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  1. Does the rotisserie fit under there? Or does it have to be removed for the rotisserie motor to be mounted?
  2. I think this is a great idea....makes it a nice clean fit into a BBQ island or outdoor kitchen. I'm currently waiting on some outdoor cabinets from Naturekast to install with a granite countertop. I initially wanted to integrate the KK into the countertop and was going to just have a big square hole to roll it into. But with space considerations and other factors I'm going to have the KK off to the side from the BBQ island. This would have been a nice clean look and gotten rid of the gap that would have been around the grill. That being said, the cabinets are only 24" in depth and these look like they are quite a bit longer. It would be an awkward fit. But if someone were to plan the set-up with the teak inserts in mind it could work.
  3. Just remember, lump charcoal can be reused. So if starting with a full basket for a short cook, just close off the vents and use the remaining coal next time. Even stuff that was lit can be used again. That's why people recommend almost always just starting with a full basket. It's just easier to have it and not need it rather than try to refill on the fly. I would imagine you'll get more consistency in temps too rather than changing the basket size all the time. I've seen recommendations that if you want to do low and slow, just light one spot. If you are looking to do higher temp baking/searing then light two spots and get more charcoal going. I'm also a new KK owner so I'm getting things down myself but that's what I've gleaned from lurking around the forum for awhile.
  4. I just purchased the Blink (Amazon) doorbell and two outdoor cameras for my driveway and patio (KK). They are on a really good sale right now for Prime Day. I got the whole set-up for about $105 before tax. I'm sure they aren't the best but for the price, it's nice to have some basic security monitoring. They still do have nice features like being able to disable motion detecting for sectors of the picture in case you have a busy road or something you don't want triggering it every time a car goes by. It also has local storage if you don't want the cloud service. I haven't purchased a USB drive yet to try that out.
  5. Good tip on using bigs for the bottom then smaller ones on top. That's one of the things I've been trying to improve because I've had trouble with the smalls clogging up airflow and then it seems like I need the vents open too much to get the temps I'm trying to get. I was wondering how to employ the smalls so they wouldn't just go to waste.
  6. Dennis do you use a warming drawer for that long of a rest? Or does it maintain a hot enough temp in a cooler to be safe to eat?
  7. No worries, yes it's square on both ends. Working with some of Dennis' customer service reps on getting it sorted out. Seems like another case of growing pains at the new warehouse in Las Vegas and they grabbed the wrong one.
  8. Sounds like at some point there was a change. The website has both options...the square one for older KKs. "32" Big Bad 3/8" SS Rotisserie Spit w/ Center and outside Forks (Old/Square) These are for older Komodos.. current grills are all Hex in the sockets."
  9. Ah, yes that's helpful, thank you! I finally see an image of what the end should look like. I believe I might have been sent the older rotisserie model and not the "hex" model. My spit is a square without any hex on the end.
  10. Is the other end just supposed to be the square spit with a the screw hole for the pointed piece? Nothing attached? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I did give him a call but he had a message that he’s traveling through Europe but will be checking messages periodically. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I noticed the recessed receptacle on the left is spring loaded. I was surprised when I stuck the the adjustable screw piece with the nut I was able to press in. But then I have no piece to use on the motor side. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi all, I only have 2 pieces that fit into the end of my rotisserie. Am I missing one? One is very pointy which I assume is used to skewer. The other is a round cylinder with a nut which slides into the left side. Should I have a piece for the right side that fits into the hole by the motor? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Wow...that all looks amazing. The pork belly is candy!
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