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Netflix Chef's Table - Pizza!

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Woo hoo! I am soooo excited.  I love the Netflix Chef's Table series and savour every programme.  As if the BBQ series was not enough, they now have a September date for release of a six part series on pizza.  Includes my new pizza hero Franco Pepe.  Great start to my day here.  



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When you watch any of the Chef's Table programmes see if you can spot their story telling trope.  My husband calls it "journey, death, return".  We sit watching the chef's journey, waiting for "death" aka the bad thing that happened in their life to shape them.  The good thing is that there is always a positive return at the end to leave us happy and uplifted.  Soooo looking forward to this series hitting our screens.  As well as his gorgeous puffy edge pizzas, Franco Pepe makes fried pizzas and I want to see more about how he gets those right.  They are good for using up older dough balls and I made a really delicious one the other day with Ortiz tinned tuna and nice greens and tomatoes, picked fresh from my garden. 😛


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