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  1. I'd like to try to make some jerky in my 32KK this winter too. I'm following to see how to do so. I'm considering using my controller & fan to keep it at 170ish.
  2. @MacKenzie Looks delicious! We just received our hog from the butcher. I look forward to cooking the rib roasts. This is our first time buying a whole pig. So, this will be out first time cooking alternative cuts of pork. I know the KK can do its part. The question is, can I......?
  3. I will be doing a leg of lamb next week for Thanksgiving. I only have FOGO lump at the moment. Which do you prefer to use when cooking lamb on the KK?
  4. Very nice! Welcome to the community. Good luck with finding a perfect resting spot. Once you do, you will enjoy using it. I have had my BB32 for about 8 months now. Absolutely love it. We cook on it numerous times a week. Regardless of weather.
  5. Enjoy the time with the family and good luck with the cook!
  6. Can you please describe your "soak out" process?
  7. So, the first attempt was a success. It started off rough but the end product was above average. The party-goers ate the whole bird. To begin, I placed a foil pan in the basket and put the lump around it. (As advised by others.) I seasoned the bird the night before and lightly salted the outside. The next day I installed the rotisserie and placed the bird in. KK was stabilized at 275F. I let it go for about 10-15 minutes and then walked away. My neighbor was over checking things out and he noticed a sound from the motor. We went to inspect and the bird had fallen out of the cradle. It was laying on the bottom of the KK in the foil pan with coals on it. We quickly cleaned things up and situated the bird in the cradle again. One of the tines came loose and let go. Not sure if it had to do with the heat or what. It spun for a total of 4.5 hours. However, at the 3 hour mark I noticed the coals were getting low. I was hoping it would finish in time but it didn’t. I had to re-fuel the best and let it get back up to temp. I didn’t have time to get the bird hot enough to crisp the skin. It was a bit gummy. This was the only downside of the bird. The meat was super juicy and tasty. Even the breast. Overall, the rotisserie worked well and the end results were above average for my first time. Next time I will change the charcoal layout a bit. I will make a sideways L with the lump. Where the side of the L is I will place the breast towards that and the legs towards the other side. This will cook the breast a bit more so than the legs. Secondly, I will get the KK much hotter for the end of the cook. I just ran out of steam after the lump ran out. The drop in heat set me back a bit in terms of time so I couldn’t crisp it enough to my liking.
  8. I have a 32 so my basket is oval shaped. That isn't an option for me lol. I have been pondering how to do it aside from just placing the charcoal along the back. Not sure what I could use to take up the space.
  9. We are having a neighborhood Halloween Party on Saturday. I offered to cook a turkey as practice for Thanksgiving. I am thinking of using the rotisserie. I set it up and prepared the KK last night. I was planning to smoke it for an hour or so at 250F and then bumping it up to 300-350F. I have a Meater+ that I will use to monitor temp. What tips can you provide for my first rotisserie cook? (Coal placement, cook techniques, etc.) Turkey specific suggestions?
  10. I was under the same impression about Cowboy lump. Apparently, they stopped using scrap wood back in 2013. Naked Wiz has an update on the top of his review for Cowboy. Either way, I used it once and will no longer since reading the review. I didn't have the best experience with it either. My experience with JD was very good. However, pieces were small and price was quite high. I have had the best luck with FOGO. Where do you find the best price on JD?
  11. Damn, that's a good deal. I may have to buy one or two for gifts.
  12. @DennisLinkletter My understanding is that the gas burner is just for starting the lump/charcoal. Although, I don't see why it couldn't be used as a heat source. Probably less than ideal.
  13. When I bought my grill I spent way too much time debating between the available accessories. After six months of having my grill, I've determined the following: Basket Splitter Cover Side Tables WITH Stainless Tops (Best Upgrade IMO) I purchased the baking stone, rotisserie cradle & reducer, and the cold smoker when I ordered my grill. Sadly, I have not used the cold smoker or rotisserie yet. I've used the baking stone a few times which was quite nice but not an essential.
  14. @Syzygies I just purchased the JVR Vac100 as my first vac sealer. I did a ton of research which led me to the Vac100. The power, size, and ease of use is what I liked most about the Vac100. After a month of use, we are very happy with it. I hope it last a long time. I think you will like it too
  15. 1. As Dennis has stated, don't use the heat deflectors. Use something to catch the drippings from the brisket as your heat deflector. (I.e. pan, foil, etc.) 2. Always use a thermometer..... 3. Put a few chunks of wood when you build your fire. No need to add chips or wood through the side.
  16. @BasherThanks for the tips. We have always struggled with venison due to the low fat. However, when it is cooked right it turns out well. @C6Bill Grinding it up with pork is typically what we do. After that, we patty a majority of it. I was just hoping for some way to use the KK mores than just grilling burgers
  17. We are quickly approaching hunting season here in North America. For those of you who hunt whitetail deer, how do you cook venison on the KK? Any recipes, tips, tricks, etc. would be much appreciated.
  18. Congrats Dennis! Now, if I could just find someone to do a bulk purchase with me.......
  19. Why didn't you go with a chamber vac?
  20. Looks very nice! Enjoy it my fellow KK owner
  21. I second the Google Nest security cameras. I have two and have had a good experience with them. Mine are not the newest version and the quality is still decent. If you are looking for the best quality I'd recommend Lorex.
  22. Do you have the basket divider? If so, I only use the moon shaped plate and fill the basket up to the top. Place some large pieces in the bottom and then cover the top with smaller pieces. Don't be shy with the lump. It's a total PITA to refill the charcoal halfway or near the end of the cook. Trust me. As a new KK owner, I've made the mistake of not using enough lump.
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