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  1. Hey All I thought there might be some appreciation for this and I took these pictures and the video with the KK community in mind. In June, we went to Cragside in Northumberland, the former home of Lord and Lady Armstrong which is now operated by the National Trust. Armstrong was a fascinating character - he was an engineer (albeit a whimsical and eccentric one) and industrialist. The house is beautiful but is also full of innovations and is the first home in the world to be powered by hydroelectricity. The kitchen had a lot of precursors to modern conveniences, albeit slightly primitive but they were early conceptions - a gas stove and dishwasher from what I recall. What particularly drew my attention was the hydraulic rotisserie. I've included a couple of iPhone images below to give context but the video shows the gears exposed in the floor along with the driveshaft in motion. While the National Trust keep the kitchen in service and bake Victorian cakes for the cafe once a week, the meats were plastic props hence the speed of rotation in the video. Anyway, I thought there would be some appreciation here for Victoria era KK style over engineering. Alex IMG_7342.MOV IMG_7346.MOV
  2. But I always intensely sear my steaks as far away from the charcoal as possible. Been trying to figure out why I never get sear marks! It's pretty unforgivable to not have those basics right when you're selling a product at this price point.
  3. I may have had something to do with that. 😁
  4. Welcome! Looks great.
  5. Kalamazoo are frightening price wise. I looked around for an Argentine Grill in the UK and everything was a bit crude and then I came across Ox Grills who were very happy to customise to my design. If I was paying what Kalamazoo are charging, I'd expect something of a transcendental experience.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. Losing them is devastating. What a beautiful dog. If you ever need a virtual Terrier fix, I am happy to oblige. Posing with KK available on request. 👍 If I was being reincarnated, I think coming back as a KK would be a pretty sweet deal. Although I can't imagine our dog being a very good KK, you'd have to enter into a negotiation every time you wanted to open the lid. Ours plays fetch but will only release the ball on an exchange basis and then only if he perceives he is getting a better offer.
  7. Thanks Dennis. All self explanatory. Had to stop for a beer mid way through all the unwrapping, damn there's a lot of cellophane wrap and cardboard! 😁 Need to drop you an email about another UK order piggy backed on mine, you have mail.
  8. I had thought of strapping a GoPro to my head for the full 'player one' experience but as a friend of mine did that for the birth of his first child, I can totally attest to the sheer entertainment value it offered. Highlight was when his wife realised that he intended to go into the delivery room with it on and it cut shortly after a pregnant woman going into labour lunged at him. 😂 I think my efforts would have been far less entertaining but I'm putting it out there in case anyone expecting one fancies a novel delivery video idea.... 😎
  9. Absolutely, due to the scale of the 32, you need someone to help you finish the quantity of food that you're going to produce. Best and most practical accessory. Also has a secondary dishwashing function.
  10. Mackenzie, if you have two wires and a KK, you are clearly of fine taste and great discernment. I would love to see some pictures. A group shot of KK and dogs would be 😍
  11. Well, this chapter of the journey has closed. It started with an innocent question about charcoal and ended up with the purchase of a 32KK. 😁 I'm kidding but you lot are a terrible influence! 👨‍💻 The 32KK arrived just before 4pm. Having checked in with the clearing agent after 8am, I knew to expect it late afternoon. I called to confirm and the vehicle tracker said they were 15 minutes away. I called Keith (local farmer) who said he would be over in 20 mins with the (telehandler/teleporter/lull). Perfect. The vehicle arrived and the driver (who was Russian) discovered that my Russian was as fluent as his English. So through a combination of interpretative dance and 'da, da, da, nyet, nyet, nyet' we got the truck parked where it wouldn't block the road as he could not make the turn. Some more 'da, da, da' and the doors were open and the tail lift engaged. Those familiar with the UK will be surprised to see blue sky. Typically, the arrival of complicated deliveries involving expensive items demands that the heavens open and that you have to deal with a deluge of mud and water. Tail lift down, we talked strategy (more interpretative dance this time with pointing) and a da or two later, we had the KK on the pallet truck and wheeling down the road. I'm afraid there aren't any comedy images of the two of us pushing 675KG of crated Komodo down the road. I was alerted to the presence of two cars behind us with a flurry of 'nyet, nyet, nyet' from the truck driver just as Keith arrived in the opposite direction driving the telehandler. We were stuck in the middle between a telehandler and a Range Rover. The Range Rover decided that reversing was a good idea and as Keith had to turn, he charged up the road in the same direction as the Range Rover in what looked like some surreal joust. Keith drove the telehandler in a way that suggested a love of rallying and that it wasn't his first rodeo. We got the KK off the blue pallet first which would have seriously complicated life (special thanks to @PVPAUL who helped me avoid a problem and a lot of wasted time) and placed it on the patio. I have to say that as a piece of equipment, the telehandler was pretty impressive to watch. The horizontal hydraulic arms just extended out and eased the crate down effortlessly. It has all wheel steer so is remarkably manoeuvrable. As it was now after 4pm, the siren call of the pub saw Keith dematerialise and the Russian driver had already departed in a flurry of 'da, da, sign here, spasibo' leaving me to free the KK from its confines of the last two months. I looked at my watch. 17 minutes from arrival to being ready to unpack. Might have to setup a league table on the forum although 90% of that is thanks to the telehandler. 💨 I had my socket set, screwdrivers, mallet and a small crow bar ready and tackled the crate. Eight bolts came out pretty quickly and my wife was enlisted to assist lifting the cover off. A challenge as she travels closer to the ground than I do so we were not well matched to lift evenly. The dog decided that now was the perfect time to get underfoot so had to be shepherded out the way. It went smoothly and off came the top. At this point I remembered that I should probably document the grand reveal. The patio is being ripped up and hard landscaping due to start shortly so I have blue linemarker all over the place for the contractors so they don't go through pipes or other services. And there it is. I've not quite finished unpacking it all as it was my wife's birthday and we were going out for dinner. While I would have liked to have opened it all up and set everything in place, I just didn't have the time so it's a job to finish tomorrow morning. One thing that I wasn't sure of was the hanging assembly for the side tables to fold them down. It was approaching midnight that I looked at them with a head torch. Anyway, I'll finish this post with an obligatory shot of the dog (Welsh Terrier) contained in the BBQ to show scale and to keep him out of trouble after he picked up some of the packaging and sailed down the garden with it. Staged next to the 19" tabletop (same finish), the 19" looks positively pocket sized. Until you try and move it. Thanks to everyone for the advice and support along the way. Now I just need to remind myself of burn in procedures and strategies for making the grill easier to clean.
  12. How can one piece of plant equipment have so many different names?
  13. I meant a telehandler. Damn autocorrect on my phone. 🤦‍♂️ I am expecting this: That said, in Ireland, they call the same thing a teleporter: https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/many-farms-now-using-teleporters-35594852.html
  14. That sounds like a con Kemi. They usually have a pallet truck on the vehicle to get stuff off the load bed for a kerb side drop. If it was an all terrain one, then yeah. Makes sense as they're about 10 times the price of a standard. This is what my clearing agent sent me this morning. I ordered a cart for my 19" so I'm hoping that it doesn't arrive in a state. The silhouette of the package suggests it's on top. Fortunately being in an agricultural area, my local farmer is going to give me a hand and he has a teleporter rated to 5 tonnes and has the skill to use it so that will make the job easy. One case of beer and promise of a BBQ. Job done I think. Off to read the other thread.
  15. Congratulations on your new arrivals. Was the 32 that much of a convincer that you had to buy another? It took me ages to get another. Thanks for the information, this is gold! When my 19 arrived almost 10 years ago(!), I remember the crate was well thought out and the top lifted off elegantly. I appreciate good design and engineering and it's pleasing when you find it. I write that having spent about 10 minutes this morning trying to extract a pack of batteries from a heat sealed blister pack without damaging them. Wrap rage is a real thing. Such a help to know about the ramp, I was worrying about bracing and building a ramp that would take the load but that solves a problem. Thanks Paul. I know that my ability to solve the problem on the fly without the right tools and machinery makes it much harder given the weight. I'm pretty good at building rapport with the drivers but in the UK, quite often it comes down to health and safety risk assessments and they're not covered under insurance if they injure themselves so this overrides goodwill. Interesting discovery of the day - Forklift Hire for a Day: £40 Carriage: £240(1 way). The cost of buying an all terrain pallet truck is about £650 once you lose the VAT....
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