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  1. Awesome trip! Glad you and the family had some time to see and experience these great places!
  2. Mine’s in there. Been following the ship with the link Dennis supplied. Due in port of LA tomorrow! Of course unloading, shipping to warehouse, shipping to me will take s while but it is a big step forward!!
  3. I have a SnowJoe Ash Vacuum for my pizza oven, hoping it has enough vertical lift for my KK when it arrives.
  4. I have messed things up in it but it does provide nice even heat! Worst thing I have done is when I finished a pizza and pulled it out with the turning peel instead of the full sized peel, bumped my hand on something and promptly dropped the pizza on the ground! Thankfully I always have extra dough but it was a great looking pizza! 😢
  5. Same exact tile choice!
  6. My wife is a professional artist and our Pizza oven (that it will be near) has square tiles so tile shape and color were completely her choice! 🤣 Pizza oven picture attached:
  7. I have the Pro probes (came with the signals device) so I hope they fit. If not I can get straight ones.
  8. I actually joined the forum on July 4, 2017 and finally ordered my 32BB in Cobalt Blue a few days ago. Really excited to get it here so I can start cooking! Long time Egg and Traeger user, just retired and moved, do I figured it was time to step up! Already learned a ton from lurking here so thanks!
  9. I just ordered a 32BB and am really excited to get it here! I own a Thermoworks signals temperature monitoring system. I also own a meater but really only use that for rotisserie cooking. My question is incredibly simple. Do you run your probe leads out between the gasket (like I do with my BGE and Traegers) or is there a port for that? I assume through the gasket but there seems to be some ports and I don’t know if they are amenable to that. Probably really obvious if it was in front of me, but I have a two month wait so thought I’d ask.
  10. When I was talking to Dennis on the phone he told me my timing was perfect regarding the price increase. Been looking at these for a few years now, glad I didn't wait longer! I agree that the forum is full of useful information!
  11. I also have a Thermoworks billows, anything I need to know to know about using it with the KK? Do I need a different adapter plate (or will the supplied one for the BBQ Guru work?)
  12. I completely agree…hoping for June delivery 🤞
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