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Just a diversion

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It snowed out here yesterday and 6.5in  were deposited on the lawn for removal. Now most folks won't generally remove the snow from their lawn but my critters like a runway. Let me also show you my winter hideout for the KK under the deck, snug as a bug in a rug. Recently I read a post that someone wanted to see our winter spots for the KK, well mine is nothing fancy but it's close to the door for easy access in and out. Additionally I have to mention that when the temp skirts above 32 the water starts dripping on your head between the decking boards so it's an umbrella or you gotta work fast. I do envy those living in warmer climate being able to use their KK's or any of their toys without hesitation, it makes life so much easier....I think, but geez I wouldn't know. The snows removed , the dogs are happy...wings on the grill tonite...where did football season go. They call this bit of time before robins make a return, "the last stretch", cause better days are coming. 





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1 hour ago, tony b said:

aka "terrorists"

That they are, but even terrorist need a place to do their thing.  "You know the thing", oh can't say that you could get ex:communicated 

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