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  1. First time smoking a meatloaf on the grill. Recipe from Meat Church...altered a touch as I didn't have the fancy worcestershire sauce they used. Just good ol' Lea & Perrins. Ground up a spare chuck roast for the ground beef, added some pork sausage and I used the Rufus Teague's Touch o' Heat BBQ sauce both in the loaf and for a glaze at the end. Tasted great. Definitely one of the best meatloafs I've had. I like the BBQ sauce touch over the traditional ketchup.
  2. Definitely helicopter 😄. Find a local military unit and propose it as a training exercise!
  3. I mean if you're going to get a hot dog cooker, might as well go for the best hot dog cooker out there! 😃
  4. Looks amazing....will note this for my next one!
  5. I have heard that if you can rest it in a warming oven 160 that it really makes a difference and allows for resting longer than an insulated cooler. I think Dennis even recommended that not too long ago. I would like to try it but I don't have anything that maintains a temp that low. I was kind of looking around at commercial food warming catering stuff but I probably won't go that far.
  6. Looks like a really good deal on Big Block on the Kamado Joe website. I've been using Big Block a lot and it's usually really good lump. I just finished up my last bag of about 8 (4 2-packs) that I purchased awhile back from Home Depot on sale. Anyone interested in splitting a full pallet? $18.75/bag is a pretty solid price. 40-bag full pallet for $750 (normally $1200) 20-bag half pallet for $450 (normally $600) https://www.kamadojoe.com/products/big-block-xl-lump-charcoal-20lb-bags-bulk?variant=39414284320819&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=CjwKCAiAwc-dBhA7EiwAxPRylKaSc4KXY81izhtKq5KS6OuK0HDAnPEjXLx23U0LXCipT9jCjhxbORoClzYQAvD_BwE
  7. Thanks for the heads up! No more jury rigged foil trays!
  8. @C6BillGreat looking spread! I've never cooked duck. I should try to search for some around here. And Beecher's....representing my neck of the woods in the Seattle area!
  9. QFC, one of our grocery stores around here (Kroger), carries some Berkshire Kurobuta pork chops. I think most people don’t realize how good they are. Often I’ll find them on close out because they are reaching their sell by date and the store is trying to get rid of them. Sometimes the cut isn’t all that great and they aren’t worth it. But these were excellent cuts. Got them for $12 a piece. They turned out to be the best piece of pork I’ve ever had. I marinated them for about 5-6 hrs in Kinder’s Teriyaki with sesame and ginger. Glazed them a bit at the end of the cook which was done on indirect at about 275F, then once they reached about 130F internal I turned up the heat and placed them on the hot side direct to get a little char. Then placed them back on the indirect side abd brushed more sauce on and let glaze. Pulled them off at 142F internal and let rest. Talk about meat candy. Found an excellent seasonal beer also. Great flavor with the spices and orange peel it was brewed with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I had success with a much smaller turkey of 14 lbs. Even with the forks cinched tight, and some butcher twine tying up legs and wings, there was still some movement while turning. This got a lot better once it cooked a bit and the skin tightened up. It wasn't that the forks weren't doing there job. It is just that there is a lot of mass beyond the radius of the forks around the spit. And it's soft tissue mass so gravity makes it sag as it rotates around. This effect will likely be enhanced on your massive bird. I would guess that you can mitigate it though if you use a lot of butcher twine and tie things up very snugly. But even then I believe you will see shifting/sagging. I don't think you should have a problem with the turkey falling into the fire though. One thing to really make sure is that your spit is set for the right length so it doesn't pop out of the hole. I actually had that happen and had to lengthen the spring loaded end to fit more snugly. Then no issues after that.
  11. I saw some Grade A scallops at Costco for over $30/lb I think. I'm not sure that's apples to apples since I'm not sure on the details on where they originated from but they looked pretty good.
  12. 40th birthday brisket. First time really cooking for more than just my wife and I. The brisket came out excellent and everyone really enjoyed it. Got enough seasoning on it this time for a very flavorful bark and went fat side up (Costco USDA Prime). I think I prefer it that way so you get a nice undisturbed fat layer that presents well. This cooked a lot quicker than I thought it would so I blew through the wrap stage while I was sleeping. Bonus though as it was done a lot earlier and was able to carve it up for lunch rather than dinner. It resulted in some spots of the bark getting a bit tough as you can see by the pieces lying in the forefront but it wasn't much of a problem at all. Just advice if you ever do the candles. You gotta be quick! The candles were melting in the meat lol. And my other vice....watches. The Navy Exchange had a big sale so we picked up the Cherry Red dial Oris Aquis as a 40th birthday memento. Can't stop looking at the dial when in sunlight.... -Nick
  13. I kept mine pretty simple but turned out really good. Just a kosher salt and brown sugar wet brine for roughly 18hrs or so. Threw in a bunch of garlic sage and thyme as well but not sure that had much effect on flavor. I'll have to consider the air drying step in the future and see if that makes a difference. The turkey was shifting around a bit on the rotisserie at first but as the skin browned and tightened up, the bird rotated smoothly. The brine made for very tender and moist breast meat. Everyone was very thought it tasted great. I thought for sure it was dried out with how the skin split and breast was pulling away from the bone but as mentioned the meat was still very moist. Pulled it off with an internal breast temp of 167 deg....A little later than planned but caught it in time before getting overcooked. Not quite done yet: Ready to take it off:
  14. Nice color choice! Congrats on your purchase. You'll really enjoy smoking/grilling/baking on something with as much thermal mass as these have. It really keeps things stable.
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