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Gas burner used to start Charcoal

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I ordered the gas burner assembly recently, for lighting high temperature cooks. My initial tests are positive.

  • As it lights charcoal from the bottom, one uses more charcoal. On the other hand, if your goal is to light all the charcoal, to avoid off flavors as charcoal lights, I don't see this as a bad thing. I feel important when I order more Fogo, and that feeling doesn't come easily to me.
  • It comes with a tiny part (circled in red) that is similar to a custom part installed in the assembly. I can't identify its purpose, though I don't want to misplace it then realize its purpose. My best guess is that this assembly is constructed from some off-the-shelf components, and Dennis can't bear to close doors by discarding a component he didn't need.
  • It comes with a support, that the second picture makes clear is unnecessary. I suppose I could bend it to get into the action, but for now I won't use it.
  • It's pretty awesome that one can refill empty 1 lb tanks off a big tank using an adapter. I put this to good use right away, using my weed burner to light the gas burner assembly from a safe distance.
  • The previous picture is to remind me where I put the adapter.
  • One wants a regulator to control propane flow. If you're experimental as I am, make sure the KK is getting enough oxygen before cranking up the regulator. One could make a bomb. I heard a womp, but my KK is intact.
  • It smells, though I imagine it will burn off. And it's not clear I need to remove after in use, at least while I'm hoping the smell goes away.
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27 minutes ago, jeffshoaf said:

I believe the indicated "spare" part is a gas orifice. Maybe to convert to natural gas?

Oh it is a gas orifice. Except it doesn't fit anywhere as a replacement for what we use, and the hole is identical to the gas orifice in the assembly. This information cost me 15 minutes, as disassembling and reassembling the gas burner is nontrivial; an ordinary wrench doesn't fit, and the assembly likes to be tight when you're done. But I don't mind; I still berate myself for not having Richard Feynman's childhood taking everything apart, and I'm making up for lost time.

I stand by my original theory: It came out of the component Dennis bought to make this, and he hates to throw anything out someone might later be able to use.

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