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Field Skillet's factory seconds sale

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For you cast iron fans, Field skillet is having a factory seconds sale:

https://fieldcompany.com/products/field-cast-iron-skillet-factory-second?variant=19561775202397&utm_campaign=363_Q12022_Seconds-Open-1 (VcW7rT)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=email&_kx=3xEqNS64GriKi5Mtlf2Q8se8Pi7jNycpNoIEgeCc9Dw%3D.MASUTU

I don't have any of their stuff so I can't speak to the quality but I'm on the mailing list.

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I like the new pieces, but the old ones if available and with a keen eye are certainly a find. She's smooth as a baby's behind and lightly used, double pouring spout and has a wide port to hang it or hook it, yah I like this better. If you look around, know how to refinish old cast iron then the choice gives something historical vs new, that's all.

DSCF3723 (1).JPG

DSCF3724 (1).JPG

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