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  1. It might make sense to have a category under 'Recipes & Cooking Techniques', entitled 'Regional & National Cuisine' or have it as an 'Inspiration' section with messages appearing under the board as 'African Cuisine', 'Southern Cuisine'. Starter for 10.
  2. Thanks Charles. I'm sure @DennisLinkletter will respond in due course.
  3. Well, I'm not sure where to put it. @tony b asked @ckreef to setup a new section of some sort. The reality is that the cuisine type would straddle multiple meats and for reading purposes, might make more sense to have an 'African KK' than putting African recipes under each of the respective sections where the 'genre' might become a bit dislocated and less interesting. If you've got suggestions for where to start it @tekobo, I'm all ears! 😎
  4. Looks good @DennisLinkletter, I've only offered suggestions for improvements but wanted to comment that the organisation of the grills section is much cleaner and easy to navigate. A real improvement. In terms of constructive comments: - The text on the front page fights a bit with the background, if you darken the opacity of the background, it'll improve contrast and legibility of the text. With a variety of screens used to access the site, brightness/contrast/gamma/display type may mean that's much harder to read for some users. I found the patterning made it less relaxing to read as it is but muted a little more, think it would meet functional and aesthetic requirements. - I agree with @tekobo on the positioning strategy - I had the same thought but I think you could clarify the difference in the first two lines of copy by explaining that the 42" and 32" offer much greater grilling real estate (akin to gassers) but also offer multi zone temperatures. The capacity difference is implicit in the comparison photographs but I think that the area of grilling real estate is an important filter for a new customer. - I wasn't sure what to expect from the 'Menu' button before I clicked it - wasn't sure if it was a default button, a software interface 'menu' as a generic label or whether, given the food context, you were offering a recipe 'menu'. Maybe call it 'Resources' (off the top of my head). - You could declutter the 'Menu' and pop an Instagram and Youtube icon (they're universally recognised) on to the top nav so they're permanently visible and merge the food and grill porn galleries into Instagram. You could pull a feed back into the site easily if you wanted to display this content and it'd be easy to filter on tags. For new users and as someone who has been debating differences between the grills (we're still a hung jury on 23" versus 32"), I think being able to get a sense of relative size or scale is important. Perhaps video content or stills to supplement product pages would solve this but I think it would help people understand and better bridge the intangible that Internet retail still hasn't solved.
  5. Wakanda Forever! I'll start a thread this weekend.
  6. I'm happy to oblige. Although 'strange' isn't a descriptive I'd like used in relation to my cooking. How about we setup a thread for awesome African recipes on the KK?
  7. It's Cape Malay originated, a bit like Bobotie where there is more sweetness in the food. When doing volumes of kebabs, I quite like having a sweet and a spicy option. The last spicy kebabs I did, I used Jamaican Curry Powder and Scotch Bonnet (which I borrowed from a Goat Curry recipe I use) and then adapted from there. It was lovely but you have to like spice. I don't know what goes into Jamaican Curry Powder but the Turmeric must be on steroids, it stains everything and I often joke that it'll stain stainless steel! You can add some heat in and stay authentic to a good sosatie recipe as the spice blends are similar.
  8. Good work! Did you give him a choice though? 🤣 I thought you had a Nigerian connection from your name and then I saw your Suya thread the other day. Talking of which, have you ever tried sosaties? Probably the Southern African equivalent of Suya.
  9. My local butcher in Suffolk produces Boerorwors to my recipe so I can recommend him but he hasn't branched out into pork and cheese although he does do excellent sausages. I don't know if he'd mail order and can ask if you'd like. I know that friends are fans of Gavin's Homemade Biltong but it doesn't come with my endorsement as I've not tried it. Good work on the chicken, I think you're an honorary African for that level of commitment. And they say chickens don't fly. It's ingredient and seasonally driven so I suspect you will have an entirely different meal to me when you go. Post match report after please...
  10. Delicatezza do excellent luganega - get the fennel. It has a ** Taste Award as well if you need to be persuaded by multiple endorsements of quality. One of my favourite sausages is Boerorwors - a South African sausage - it translates from Afrikaans as 'farmer sausage'. It's a blend of beef / pork and spiced coriander, cloves and nutmeg together with salt / pepper and many put bacon in. There is a lot of poor imitation Boerorwors and derivations which incorporate cheese, garlic, chilli and so on which when done well are good and have their place but as a point of departure, start with the classic. The classic on the KK, dropped hot into a soft fresh roll slathered in unsalted butter and then with a bit of ground salt on top. It's an antidote to most things. I read into your earlier message that there was a thriving cheese scene in Cardiff, one that I did not know much about. I thought cave aged Wookey Hole Cheddar would have some appeal as an export? One of my French/Italian friends has a real love of it. He is usually my accomplice at La Fromagerie Went Friday night, local friends booked. I hate surprises so it's unsurprising that I hated the concept and format. Some of the food was very good, some of it, well, you could see what they were trying to do. Would I make the effort to go back? No.
  11. TBH, it's not sausage per se. It's more the filling used as a flavoured mince. Cheese from the Valleys *puts on Welsh accent* 🙂 If there is anything that you'd recommend, I'm all ears. The Italians I know appreciate good food, wherever it's from but don't ever say it's better than theirs and you'll be fine. 😎 I get the sense that we must have been passing each other on motorways over the past few days - I've been in Bath visiting friends this past weekend with a stopover back through London.
  12. Greetings @tekobo To be honest, I knew I wouldn't be paying out on that warranty based on indications of your taste. Will need a report on my recipe recommendation though when you have tried it. 😃 Pleased that RC worked out, I have not been to the ICA which is their newer site. My hangout was the Arnold Circus restaurant so I'm pleased that it met your standards. I pride myself on not giving poor recommendations and always like to know if people agree with my assessment. Just got back from London this afternoon myself. La Fromagerie on Moxon Street was my only dalliance with food of any standard and my wife is actually at Polpo tonight with a number of her clients. Life is too short for bad food. Alex
  13. Typical it's closed on Monday! 🤬🤦‍♂️ I will make a note of those recommendations. Never been to Leeds, gone through it a million times on my way to somewhere else. Mangal Ockabasi on Arcola Street will have to remain my favourite Turkish in London. They've never turned me away and they're open Monday. 🤣
  14. I can see the value in it. The user experience of most cook books speaks of salesmanship though and not user experience. Very few cookbooks consider the use of the book by the end user and only go as far as presentation to sell it. I can think of 2 that have actually thought about user experience - On the Side by Ed Smith and Too Many Chiefs, Only One Indian by Sat Bains. Both are excellent books BTW. Recipes are arranged by season, course, are visually well laid out and the recipes have been written with insight on construction and timing. I get so tired of the claims of many recipes - unreasonable prep times - some are so ridiculous, they're clearly made up and not even a well rehearsed brigade of 10 could achieve some of the prep times. If you've ever made pumpkin risotto where they quote 10 minutes prep and have peeled a large pumpkin from scratch, you'll know that 10 minutes is the breather you need after wrestling it! 😃 I know Kulu Kulu. They do a soft shell crab roll with an ungodly amount of Kewpie which was lovely as I recall. Been there forever and it's still there I think. We used to get take out from there if we were pulling lates before the days of Deliveroo and Uber Eats. I spent nearly 10 years drinking at St Johns on a Friday night and had a fair few meals in the place over the years. Offal not my bag and even less so Mrs Braai-Q but it's the only place that I'll do 'Nose to Tail'. Rochelle Canteen run by Fergus' wife is also very good if you don't know it and they regularly bring over different takes on similar ingredients and of course have a similar ethos. Oklava on the book shelf already! Agree on the recommendation. I followed Selin on IG from Great British Menu as I liked her food and ordered the book. Despite the restaurant being a short walk from where we used to live, I could never get a table unless I booked way in advance so unfortunately never tried it. Funnily enough, I'll be based in the same road as the restaurant on Monday! I bet I won't get a table even if I call now but you've inspired a thought. Mary Contini who wrote the Sausage Bible has a similar connection except Scottish. If you like Italian, Cucina won't disappoint.
  15. I was more thinking whether I could buy individual probes to build out a set to my spec. The block is cheaper for four though but I don't want the independent controller unit.
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