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  1. HappyOwner

    Hello from the land of palm trees and pelicans

    Turtle - you are not the only Tampa owner! I have an early model, and I was a reference for someone else who I think also ordered. Any potential customers that want to see one in person is more than welcome at my house. As a former owner of one of the "others" I can also discuss the differences. Kevin
  2. HappyOwner

    Pork belly (German: Schweinsbrust) recipe

    schweinshaxe Sent via email (can't post PDF) Kevin
  3. HappyOwner

    Pork belly (German: Schweinsbrust) recipe

    schweinshaxe Jasen - I've got 5 different recipes - all in German. Be glad to scan the pages and post for you One is Nuremberg style, one Munich - both of which are really boiled. Then from another old Bavarian cookbook, with a picture of schweinshaxe on the cover, there are 3 recipes - one broiled, one boiled and one grilled. If you speak Deutsch, I'll post a scan. Otherwise if you pick one, I'll have my wife translate it - of course that will be at a price to me, which means you'll have to pay me with a good homebrew recipe. Hoppy extract (haven't graduated to all grain yet). Kevin
  4. HappyOwner

    1st cook and 1st overnight

    Old K table Did you remove the old stainless band and the hinges/springs? If so, how do you roll it around if needed without a grip? Ideally I'd like a top that opened and closed, but didn't reuse the Mexi-K hinges for a more sleek look like the KK. Did you close in the draft door in any way? Then again, maybe I'll just trash it since it is crumbling. Maybe Dennis will share some of his cook center plans? Dennis, please? Kevin
  5. HappyOwner

    Haxe Anybody?

    recipe Jasen - I would like the recipe. My wife is from outside Munich, so it would be a nice surprise to use my "toy" to cook something special for her. Kevin
  6. HappyOwner

    1st cook and 1st overnight

    Old K I'd like to see more detail on your side table use of the old K. I've got an old K I'd like to use for something. Kevin
  7. HappyOwner

    Logo Vote!

    Re: logo
  8. HappyOwner

    Lets hear from people who have used both K and KK

    Lets hear from people who have used both K and KK From a pure cooking perspective, I'd say that they are about equal. Haven't noticed a difference in the external temperature.
  9. HappyOwner

    Florida KK

    Besides customer service, it's my favorite feature! Nothing quite like the 2 handed heavy operation of the Mexi-K. My wife wouldn't even touch the Mexi-K, but she will the KK. Kevin
  10. HappyOwner

    Florida KK

    People have been asking for pictures of KK's in place, so here's my baby And a close up, yes, that is a Mexi-K thermometer. It's the only thing that still works from that one. I bought my KK before Dennis started including them. Kevin
  11. HappyOwner

    Where can I kick the tires in Orlando, FL?

    Kick the tires I'm not in Orlando, but if you want to drive over to Tampa, you can see mine. I'll also show you my Mexi-K that doesn't need the heat to crack like yours.
  12. HappyOwner

    another satisfied customer

    Ok, how about a recipe for that? Heh Dennis, how about a forum category for recipes? Kevin
  13. HappyOwner

    Using Gas

    Teak tables "With 600 containers of teak furniture under my belt.. This week I'm going to dabble in making some teak tables/BBQ centers that an OTB would fit into.." Dennis - Sign me up. I'm your man. I know it's a tough job, but I'm willing to volunteer to beta test the tables! No charge! I know I know, it's hard to believe the kindness of strangers. I've been thinking of doing something myself, but maybe I'll just wait for your engineering Don't forget my accessories when you get a chance
  14. HappyOwner

    Thermometer question

    Re: Glad you asked!! But Dennis, that cheapo thermometer is the only thing from my Mexi K that still works!
  15. HappyOwner

    No Danger here as Ash and Gas spew from Mt. Merapi

    Earthquake Dennis - given the distance Surabaya is from Yogyakarta, I assume you weren't affected by the earthquake. But here's best wishes that you weren't and if you were that no one was injured and a speedy recovery. Kevin