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Brisket Day!

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Costco FINALLY, after a several months' absence, got a few Prime briskets back in, so I grabbed one and am doing it today (photo of brisket, trimmed and rubbed). As an additional positive note, this one started out as 13.9 lbs- the ones I had been getting last spring were mammoth, like 18-19lbs, and took forever to cook. I trimmed it last night and took a little more than 3 lbs of mostly hard fat off it, so we are now somewhere in the 10-lb range. Ironically, we just had brisket Monday night, a Christmas gift from a friend, sent from Perrini Ranch: at the ranch, they do their briskets old-school, over an open pit, with coals from mesquite logs shoveled under the briskets, like in Lockhart. I think I prefer the Austin-style, using indirect heat with the hot air current passing over the brisket and infusing smoke, but the Perrini Ranch product was VERY good- nice mesquite smoke, heavy black pepper, EXCELLENT quality meat: though a little firmer and maybe drier than the Austin style? In any case, we just finished having brisket on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (main course, on salad, as tacos, in that order), so my daughter's family can be excused for declining this brisket, and two of my neighbors on the block will be the beneficiaries/ test audience. We achieved 250* around 8AM, so I project it will come off somewhere around 4-5PM tonight. Updates to follow.


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Well, I am pleased to report that it came out REALLY well.  (My two neighbors who got 1/3rd each think so, too.) Photos attached. It cooked for a total of 9 hours, 40 minutes, most of that at 250 until the last 2 1/2 hours, when I built an aluminum foil "boat" underneath it and left the top open- I got this idea from a recent article in Texas Monthly Magazine by Daniel Vaughn. It worked pretty well. I raised the temp to 275 and later to 295 for the last hour. It all came out pretty great. Used a heavy rub of coarse sea salt and coarse pepper and a lighter coating of Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust. The result was a nice, crunchy, salty, peppery bark.



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