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  1. The pans are solid, and gorgeous with a subtle hammered finish. I do not believe the phrase “currency arbitrage” has appeared in these forums before. Once we knew we were not going to Europe this fall I stopped paying attention to exchange rates. I was surprised to see the euro fall below one dollar several weeks ago. Rameria Mazzetti sells on Amazon under the name Bottega del Rame (literally copper workshop). They also have their own website, https://www.rameria.com/ . Prices are in dollars on the former, euro on the latter. The Amazon prices include shipping, the website does not. Even adding shipping costs, the website prices are noticeably lower. Also, during checkout on the website 20% was taken off the price since US buyers do not have to pay the VAT. I don’t know if that happens with a purchase through Amazon. If anyone is thinking about copper cookware, this is a good time. Mazzetti’s prices compare favorably to those of the artisans here in the states.
  2. Two pans arrived from Rameria Mazzetti yesterday - weeks before originally expected.
  3. Here is a typical polenta pot, from Rameria Mazzetti: I guess they can use that rondeau/casserole for polenta and lots of other things.
  4. @Tekobo - I’m so sorry. Hopefully, being in Italy eases your pain. Are you in the north? BTW, was that pan unlined? I was surprised when I first read that untinned copper is traditional for polenta. After a few hundred years, I guess the Italians know what they’re doing.
  5. @PVPAUL We have a couple of the Demeyere nonstick pans and are very happy with them. I was looking at their SS until I got sidetracked with my copper obsession. Beautiful KK, btw. Here’s mine.
  6. Not sure the photos do it justice. It is the 12.5 inch saute pan, tin-lined, 310mm thick copper. @Tyrus: He had some copper pots the size of yours waiting to be re-tinned. It might be worth your while to get in touch and take a drive down to East Greenwich. His place is very close to the EG waterfront; lots of places for shellfish and drinks 😉
  7. We have succumbed to temptation. Took a short drive to Duparquet/East Coast Tinning just in time to speak with the owner before he locked up. Here is the outcome:
  8. What wonderful stories and pots! There is just something special about this cookware - especially the older pieces. @jonj - Touché!! That is exactly how I feel, whether cookware, Japanese knives, or well-made appliances. Lots of people don’t understand this, and that’s OK. We also have some of those All Clad copper clad pieces in regular use.
  9. For some reason or other I started researching copper cookware a few weeks ago. Certainly, I don’t “need” copper pans, but I didn’t need a KK either. I was browsing the Serious Eats website and came across on article about copper cookware. The writer mentioned driving to East Greenwich RI to speak with Jim Hamann of Duparquet and East Coast Tinning. I had no idea this widely acclaimed craftsman is located only 6 miles from us. I have read pretty extensively about tin v stainless steel lining, desirable copper thickness, brass v cast iron v stainless steel handles, etc. Heat retention, conductivity, melting point . . . . I have looked at Duparquet, Brooklyn Copper Cookware, Mauviel, Matfer Bourgeat, Falk, Bottega del Rame, Navarini, and others. I am in awe of the culinary skills of people here so I thought I’d ask for thoughts about your recommendations and experiences with copper cookware.
  10. Wow! Do you deliver to Rhode Island?
  11. Road trip, road trip! An activity scheduled for yesterday was cancelled so we decided not to go to the office. Instead, we decided to check out Podhale’s. First stop was Costco for some meat and three cases of wine. 🤷‍♂️ Great prices on some higher end bottles and their own Prosecco is a steal at under $8. Podhale’s is small but packed with interesting Polish/Eastern Europe products. We did some serious shopping there as well. Thanks Tyrus.
  12. Absolutely. It was a whirlwind with little down time. Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, and Des Moines in 4 days. I did get to spend time on the river walk in Dubuque, but not much else besides my lectures.
  13. A couple of chickens today, low and slow. Two different rubs.
  14. We tried the Atomic Horseradish as well as Beaver Extra Hot Horseradish. The latter is OK heat wise, probably on a par with most of the good common brands. The Atomic is very, very hot. We’re quite happy with it. BTW, Tyrus, I see the shop you’re talking about. Maybe an hour’s drive from East Greenwich. When we have a reason to head up that way - perhaps a Costco run to Avon - we’ll check it out. My wife and I met here but neither of us are Rhode Islanders - we both grew up in Queens. However, after a few decades here we have absorbed some Rhode Island traits. In particular, the local aversion to driving more than 15 miles from home. I’ve had patients ask why I don’t have a satellite office in Warwick because Providence is so far away. About 4 years ago I was flown to Iowa for a few days of lecturing. The attitudes about distances and driving there are so different from here! I had forgotten what most of the country is like.
  15. Now, I’m in the mood for a Bloody Mary! Maybe tomorrow morning. BTW, where is that shop? My wife is always looking for authentic Polish foods.
  16. Just received some Atomic Horseradish. I’ll report back once we’ve tried it. I have some experience with fresh horseradish. It is a main component of the Passover Seder. A chunk of horseradish on a small piece of unleavened bread (aka matzoh). Nothing clears your sinuses better.
  17. Just reading about Hawkshead hot horseradish sauce out of the English Lakes District. There is one distributor in the US. Worth trying?? Anyone have other suggestions?
  18. Yup. Italy is our happy place, so that was a big part of the decision.
  19. We went with the Magic Vac Jumbo 30 Evo Plus. It arrived a few weeks ago. After three Food Savers I can say it is a major upgrade. The vacuum is very fast and strong. Sturdy and looks good. My wife doesn’t mind having it out on the counter. https://avidarmor.com/magic-vac-jumbo-30-evo-plus-vacuum-sealer/ In our case, a chamber vac would have been too large for the spot we have this.
  20. David: Do you stick to the basic soy, mirin, sake, brown sugar? Or do you embellish - dashi, ginger, etc?
  21. Going off-topic again: our patient greeter and copay collector was back on the job as of Tuesday.
  22. On Sunday, we pulled the trigger on this model: It arrived yesterday from Japan. Unfortunately, there is a large crack in the diatomite at the top on one end and the metal frame there is bent. The shipping carton and the internal packing carton both had some damage. I’ve already emailed Global Kitchen Japan with photos. The unit is probably usable but on the off chance they want it back we won’t use it. No Yakitori this weekend. 😢 Our order also included a Mac frozen food knife - yes, you read that correctly. Couldn’t resist at $19, since it barely increased the shipping charge.
  23. Thanks to everyone for the info. Sorry I’ve been out of touch. We had to rush our 13-year-old goldendoodle to the veterinary hospital for an emergency splenectomy Tuesday evening. Thankfully, he survived a very risky surgery and came home yesterday. The first sign of a problem, ironically, was a seizure in my office a few days before. Blood clots were the cause of all this and he is now on Plavix and Xarelto, among other meds. Quite an ordeal.
  24. @David I have to admit I was so focused on carbon monoxide I wasn’t thinking about the food smoking! We have a pretty powerful Broan exhaust over our range. I guess we’d use the konro there. We do appreciate the photos. Thanks.
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