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Hot/cold smoke curved versus straight

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Since you have a newer KK with cold smoker attachment plate, I would opt for the straight shaft.  The curved shaft is better suited for use in the guru port on older models.

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Ok, so the guru port hole in my 23” is a Little larger than the hole in the cold smoker plate. The cold smoker I have is loose in the guru port and fits neatly in the higher cold smoker port.
For fuel, I’ve found a local Cooper who bores out the inside of old French and American oak Pinot barrels to prepare them as rum barrels. The shavings burn well in the cold smoker.
If you have a local distillery, they may have access to a similar product.
I’ve been mixing the oak shavings with a little cherry chip and have had no problem with it staying lit for about 4 hours before a full tube burns out. Enough to part plenty of flavour in salt, tea, herbs, spices.
I’ve only completed two cold smokes and if I’m honest, the smoke has been a little dirty.
I’m still experimenting and next time will try pegging a chux cloth over the inside end of the pipe to see how dirty. Options to clean the smoke are either filters, steam, or high temperatures to burn out the impurities. I’ll play around with this for while.
From reading here, most people are having success with pellets.
Pellets to me are like sausages, I’m never sure what’s gone into them as a processed product.
When you do get a cold smoker, the wire gauze can face up, or down, I’ve found up burns cleaner. I think this because the smoke is drawn through the small fire around it burning out a few more impurities?

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I have found that Lumber Jack Pellets work great in the cold smoker, there are no additives or fillers in this brand. It is easy to light and will burn continuously.  When using other products I have had some difficulty keeping the smoker going, have not had any problems with Lumber Jack. :) 

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Looking to purchase the cold smoke unit for my 23 OTB, 10 years in service. Brasher mentions a loose fit in the guru port.  Will this unit fit properly and perform as designed on older KKookers not equipped with the CS port? I'm not interested in drilling a new port in my old friend.



KKooker #610 

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qundoy will you plan to use it for cold smoking? Or some here use the cold smoker to add more smoke to a hot cook.

The cold smoker fits into the guru port with about a 1mm space around it. It would not take much to have it fit snuggly.

Even a fire proof tape wrapped around the cold smoker outflow tube would see this fit snug.

You definitely would not have to drill a new hole into the KK

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qundoy my cold smoker with curved shaft shipped with an adapter sleeve for use in the guru port.  See photo below.


In the photo, the sleeve is on backwards.  The weight of the cold smoker and angle of insertion into the guru port are enough to keep it in place during use.  The metal gets hot during use and will expand creating a tighter fit.

Adventureman I’ve used chunks and chips with limited success.  Like others, I’ve had the best results using pellets.  I’m currently using Traeger pellets as they are easy to find in my area for a reasonable price.

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