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Perfect Easter Prime Rib

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After months of research and practice with many cooks on lower cuts of meat, I found the perfect method for prime rib that does not involve Sous Vide but gives similar results.  That is, perfectly cooked meat edge to edge - no brown bands, excellent crust.  Here is the link:


The final cook was performed on a 11 pound, 5 bone, dry aged, Prime, prime rib.  I could not afford to screw up this cook!  I used a drip pan and the rotisserie basket which the roast fit perfectly. Plus there was no skewer hole in the meat.  Anyway, it came out great.  Excellent bark, the center was medium rare pink throughout.  The ends were medium.  The meat was perfect and everyone was extremely pleased.  The technique above was the key.

The big surprise was the length of time.  According to the charts, it was going to be a 4 to 5 hour cook at 225-250. The MEATER probes saved the day - I used all four in this roast.  At 1:30 into the cook, it said the roast would be done in an hour!!  I was in disbelief!  So, I put my faith in the Meater, called everyone, moved Easter dinner up, and pressed on.  The roast was done in 2:45 total.  I foiled wrapped it loosely in a metal pan and let it rest for roughly 45 minutes.  It was still really warm when served.  It was absolutely excellent.  My wife was supposed to take more pictures buy in the chaos of the day, she/we forgot.  Again, the technique above was the key to success.  I used straight charcoal, no wood.  Just salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Was going to baste with oil, butter thyme and rosemary the last two hours, but it cooked to fast!  And in retrospect, I am glad I did not.  The flavor was perfect with the seasoning as is.  





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That looks amazing. Will have to bookmark the technique for when I try one at some point. I'm currently waiting for my grill arrival and I went with the rotisserie spit and forks option. I'm thinking I should maybe switch it up and just go with the basket w/ reducer instead. Probably nice not having to skewer and punch a big hole through the middle especially for presentation purposes. 

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