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How do I use the side table “hanger bracket”? And what is this bolt for?

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As I was assembling my KK today, I ran into some uncertainty  with regard to my installation of the side tables and their hangers.

1. When the side table backet is installed as shown in the attached photo. Does the hanger just rest on top as I have it? It seems very unstable in this position. I can see it is held in place when the table is installed, but when taking the table off to hang it, the hanger seems to want to fall right off. Am I supposed to remove the hanger when doing this?

2. According to the user manual, the top two bolts are to be finger tight, then the third bolt is used to level the tables. But the tables themselves came with an additional bolt which fits the bottom-center hole. What is the purpose of that bolt and hole?



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There is a hole in the front and rear facing plate just outside of those tubes.. the hanger goes into those holes like a doctors stethoscope.
The holes are actually about a half inch below where you have the hanger just sitting on top..

There is a bolt that goes into that lower hole.. it's used to make the table level if necessary. 

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That's great @Bunji.  Dennis has pretty much always thought the design through, it just isn't always obvious to mere mortals 🤭

It would be good if you could close out this  post with a photograph of what you ended up doing so anyone with the same problem has an understanding of what they need to do.  

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