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  1. I have a Blaze burner in my outdoor kitchen. It is a good side burner but the reason I got it is that it also serves as a great wok burner with up to 60,000 BTUs output. If I just wanted a simple burner I have a portable induction burner I have one I take with us in our Motorhome. Blaze Burner
  2. Welcome to the area (I am near Tucson). I am curious as to how many cases you get on a pallet? I did get some with my grill but thinking I should have gotten more!
  3. I’m a bit late here (surgery on Monday for the second time in 3 weeks)… but I agree with much that has been said. I essentially bought all the accessories 😳 except the single bottom drip pan (after talking to Dennis and thinking about pan sauces and the ability to use it for indirect grilling (as the “blocker”) it made sense) and I opted for the teak tables rather than the stainless ones. My KK lives on a large covered patio so direct sun exposure is not a big concern and as a woodworker (as well as having some metal fabrication skills and a plasma cutter) I figured I could always add stainless tops but the teak is absolutely beautiful and fits my desires and aesthetic better. Regarding the rotisserie, I initially bought just the rod and “pokers” but as I saw the size of the 32BB in person it became obvious that Turkey’s and Prime Rib would be excellent to do in the baskets so I ordered them. Regarding the stone…honestly I have a full sized pizza/wood fired oven so it was not a necessity but I felt that it would be hood to have for things like cornbread or muffins to go with things already on the grill so I could do them at the same time without heating something else up (if the temp was was appropriate such as with turbo pork butt). Also, in the scheme of things the baking stone is relatively inexpensive snd shipping it with the grill is cheaper (I think)
  4. I usually recommend watching the three videos by Aaron Franklin on You Tube. He uses a stick burner but most applies. I cook at 225-250. Rub of choice. Wrap (I use pink butcher’s paper) at about 160°-165°F. Continue cooking until probe tender (usually about 203°F for me). Wrap in a towel, stick in cooler for a minimum of 1 hr but I prefer at least 2 hrs. On my egg I do use the plate setter for indirect cooking on the KK I have a double bottom drip pan which is probably what I would consider using. My KK is new enough that I haven’t done a full packer on it yet. I have done lots of them on the egg (and while camping on a Traeger).
  5. David, That prior post was a great illustration and I think Vito’s single pizza dough is indeed a good example. Much like you I tend to cook Neapolitan pizza (in my Forno Bravo) at about 850°F floor temp but have done 650 ish. It certainly slows down the cook time! As you point out true Neapolitan pizza, by VPN standards is cooked under a rolling flame which can’t be done in a KK. However, to the KKs credit I have seen some truly great looking pizzas come out of it. Thanks again, that’s an excellent reference post for the future (do we have pinned references or files somewhere? Your post would be great for that.) Dave
  6. We recently moved to AZ and I can’t find tri-tips here at reasonable prices either. I used to be able to get them in OR at a place called Cash and Carry in a huge bag of about 7 tritips for about $3-$4/lb. Here I can get them in stores but closer to $10/lb
  7. Thanks! I think since I ordered separately I got two sets.
  8. Welcome to the group! Looking forward to seeing your cooks!
  9. I bought the rotisserie and the basket and got lots of end pieces. Also have two different rotisserie motor hangers. Not unwrapped those yet
  10. This qualifies as a bit of a “necropost” but thank you for posting a manual online! I also did not get one so maybe I can ask fewer silly questions now! Does anyone know if the 8/2020 version is the newest? Thanks again!
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