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  1. subseaaggie

    Cola Ham

    any recommendations for a rub other than the Sweet Heat? I am currently in a location that is limited on rubs. Would Tony Chachere’s work?
  2. I have started using the Tumble Weed (Amazon Tumble Weed Link). It works like a charm... I leave the top of the KK open due to the sun it puts off.
  3. Sorry...meant 1000 to 1600... Temp was indirect at 330 with guru. No Texas crunch this time since the last two did not end up with a nice crust like I like them.
  4. 10 lb pre trim, rubbed with "butt rub", fat down, injected with a small amount of Lone Star beer, 2 handfuls of mesquite chips on fire, on at 1100 and off at 1600 when internal temp hit 190, off for 30 min of after cook love.
  5. Packed in all the way from Texas:)
  6. Cooked my first slab this weekend ...it had been so long since we had good meat we did not even get a chance for the after pictures.
  7. Re: Two KKs going to Luanda, Angola.. I am putting mine in our household shipment for my transfer to Lagos, Nigeria. Need to buy some extruded charcoal
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