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  1. Braai-Q

    Funky Old Cow

    Can I invoice you for a new keyboard after I ruined mine by drooling all over it? 😮 My lunch really does have an inadequacy complex now.
  2. I feel with all the aiding and abetting encouragement of the forum, you've all had a hand in the enlargement of my brief and increase in spend. I'll share pictures, promise. 😃
  3. Fixed that for you. 😛
  4. I'm not joking. Prepare to have people fall at your feet in adulation as well. 😃
  5. Scientific proof? Well, I'm sure in a survey of respondents who own pebble KKs, we'll have a unanimous verdict. We'll leave control as a concept for cooking. Statistical validity of the sample? 100% conclusive. Honestly, trust me on this. 😎 Don't worry, the marching band, video crew and applauding neighbours are scheduled. I only got the invoice from Dennis a couple days ago as everyone has been on holiday so not sent funds to Dennis as yet. Having last minute spec indecision.... (do I need two side tables and will I actually use a double thickness drip tray?) I'm also having my driveway graded and reformatted next week and about 1000 hedging plants delivered as part of the landscaping endeavour. My new electric gate (which I designed) arrived a few weeks back so I've been a bit distracted with project management jobs. The gate weighed just under 400KG so based on the lifting team who set it in place, I know who I'm gonna call when the KK arrives! 😃
  6. I can confirm as recently as this week that that's the case. My 32KK is matt black pebble. @SSgt93 That's a mighty fine looking KK there. I believe that the pebbles make for much moister cooks, better temperature control..... 😁
  7. Those look superb. Guten appetit! Look forward to the video.
  8. Thanks but a bit of a blunt sales attempt no? Do you work for them? You didn't really share your experience of them other than putting a link to their website.
  9. Awesome. Go big or go bigger seems to be the forum rule! Looking forward to the grand reveal.
  10. I'll add 'Remove the evidence of forum collusion' as point 4 then shall I? Thanks for the advice along the way. 😎
  11. Exactly what I said. Thanks for the advice along the way! 👍
  12. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and video! What's ya first cook?
  13. Thanks David. Great to share the experience with like minded enthusiasts and I have always enjoyed the child like excitement of the 'unboxing' videos that people post. It's great to see. Hopefully the 'strange' African cuisine thread that @tekobo and I are working on might give you some inspiration or at the very least, some insight into food you might not know or considered trying.
  14. Thanks Tyrus. I think the anticipation would be different if I didn't have one already but knowing exactly what I'm looking forward to makes the wait worthwhile. I know that with the support of this great community, my bank manager can hate me in new and different ways as I look at additional accessories and things I 'need'.... 😁
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