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David Chang

Pasta Carabineros (Red Scarlet Prawns)

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So I've had these carabineros in my freezer for awhile. Afraid to cook them because they were so expensive (more $ than live lobster) 

But today was a slow saturday and I decided to take two out that were the size of my face. 

If you have the pleasure of cooking these monsters, do so by using a recipe that uses the entire body of the prawn (shell and all).

It would be a total waste to eat these like peel and eat shrimp.

So start removing the head from the body and a long string of guts should come out. Toss that. Remove the shell from the body and save that. You want to split the head open with shears and keep the headfat in tact. Cut off the little legs and toss them with the shells. Skewer the tail meat so when you cook it, the tail stays straight. 

Chop some onion, garlic, aromatics. Sautee in olive oil. Add the shells. Add tomato sauce, some water. Reduce it to a sauce again. Strain the solids. Season the sauce. 

Cook your pasta.

Roast the heads in the oven with some olive oil and seasoning. 

Fry the tails in butter, gently. 

Toss the pasta in the prawn sauce, plate, and eat.



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