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  1. If you're on a modern iPhone, the easiest fix for this is to step back and make the 2x zoom do the work. You can pinch and zoom but better to use the optical lens than the 'digital zoom' although it will work, the quality won't be as good and the image will be a bit soft depending on how much zoom you apply. Due to the focal length of the lens, it compresses perspective sufficient to not include directional flare or reflection that you'd get if you were closer but still allows you to be perpendicular to the object you're photographing. I use the technique all the time if I have directional lig
  2. Congratulations. I was expecting a different kind of new baby. 😁
  3. Thanks @tekobo, I'm not here to scare people. It's a wonderful blend and I encourage anyone reading to try it. I did a comprehensive job of dry brining and really worked the Suya into the meat and compounded this with marinading. As skirt has quite an open structure, it penetrated the meat really well. Some might say too well. I must confess to not having cut it with onions and tomatoes which much like a Masala, I would expect would make all the difference. I have in mind a Raita to go with it next time but constructed with a Tahini base, I'll just need to reduce the viscosity of the Tahini a
  4. Thanks Tony. I appreciate that but I don't think Mrs BQ did. I love Peri Peri Chicken in an unhealthy way and like it hot but I sometimes forget that I have to knock it back a bit for Mrs BQ. But I'll give her credit, she has worked up to the final stages of Hot Mountain having previously been a lost wanderer in the foothills of mild. Your comment about exit made me chuckle and reminds me of a TV ad which I recall was South African. I also can't remember which inappropriately phonetically named relief cream it was for but it featured a black screen and a piece of metal pipe heating up so
  5. I've been meaning to do Suya Kebabs for a while and I had them absolutely ages ago so much so the taste was a lingering and nearly forgotten memory. @tekobo very kindly sent me some Tekobo Approved Suya so I thought I would take the opportunity and make some this weekend. Spoke to our butcher and he had some good looking skirt so I bought just over a kg and dry brined it on Saturday then cooked them on Sunday. I didn't do much more than slice and massage Suya into the meat. Worked it through, double wrapped the bowl with cling film and into the fridge it went. I was feeling hungry and lazy on
  6. Welcome on board. Great product, great community to be a part of. I see that everyone who has posted above has already attempted to empty your wallet and persuade you to buy any accessories you may have missed or not thought you needed. Some great forum teamwork! 😄 Some notes from experience - - Pebbles are the best. Especially black. Thermal efficiency, heat soaking. Cooks on black pebble KKs are scientifically proven to be better, moister, more flavoursome. I may be joking but I think the pebbles suit the shape best. - If you're doing proteins, the rotisserie is a great addit
  7. Thanks @MacKenzie. Really recommend the recipe. Tellingly, it's the only photograph I took!
  8. Carne asada tacos tonight. Aged onglet, grilled spring onions, japano, guacamole and garlic crema. It's a recipe from Breddos which is a great taqueria that started out in East London. It's from their cookbook but a variation which has all the components of the recipe is available from Great British Chefs if anyone is tempted. I put way too much Scotch Bonnet in the chili sauce but the garlic crema cut it beautifully. Cerveza Pacífico Clara to wash it all down for the beer minded.
  9. Makes me think I've been doing 'Corned Beef Hash' wrong all these years...
  10. Good work. While I posted the recipe on to the forum, I tend to cook it on a Sage slow cooker so you don't need to wait for the KK to arrive before trying it. I look forward to your feedback and pictures. I think you're right on the ingredients but if you stick within a specific cuisine or adjacent, I find you maximise use and don't end up wasting ingredients by having them go stale. We tend to go through phases of certain types of cuisines for this reason but American BBQ is less problematic than mixing Indian, Thai and Japanese for example.
  11. Probably worth tagging @DennisLinkletter on this. Assume it relates to all models.
  12. Looks fabulous. There needs to be a time lock on this thread, I am looking at this during breakfast time in the UK and regretting that decision due to the inevitable BIF (Breakfast Inadequacy Feeling) that I will experience shortly. 😁
  13. Not sure where you are Syzygies but recall you're in the US. Not sure how far off from Portland you are but a shop I know there would post some to you. When I was working in Portland, there was a great spice shop called The Spice & Tea Exchange - they will do All Spice - ground or whole for about US$3.30. They were passionate and service focused so I'm sure they'd be happy to help. I had thought of sealing the meat on the grill after a long marinade and then letting it slow cook in the mixture for a few hours to cook it through. It depends on the cut of goat, we're fortunate in be
  14. Checking the dimensions, 32 x 22 is what I'd work from as a template size. I've attached some pictures (excuse the grubby grill as it's been sitting out and I've not burnt off and cleaned it) which you can take dimensions from. Measurements taking from the widest horizontal and vertical points and left sufficient reference in shot to orientate against the overall picture. The other grills will be the same dimensions or fall within them. The reason I shared this one is because it is the most bulky to accommodate and you'll probably leave it in the 32KK anyway. As someone with a shelvi
  15. Welcome to the club. Don't be intimidated, it's a great experience. You just need to have a strategy for getting it into position. You may have seen some of my comments on other threads but machinery is the way to do it if you can. Dennis has done a great job on the crate and unboxing experience - you know when you use a tool or something that is just right and it's obvious that someone spent a lot of time thinking about how to do it properly. That's just the crate. Top tip - find the crowbar in the package first. Dennis supplies one with the crate - think it's underneath. I forgot (there was
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