelves in the garage to house the "extras". First, the reading list - the essentials - love Meathead's science. Next 110 Kg of coconut charcoal, plus some of my usual local charcoal. For lighting, a cordless leaf blower and Mapp torch, plus a popular pair of gauntlets. Xmas presents from Mrs RD and the RokDoklettes, a personalised grill apron with m
  8. Well, at last after four months it is almost here : Surabaya to Singapore on the Bangkok Bridge, a little sojourn in Singapore and then a cruise aboard the HMM OSLO. I've followed it around the world and now it is so close. It's now parked at the Nab anchorage to the East of the Isle of Wight, waiting patiently for its slot at Southampton, which will hopefully be later today. I live just North of Dorchester- I feel I can almost see it !
  9. @Wilsonj - I'm in the same boat as you - figuratively. My oven is anchored in the North Sea and I'm hoping to get the oven at the end of next week. I feel your pain. Some great handholders here ! Best RD
  10. We finally got to cook this today . Fortunately our freezer in the garage broke down so we had to move our meat and fish to friends which gave us the chance to get our goat out and prepare the cook. I'm a bit lame at the moment with a hopefully temporary hip problem so Mrs RD did the cook - she is an expert on South Indian curries ( I gave her 10 lessons for Xmas a few years ago from a delightful and very talented local Mumbai lady). Best present I've ever given. I'd been waiting for my daughter to get hold of some Portland Heights Jamaican Curry Powder but we didn't have any so
  11. Best wishes to all. Get well soon RD
  12. Thanks Basher, No it will have to come off the pallet in the drive - and from there pushed on the plywood around the house to the back patio.
  13. @HokieBen, the colour combination of the gold with blue is stunning. I have a question / reassurance. I'm hoping my 32" will arrive in the next 2-3 weeks - it's currently off the coast of France heading for Rotterdam before turning South and heading for Southampton here in the UK. I was hoping to get a posse of friends together to help with uncrating and moving it (on the flat but a couple of corners and bits of lawn) but we are now under strict lockdown here and it is just me and my wife and possibly a semi grown up daughter. I see you successfully uncrated with a family o
  14. Yep, @Braai-Q, I can just see a 23" supreme fitting in there- the shape compliments the amphorae. Autumn gold would be the colour match and it would definitely have to be tile - pebble would clash with the mosaics. Maybe they ordered one and the boat was just a bit slow ??
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