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  1. I also have this colour and it cooks perfect 👌 maybe better than the blue
  2. I miss my kk been at work for 12 weeks and 12 more to go
  3. Missing my komodo I am at work for 7 more weeks 😩
  4. Sure was a lot, but thats what happens when you show next door what the great smell is coming from my backyard 😀.....hahaha now they all want some
  5. More ribs 😋 then put 2 chicken on the top grill for the last hour took off ribs and cranked it up to 400 to give chicken skin nice crisp, put on a bit more charcoal opened her up to 500 and finished off with cheese pizza no photo but was good.
  6. Cooked beef ribs today got it a bit 🔥 to start with 320 so took it out for 30 mins to let it cool down a little to 280. And it sat there like a rock. The ribs were perfect after 4 1/2 hrs, took them off wrapped in foil and they were perfect. The coffee wood is so good for smoking.
  7. I have only had mine unpacked for 4 days and have cooked on it every night so far. they are so much better than you can imagine, tomorrow is Beef ribs first time ever can't wait......never done low and slow before I will send you the photos. 21" kk perfect for 4-6 people.
  8. Road side chicken, whole java-talapia fish, and prawns. All so moist prawns hot and sweet
  9. Thanks guys for you advise I stopped smelling any solvent after about 2 hours at the 525 mark let it go for 1 more hrs and shut it down 6 hrs total, it started to rain after 4 hrs a late shower nothing to bad.
  10. Burn in going well couldn't believe how easy it was to light up and start heating up. We cooked chicken at 275 for a first time and couldn't believe how moist it was I put on one piece of coffee wood and the taste was awesome. She is sitting on 525 will hold it for one more hour no movement and all looking perfect. Tomorrow is pizza day. Merry Christmas to everyone
  11. Well things changed i didn't get to work yahoo Will be a big day unpacking tomorrow morning
  12. Hi guys well I got the email and she will be delivered on Wednesday a 21" kk my first one and first komodo. I will soon update with photos but I will not be home until mid January to see her......
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