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  1. I'm the middle ground. Don't see the point of the blowers but the probes are brilliant. The app is also really good. BBQ guru always felt a bit homemade Radioshack which is what I recall you have. I have a Meater and don't find it's as reliable. I have a weapons grade WiFI network with repeaters and I just find the connection is flakey. Fireboard is rock solid in that regard. I'll do a live Zoom for you and you can subscribe to my cook in realtime (yeah, you can do a share via the cloud so the people you can't invite get to see the progress of your cook). I have no idea what the use case
  2. I feel an upsell opportunity coming on. Have you considered a Fireboard? I'm very impressed with mine. Joking aside.
  3. It was a rookie mistake. I caught it early enough but a 14h cook was about 8h as a result. But I think the flavour profile would not have changed so I saved some charcoal. Maybe? Useful to share with those new to the KK. A black KK with black bungs and used at night has disadvantages.
  4. I know you get doom scrolling on Twitter but what's the equivalent on this thread? Hunger scroll? Some great looking cooks on the thread. KK kudos.
  5. I decided to do an experiment using pork shoulder and Shichi-mi tōgarashi. I thought the flavours would lend themselves to the dish and would give me the basis to use leftovers for Okonomoyaki. Well, the results weren't quite what I was hoping for and I decided that I would make a pork pibil and set about creating a citrus cure (the togarashi has orange peel in it). It worked beautifully. So a togarashi rub on its own. Meah. The taco pork pibil recovery was a winner though. I know my KK well and couldn't figure out why my temperatures were coming up high. I realised that
  6. The fires last year produced some of the most horrible imagery. Despite all the horrors of 2020, those are still etched in my mind. Terrible to bear witness to, even worse to experience. Stay safe.
  7. Those steaks look good @RokDok I'd call that a very successful first cook. I'm not sure if you have a cover but watch the teak controls on the vents, they'll deteriorate left wet so might want to dry before covering. You've tried the grill, assume a slow cook is up next? I trust you are taking @tony b advice and grabbing adult beverages and getting to grips with the air control first? Good to see some pictures of Mrs RokDok proving she survived the experience of acting as anchor too!
  8. Pleased to see it has arrived. Looks great. Enjoy. And the beer.
  9. I'm not a betting man but I'd wager good money that Mrs RD would definitely fit within the group who 'finds this a bit scary'. 🙂
  10. I was holding out for multi-cam tekobo style. I still chuckle about the delivery manager being brought to camera for a 'post match interview'. Easily my favourite Zoom call of 2020.
  11. Came to check in on the expectant dad. What news @RokDok
  12. That's frustrating. Feel for you. It'll be forgotten once you've got it setup and running.
  13. Fixed it for @Basher Happy Austraya Day. (Major upset in our office today. Aussie Quiz won by an Italian.)
  14. Some great looking cooks here. Those pork chops look particularly fine @jonj Presently:
  15. Welcome Miles. You should have had a repair kit included with the KK. Is the KK new or did you buy it second hand?
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