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  1. If possible, just buy a BBQ Guru fan. Works perfectly with the Fireboard Drive / Pro. @C6Bill is right
  2. Welcome to the club! I have had my 32 for two years now. Have done well over 150 cooks on it so far. Of all my grills/smokers, it's my most versatile. If I could only have one it would be my KK Best of luck to you my friend.
  3. I have the best results by using a charcoal chimney to start my lump. I fill the basket 2/3 and top it off with the hot coals from the chimney. Note, I also struggled with finding the right lump. I tried the XL size and I think that was my trouble. I switched to Fogo in the black bag and have never looked back.
  4. Anyone have a 22" they can show a few pics of? If I were to buy a new KK it would be a 22" TT. I'd love to have one on a cart so it would be a bit more mobile than my 32".
  5. The footprint is too large. Ive considered it Imagine a KK in the center of this
  6. I'm thinking something like this but after 10 doses of steroids Stainless platform, 2" tube for frame, large golf cart style wheels, etc.. Would be very nice.
  7. I really want to find a way to transport and move my 32BB. I'd like to build some sort of frame structure for it to sit on/in with large golf cart sized wheels. My goal would be to load it on a trailer so I can take it places. With the basic wheels I don't feel comfortable moving it more than a few feet to clean around it. Unfortunately, a 19 table top in the back of the car won't work. I need to get my 32 up and moving
  8. Yes, the Fireboard 2 Drive will work with your Pit Viper. The probes should work but I cannot vouch from personal experience.
  9. I did some plate ribs for Thanksgiving. They were so delicious. One of my favorite bites in bbq. Those ribs don't have much marbling. Did they turn out good? They look good in the pics.
  10. Clean it after a cook when the grease is warmer and pliable. It should come off.
  11. Use ZEP cleaner. It works great. I'd be a bit reluctant to use a strong cleaner like Easy-off.
  12. I have been watching their site for a discount. Seems like they just had a 20% not too long ago. I am using my Yeti now to hold briskets for a few hours. A holding oven will be one of my next purchases.
  13. First off, keep it covered. That seems to be the most detrimental for the grout/tiles. Moisture gets behind or under the tiles and the freezes. Not good. As for cooking in the cold, I've cooked in -20F last year. No problem. I had an icicle forming from the condensation coming out of my bottom vent. Lol. In the winter I look most forward to using my KK. Nothing better than firing up the KK for an overnight cook during a wicked snow storm. Note, I do have my KK under a covered porch.
  14. I do the same. However, I place a few chances of wood in my lump I light in the chimney as well as a few in the lump in the KK. I pour the coals over the entire basket versus the corner.
  15. Just as stated above, you can see how consistent the Firebird keeps my KK as well. Notice the green bars on the bottom represent when the fan is running and at what percentage. I setup the KK before I went to bed. I woke up and noticed the fan was running quite a bit. I opened the top vent a to 1/4 turn from 1/8 open. You can see the fan barely ran after that.
  16. For reference, I have a 32BB. I use either a sheet pan or foil as a heat deflector. Foil will not move on you. Note, if the meat is going to drop a lot you may want to put a pan on top of the foil to catch the drippings. For a six hour cook, I'd recommend using the basket splitter. For a long 12+ hour cook I'd recommend a full basket of lump. 1/4 or 1/2 for a short cook would be more than sufficient. Bottom vent should be open maybe the first notch or two. Not too much though to keep it at 225F.
  17. I've had my KK for a bit over a year now. Temp control was something I stressed about when I began my journey. I was guilty of the whole "temp chasing" by making adjustments continuously. Using either just the vents or a temp controller, I learned one thing. Lesson learned is that the top vent only needs to be opened 1/8 of a turn to keep temps at or below 250F. I was opening it 1/4 or 1/2 and would experience temp runs like you have. Additionally, I no longer use Fogo XL or large charcoal like that. Basic Fogo is my go-to and I've had much more consistent temps.
  18. So, after a year of using my weed burner to light the lump I've made a change. I now use a XL sized chimney to start the lump. Once it's glowing hot I pour it over the unlit lump in the KK. Let it take off fir a bit and then set my damper. I didn't like the lump popping and flying back in my face. Not to mention the heat, smoke, and gas from the lump. I find the chimney to be a much easier solution.
  19. Negative. It's a traditional flow Texas style offset. Just a 24x48. Nothing too big.
  20. I cooked a brisket over the weekend. I smoked it at 225F for four hours on the offset and then to the KK. I left it on the KK for 9 hours. It was ready at 8 AM at which time I put it in the cooler. We ate it for lunch. Was very good. I'll be doing that method again. IMG_2201.mov
  21. Dennis and I are working on a solution. The prototype should've arrived to the USA in July. Due to Dennis injury, I have not reached out to discuss. Stay tuned.
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