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Induction or gas side burner (hob, depending on your locale)

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Hi guys,

I am in the process doing an outdoor kitchen and something I thought I'd use would be a side burner for sauces/boiling stuffwhatever/etc while I was outside. I was always thinking of gas side burner, but with the addition of solar, I started looking at outdoor rated induction tops (just dual, not a standard indoor kitchen size). I'd love to hear any opinions / experiences people have. It isn't a necessity, but a nice-to-have. If I had a gas grill, this wouldn't be a question because I'd be running gas, but since I have switched over to KK, I haven't used a gas grill outside for years. 

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I think I'd lean more towards a portable induction hot plate instead of a built-in. Should be cheaper since it wouldn't be rated to leave outdoors, plus it could be used in other places as needed, easier to replace if/when it breaks, and wouldn't be in the way when not being used. Of course there's the downside of needing a place to store it when not in use.

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This burner checks alot of the boxes, it's all cast iron except for the brass fire element and it has an adjustable gas pilot and it's capable of up to 95,000 BTU's. I have it sitting on a thick brass sheet that has been fire proofed underneath. It serves two purposes, the surface is good for cast iron cooking and it holds the wok station burner. I'm sure the unit could be built in to hold the tank and burner quite nicely if so desired and at a reasonable cost. Not much to look at, but boy it sure gets the job done.



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