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I am ordering a 32” big bad, am getting the normal basket splitter, rotisserie spit and basket, the rotisserie basket splitter, baking stone, cold smoker and side tables.

Is there anything else I should get, is the half rack useful for when grilling over direct heat but you also want to do indirect cooking at the same time?

thank you…

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i personally would want to get:

canvas cover

the charcoal splitter for both horizontal and vertical orientations

side tables stainless

double bottom drip pan

rotisserie spit, forks, and a strong motor.



duck hanger


the rest is up to you..


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Depending on where you're going to keep your new beauty, if it's exposed, then I'd highly recommend getting a cover for it. Your list seems to cover most of the rest. We always tell folks to load up the pallet with as much of Dennis' cocochar (coconut charcoal) and coffee wood as will fit in the shipping container. It's the cheapest way to buy it. 

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Absolutely get the cover, the half grate is included with a 32. So no need to add it. At least it always has been so you might want to ask. The half grate is one thing i couldn't live without

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