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  1. I use the coffee wood for nearly everything that I smoke to me this is on the same par as sliced bread right at the top of best things …..
  2. I also noticed moisture running down the inside of my kk when cooking my last brisket, it was the juiciest one ever, so we sure don't need any water baths carry on with our gear 😉
  3. To be honest I am not sure were it is from I got it on line in Indonesia it says wagu grade3-4 but tastes good 👍
  4. Sure gives us a bench mark 😅
  5. KiwiIndo

    Birthday brisket

    Cooked a wagu beef brisket ended up being hot and fast as the komodo shot to 290 and didn't want to cool down so I just went with it, 165 after 4 hrs wrapped in pink paper and like jello after 2 two more hours, let it rest for 6 hrs and cut to see how it looked, very moist, just a little shy on the seasoning but was a good cook
  6. KiwiIndo

    Pastrami cook

    Repeat this again today as everyone ended up liking it and then was gone
  7. KiwiIndo

    Pastrami cook

    Beef came off the komodo 3 hrs ago looks ok taste a little salty but the pepper and smoke is delicious
  8. KiwiIndo

    Pastrami cook

    Thanks sounds like a perfect idea I am using the corned beef brine from the bearded butchers it uses cerley powder and only a 24 hrs soak
  9. KiwiIndo

    Pastrami cook

    Hi guys well I have a very lean brisket in the brine ready to smoke tomorrow, I still have not decided on cooking all the way or 165 ++ then steaming to finish, any ideas
  10. I also have trouble 😐 holding 450 + Temps with the pizza stone in place Pizza cooks but base in still pail even if I cook twice will look for a pizza steel but hard to find in Indonesia 🇮🇩
  11. Remembered see the lamb with rosemary and anchovies so thought I'd give it a shot will update when done
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