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32" Big Bad for sale Sacramento

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Hello all-
I hope this is the right category to post in!
I have two "twin" 32" Dark Autumn Gold Big Bads. One of the grills is still on the pallet and was never uncrated. They are beautiful.
I've come to the realization that with my area, I'll probably never use both at my current house.
One grill has never been moved and is fully crated and ready to be pallet-jacked out of the garage and loaded today.
IF you want twin grills that are from the same tiles, I will entertain selling both if you want that for your setup. I'm currently using one and of course love it.
I know most are sold out right now. As this one is literally brand new/never used, I will price it at $6,000 and you arrange the shipping with pick-up in Sacramento, CA. (need pallet-jack)
I have a lot of accessories and coffee/coconut charcoal that I am keeping unless you want both grills. Anyone interested in that please just email and we can discuss my other inventory.
I travel for work, so please be patient if I don't immediately get back to you. I will check the e-mail several times daily. You can also PM on the forum and I will check it as well.
Thanks for your consideration.
[email protected]


A charcoal splitter/reducer will be included. (I have two)


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The grill is spoken for. Thanks all for looking.

There's an off-chance we list our house and if the buyer doesn't want it, I may let the other one go with accessories and start fresh with a pair at my new residence.

You can email, DM, or post here to let me know interest in that one. (pictured above)

I'll save any contacts. I do not have the pallet for it

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