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  1. I also have trouble 😐 holding 450 + Temps with the pizza stone in place Pizza cooks but base in still pail even if I cook twice will look for a pizza steel but hard to find in Indonesia 🇮🇩
  2. Remembered see the lamb with rosemary and anchovies so thought I'd give it a shot will update when done
  3. Got a Aussie grain feed brisket trimmed, covered in mustard, them a liberal coating of a Louisiana home make rub, over night in fridge, fired up kk with coconut extrusion cc, and 6 piece of coffee wood, 225 deg 7 hrs to 165 deg, rap in butchers paper, bumped up to 285 deg 3 hrs, temp hit 195 gave it the poke test like butter, take out and rap in towel 2 hrs slice perfect.
  4. I also have this colour and it cooks perfect 👌 maybe better than the blue
  5. I miss my kk been at work for 12 weeks and 12 more to go
  6. Missing my komodo I am at work for 7 more weeks 😩
  7. Sure was a lot, but thats what happens when you show next door what the great smell is coming from my backyard 😀.....hahaha now they all want some
  8. More ribs 😋 then put 2 chicken on the top grill for the last hour took off ribs and cranked it up to 400 to give chicken skin nice crisp, put on a bit more charcoal opened her up to 500 and finished off with cheese pizza no photo but was good.
  9. Cooked beef ribs today got it a bit 🔥 to start with 320 so took it out for 30 mins to let it cool down a little to 280. And it sat there like a rock. The ribs were perfect after 4 1/2 hrs, took them off wrapped in foil and they were perfect. The coffee wood is so good for smoking.
  10. I have only had mine unpacked for 4 days and have cooked on it every night so far. they are so much better than you can imagine, tomorrow is Beef ribs first time ever can't wait......never done low and slow before I will send you the photos. 21" kk perfect for 4-6 people.
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