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Fish Tacos

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Hehe, Ok, since it was requested. It is really pretty simple or at least how I like them, it is. Majestik helped me out with some suggestions from his old hometown area (if I left something out, jump right in).

-Corn Tortillas

-Mild fish (I use Whiting, but some use Tilapia)

-Batter (sometimes I feel like beer batter, sometimes corn flour, sometimes tempura)

-Shredded cabbage

-Cheese (your favorite mild Mexican cheese - http://www.igourmet.com/shoppe/shoppe.a ... cat=Mexico )

-Sauce (this is your experiment here - sour cream is good - but adding some cilantro and a touch cumin to the mix is also nice)

Dip the fish in the batter or lightly dust in corn flour, fry at 325F until golden brown (and they completely float). Quickly heat the tortilla shells in a skillet over high heat, couple seconds per side. Serve immediately!

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Ok, so you spread the batter in the shell, and then put sour cream on, and then fish? Or batter the salsa, and spread the cheese on the fish?

I see ingredients, but never heard of a fish taco. Whatchado with all the stuff?

OMG, hehe, I guess I when I placed fish and batter in the same recipe, I kinda thought it was obvious that it was fried. My bad, I will add that little tidbit. hehe :roll:


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Sauce for fish tacos

Sour cream, lime juice, chili powder. Not too much lime.

Also, fresh salsa is good...chopped tomatos, diced onion, roasted & diced jalapeno, lime juice, oregano, and a half tsp of both olive oil & vinegar. Oh...and salt. Great for any type of taco...including pulled pork or beef.

Corn tortillas are traditional...we breakdown and use flour...really making it a burritto.

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