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  1. I'm assuming this would be a hostage situation. A Liam Neeson Taken type scenario revolving around the cats and Mr Tekobo? 😄
  2. I owe you a care package @tekobo and I have not forgotten. Bird flu has been really bad in East Anglia this year and the birds have been kept 'free range' in large barns so I'm not sure if this has had a detrimental effect on taste. And by local, yes, within 300 yards of my house. Think I'm going to have to investigate this technique. I'll report back!
  3. That looks superb Troble. I just flicked through the thread while I ate my lunch - a roast beef sandwich. Never has a roast beef suffered from such feelings of inadequacy. Also, why am I hungry all over again?
  4. I'm going to make myself unpopular amongst the KK devotees here but we debated a pizza oven despite owning a 32 and 19KK. We have a pizza stone for each and a baking steel and have been able to produce consistently excellent pizzas. 12.5% gluten flour is your friend. We've never really made much pizza in the KK since the pizza oven arrived (Alfa Forni). The oven is quicker, more convenient and consumes less fuel. Being able to see the pizza cooking and being able to judge when to turn it is much better than relying on spidey sense to know when to open the KK. Having said that, with experience, you learn how far to open and how quickly to check on the pizza without losing all the heat in the dome. I bought a Fluke 62 Max IR thermometer (recommended like most of what Fluke make) and it taught me a few things about the temperature and hot spots on the stone. What I learned from the pizza oven, I applied to the KK and I'd say that on balance, the pizza oven is more forgiving but you can achieve similar results in the KK. Irrespective of what you use, I highly recommend GI Metal pizza peels as being a KK build quality standard product. We have a rectangular perforated and a turning peel, they're both a joy to use. Also of interest if you're into pizza is Modernist Pizza - due to arrive in September. Looking forward to seeing what I can learn from it.
  5. Looks great Remi. Points for commitment to the first cook and points for the remote monitoring. I'm getting shades of this with the smokey shot:
  6. I've been quiet for a while as I've been so busy with work and then summer decided to turn up in the UK and the garden has taken over. Anyway, I've been tuning in, getting hungry and admiring some of the cooks. Al Pastor is definitely on the to do list. 🙂 I did a Boston Butt yesterday while I planted 600 hedge plants. I'm amazed I could lift a fork after that work (despite having a micro digger) but working in the miasma of BBQ which kept drifting across the garden reminded me that good things come to those who lift heavy weights. 😁 Ran the 32KK on 160 for about 6.5h using the Fireboard. Final internal temp was a little higher, think I must have pulled the probe a little early. Served with slaw made with apple, celeriac, fennel - a Steven Reichlan classic.
  7. Probably an interpretation issue with a font or incorrect character encoding. Do you have an example? Could be a number of causes but easier with an example to reference.
  8. Coming soon, the 62" 'Big Bad Sarcophagus' ......
  9. I feel I need to make half the members of this forum signatories on my bank account. 😄
  10. Welcome. The ODK looks great. Puri Tandoor?
  11. Now you've got me thinking about upgrades to my 19 which could do with a tune up.
  12. I think the KK is like the Porsche 911. If you're not a car guy, this probably doesn't mean that much but the essence of what it is remains present in all evolutions of the vehicle. If you get what it's about, it doesn't matter which one you have, you'll still enjoy the experience. I don't see what comparing the history of the models offers you if I assume that you're looking to make a purchase decision? My 32KK which I bought a couple years ago has been updated to include a steel trace around the lid (apparently people were leaving tools on the side and shutting the lid on them and breaking tiles off for example). Doesn't make a difference because it's not a mistake I've ever made and well, just be careful. Dennis has obviously had enough issues to deal with that he felt it worth addressing but I don't think the fundamentals have changed that much.
  13. I think the forum just had its Superbowl moment. I'm not saying that @tekobo is Tom Brady. Oh hell, that's about all I know on American Football so I'll stop there.
  14. I don't harbour grudges although I feel I should on the basis of not having scored an invite to pigfest yesterday!! I had a look at your cookbook collection yesterday pre-pig and was going 'got it, got got it, got it, ooo, not seen that, got it' so I have my work cut out to find books you don't have! Don't buy it @tekobo, I shall buy one for you as a random act of kindness. Let me know if you've already ordered it.
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