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  1. Coming soon, the 62" 'Big Bad Sarcophagus' ......
  2. I feel I need to make half the members of this forum signatories on my bank account. 😄
  3. Welcome. The ODK looks great. Puri Tandoor?
  4. Now you've got me thinking about upgrades to my 19 which could do with a tune up.
  5. I think the KK is like the Porsche 911. If you're not a car guy, this probably doesn't mean that much but the essence of what it is remains present in all evolutions of the vehicle. If you get what it's about, it doesn't matter which one you have, you'll still enjoy the experience. I don't see what comparing the history of the models offers you if I assume that you're looking to make a purchase decision? My 32KK which I bought a couple years ago has been updated to include a steel trace around the lid (apparently people were leaving tools on the side and shutting the lid on them and br
  6. I think the forum just had its Superbowl moment. I'm not saying that @tekobo is Tom Brady. Oh hell, that's about all I know on American Football so I'll stop there.
  7. I don't harbour grudges although I feel I should on the basis of not having scored an invite to pigfest yesterday!! I had a look at your cookbook collection yesterday pre-pig and was going 'got it, got got it, got it, ooo, not seen that, got it' so I have my work cut out to find books you don't have! Don't buy it @tekobo, I shall buy one for you as a random act of kindness. Let me know if you've already ordered it.
  8. Braai-Q

    This Little Pig...

    You did an outstanding job although I think you'd trigger a great many tofu toting vegans and PETA types if you ventured near Instagram with some of those pictures. You might find that the pig was not the only thing with a fire lit beneath it! Approaching ambitious cooks with expensive, high quality ingredients adds some pressure not to mess it up and that's been my justification for having the cookbook collection I have - you get a sense of direction if you have several recipes from reputable sources to compare. I think you take the same approach with your research and prep and it's a proven
  9. Braai-Q

    This Little Pig...

    To be fair, if I was doing it, I'd be re-enacting a scene from ER which would annoy the hell out of my wife. Better than Lord of the Flies though!
  10. Braai-Q

    This Little Pig...

    Are you multi cam live Zooming the event? You could be the BBQ Nigella...
  11. 100% endorse this. If you're into Indian food @Syzygies you might enjoy Krish Ashok's Science of Indian Cooking.
  12. Braai-Q

    This Little Pig...

    @tekobo I think the chances of crispy skin will be hampered by the label and sleeve that the pig was supplied in. I think you might need to remove these elements first... Never let it be said that you don't go the whole hog! Ok. I'll stop. A couple of the books I've got start with 'Once you've finished digging the pit and have the banana leaves in place....' so I've always been put off the scale of the endeavour. Plus the fact that there are just two of us and a lack of socialisation is limiting the larger scale cooks we'd do. Outstanding suppliers of pork in Suffolk and
  13. A man after my own heart. I'm a big fan of lamb. A recipe that we do quite often is this Roast Loin of Lamb with Braised Peas and Salsa Verde. It's a superb and easy meal. I have created variations from the original to include Don Bocarte Anchovies. They're hellishly expensive anchovies but if you get a beautiful piece of Salt Marsh Lamb, mixed to a paste to have with the meat, it's incredible. The anchovies contain inosinate which combined with the glutamate in the lamb elevates the flavour. Now I've made myself hungry.
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